#AudioTour “Queen to Ashes” by Mallory McCartney


Exciting news folks!!! Queen to Ashes by Mallory McCartney is now available as an audiobook!

Read on for more details and a chance to win either your choice of a hardcover edition of Queen to Ashes, or an advanced reader’s copy of Kingdom of Iron (Black Dawn #3)!


Queen to Ashes (Black Dawn #2)

Publication Date: April 21st, 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy

“You lived your entire life feeling like half of you was missing. Fight for the missing part. Fight for this.”

Emory Fae has abandoned everything she thought she knew about her previous life on Earth. Stepping up to her role as Queen of Kiero she makes a startling sacrifice- feigning her allegiances to Adair Stratton, the man who murdered her parents and casted Kiero into ruin. Emory’s memories slowly piece together, and she soon realizes the Mad King may not be all he seems— and the man who was once best friend, may be fighting beneath the surface.

With the King’s attention on her, can she buy Black Dawn Rebellion enough time to recuperate their forces? And when the times comes, will she be able to kill Adair, ending his tyranny and rising herself as the rightful Queen? Fighting to hide her secret, Emory navigates the brutal trials of the Mad King, trying not to lose herself in the process.

Sequel to Heir of Lies, now a bestselling series, the sparks are ignited, as Emory learns the cost of freedom, and her heritage. Will the rebels unite in time? A sinister force has spread across the land, stripping everyone bare- their betrayals, their secrets, their intentions. But above all, what will their decisions cost? By refusing to give in to the darkness, will Emory rise as Queen?

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All she could hear was buzzing. Tight, unrelenting buzzing. The world dipped, and she was a ghost amongst the living.

Her mind screamed that she was going into shock as the color drained from her skin, as her limbs trembled harder. Her body betrayed her for the briefest of seconds as Adair looked at her hungrily, his dark gaze ravaging her.

The room seemed to tilt, and her mind felt thick and constricted. The bloodied sword was still in her hand, and Brokk’s body splayed out lifelessly between them: Life and Death. Love and Loss. Light and Dark. This is the divide her life had taken, and one that she was completely and utterly lost in. Suffocated in.

What had she done?

What. Had. She. Done?

Before Emory could take another look, to convince herself that it wasn’t him—it couldn’t have been—a strong hand gripped her arm and Adair said something she didn’t register. Then, she was ushered out with the promise of tomorrow on his gaunt lips, and the burly guard led her away from the king.

The door shut, sealing away the gory scene.

Breath lodging in her throat, Emory tried to adjust to the world around her. It was numbing, her senses overloaded, the bustle of Adair’s world seeming too sharp and loud as they moved through it. Her pulse roared, and beneath the grime and blood she held on, trying not to give in to the panic tearing through her

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About the Author

updated headshot

Mallory McCartney currently lives in Sarnia, Ontario with her husband and their three dachshunds Link, Lola and Leonard. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found day dreaming about fantasy worlds and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

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#CoverReveal “The Place Beyond Her Dreams” by Oby Aligwekwe

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I am so excited to share this beautiful cover for Oby Aligwekwe’s debut YA Fantasy, The Place Beyond her Dreams! Pre-order a copy today!


The Place Beyond Her Dreams

Expected Publication Date: March 16, 2021

Genre: YA Fantasy/ Coming-of-Age

Publisher: Eclat Books

At the sudden death of her grandfather, Ona’s pain drives her to mystical Luenah—a place of infinite possibilities. There, she discovers she is an Eri, chosen to accomplish a special purpose on earth, and is handed a box in exchange for what she desires the most.

Burdened by her quest, Ona learns that dreams carry a hefty price, and no one is who they seem. As evil looms, she must unmask the villain and save the one she loves, even at the risk of losing everything she holds dear.

Set against the backdrop of two warring towns, The Place Beyond Her Dreams delivers life lessons using a powerful fable. This coming-of-age fantasy takes the reader on the path to self-discovery and demonstrates the transformation one must go through to realize and eventually occupy their purpose.

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About the Author


Oby Aligwekwe is the author of Nfudu and Hazel House. The Place Beyond Her Dreams is her Young Adult debut. A talented writer, Oby is also an inspirational speaker and a chartered accountant. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her family and supports her community through her charity Éclat Beginnings.

Oby Aligwekwe | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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#Reveal #PreOrder “Kingdom of Iron (Black Dawn #3)” by Mallory McCartney


I’m so excited to announce that the highly anticipated 3rd installment of the Black Dawn series is now available for pre-order! If you pre-order Kingdom of Broken Iron, there is a fantastic gift — 9 beautifully illustrated art prints depicting your favourite characters!


Kingdom of Broken Iron (Black Dawn #3)

Expected Publication Date: October 2021

Genre: YA Fantasy (18+)

“Together they will rise.”

Something sinister is sweeping across Kiero, and war threatens to rip apart the remains of Black Dawn Rebellion.
Distraught by the decisions she made while in the Draken Mountains with Adair, Emory Fae, Queen of Kiero, is hiding a deadly secret, and now, Emory is seeking aid from Marquis Maher, King of the Shattered Isles, in the looming war.
With Brokk by her side, they search for answers and aid from the Shattered Isles, a country that has remained protected from Adair’s wrath across the Black Sea. While there, Emory will learn the weight of what it means to be Queen, but what will she sacrifice to save the ones she loves?
Since the Academy fell and the Black Dawn rebellion scattered, Brokk Foster’s past and the truth about his lineage has come to light. Brokk and his newly found immortal fey warriors are skeptical of Marquis and his terms to a new alliance. Being torn between love and Brokk’s loyalty to the rebellion, he will have to decide whether to remain true to his cause or follow a destiny he never wanted.
Together, can Emory and Brokk make an alliance in time to return to Kiero and aid the rebels?
Nyx Astire, new clan leader to the raiders in the Risco Desert, has lost everything. With no word on if the town of Pentharrow has survived under Azarius Walsh’s command, Nyx tries to rally the Dust Clan and prepare them to ally with any remaining members of the Black Dawn Rebellion. But tradition and her past throws Nyx into a dynamic ruling. Will she do anything to ensure Kiero’s survival from her new point of power?
Kingdom of Broken Iron is the third installment in the bestselling Black Dawn series. Can friendship, love, and fellowship defy an enemy Kiero has never seen before?

Pre-Order Here!

Sneak Peek of Art Print Designs!


Everyone who submits proof of pre-order will receive all nine character cards of Emory, Memphis, Adair, Marquis, Nyx, Brokk, Azarius, Alby and Lana.

Submit proof of order to m.smith017@live.com.

About the Author

updated headshot

Mallory McCartney currently lives in Sarnia, Ontario with her husband and their three dachshunds Link, Lola and Leonard. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found day dreaming about fantasy worlds and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

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#Excerpt “Beyond Relatively Normal” by Mikaela Miller

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YA fantasy

Date Published: January 21, 2020

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Jack Galloway has had enough of life and is chasing a high he just can’t seem to find. Upon meeting with a drug dealer from his school, he is given some mysterious, bean-shaped pills that just so happen to be nothing but beans. However, Relatively Normal beans do not grow miles and miles into the sky overnight, drawing attention from everyone around and destroying the very idea of reality on Earth.

Now, in order to restore his Relatively Normal world, Jack must embark on a
mission with a girl he barely knows from high school, Red Crawford, who just
so happens to be the only one he knows who has encountered a tear in the
non-magical reality they live in.

The beanstalk, too tall and too wide to climb, leads them down a rabbit
hole to the strange and nonsensical Underland, where they must go through
insane trials in order to reach the answer to their problems — the Giants,
magical creatures who live in Overland and can rid the Relatively Normal
world of that pesky beanstalk. However, the beanstalk and its effects on
reality might just be the least of their worries when they reach the dark,
mysterious Overland.



“You’re not looking in the right place,” the voice said again. It was distinctly male, although it didn’t necessarily sound human. It was soft and silky, almost like a purr.

Jack frowned, looking all around him, and jumped so hard he crashed into Red when he saw a pair of yellow eyes and a wide, ridiculous smile with pointed fangs on top of the hedge. Slowly, a fuzzy face started to materialize around it, and then a long, thick body and a fluffy tail. A cat, although it didn’t look like any cat Jack had ever seen before. The smile was all-knowing, mysterious, and unnerving. The fur was striped bright blue and dark purple. It studied them with eyes that seemed to peer right into their souls.

“Could you help us find them then?” Jack asked, then rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe he was talking to a cat, and almost without hesitation. He was starting to think he might be losing his mind.

“I mean you’re not looking in the right place for your question.” Somehow, it seemed as if the cat’s eyes had grown larger. He sat up, tilting his head to stare at them, and began to lick his paw.

Jack looked over at Red, but she appeared just as confused as he felt. His skin prickled in fear as Red said, “Question? What question?”

“I don’t know,” the cat purred. “You tell me. I know you have one. I see it all over your faces. I just know the answer isn’t here. Not with me, not with the queen.”

“The queen?”

“Yes. The Queen of Hearts.”


About the Author

Mikaela Miller has not exactly found her place in the world yet, and she’s still trying to understand herself, so there’s not much to say. She loves writing, memes, her friends, and her fur children. She is currently living the small town life but has high hopes of moving to a big city to live out her dreams one day. She loves the darker side of all fairytales and has recently discovered a love for horror novels. This book idea came to her in a dream, as many of her strange ideas do, and she hopes for a bright future as she delves further into her characters’ lives. One day, she would like to be able to rescue lots of homeless animals and be the crazy old cat lady down the street.


Contact Links


Twitter: @mikaelamauthor

Goodreads: mikaelamauthor

Instagram: @mikaelamauthor

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#AudioTour “Kingdom of Honor” by Tricia Copeland

Author: Tricia Copeland

Narrator: Dan Delgado

Length: 9 hours 11 minutes

Series: Kingdom Journals, Book 3

Publisher: Tricia Copeland

Released: Aug. 29, 2020

Genre: Fantasy; YA

He set himself free. To defeat the darkness, he must return.Seventeen-year-old Jude would do anything to save Camille. But when he springs his daring escape plan, it backfires, and he’s the only one who makes it out. Now his last hope of rescuing her from the evil coven is to find the other two prophesied witches of the trinity.With Camille held in an impenetrable fortress, finding the help Jude seeks may not be enough to break her out. And as long as the wicked coven has both Camille and the fabled lance, all witchkind is doomed to a fate worse than death. Can Jude unlock his true destiny and bring the saviors together?Can Jude unlock his true destiny and bring the saviors together?Kingdom of Honor is the third book in the riveting Kingdom Journals YA urban fantasy series. If you like pulse-pounding adventures, heroic underdogs, and pause-resisting tension, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s gripping story.Buy Kingdom of Honor to meet a true hero!


Tricia Copeland grew up in a hot, sticky, rural south Georgia town where pine trees and alligators ruled the landscape. Since then she’s moved west to the purple mountain majesties of Colorado. Her books span from the dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy, to coming-of-age and new adult romance genres. You can find more about her and all her books at triciacopeland.com. Sign up for her audiobook newsletter here: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/wsbKeeX/audiobooksplease


English teacher by day, after narrating before live audiences for over 20 years Dan took his storytelling to the booth. His voice has been described as rich, soothing, commanding, and sultry. He narrates science-fiction, horror, thrillers, and romance.

Q&A with Narrator Dan Delgado
  • What made you decide to become an audiobook narrator?
    • Back when I was a kid, sometimes in elementary school we had books on tape in classes. I will never forget that there was a, “Beep, turn the page” prompt in some of them. Then I heard some other books on tape when I was a bit older and thought it would be cool to one day do that. However, my biggest influence comes from my mother, and how she used to read to me every night when I was growing up. There was something wonderful and intimate about the bond we shared through her storytelling, and it inspires me to bring similar feelings of joy, and perhaps nostalgia, to listeners.
  • Many narrators have a background in theater. Is that something you think is essential to a successful narration career?
    • While I did take an acting class in college, I have never done anything else related to theater. In fact, I took the course because I thought it might be helpful in my pursuit of a teaching career. There is one major difference between narrating and performing on stage or screen, and that is remembering the lines. Actors need to know their lines, while narrators have the lines in front of them. Don’t get me wrong, narrating is a form of voice “acting,” and the ability to perform is crucial. Having formal training as an actor is indeed helpful, but not mandatory. More important is the ability to be a good storyteller, to be able to see the story occurring in your head as you share the author’s words and convey those images effectively to the listener.
  • Have there been any characters you personally connected with?
    • Absolutely! In the second book I ever narrated, Guest Bed by Luke P. Narlee, the main character is a man named Ron. He is a husband who is a good guy, but the spark in his marriage to Kate has dimmed. He knows they still love one another, but he knows he is not being quite the husband he once was. As the story develops he recognizes his flaws and gets back to the basics of why he fell in love with Kate in the first place. While my own situation wasn’t quite like Ron’s, just reading the story made me hold a mirror to myself. Performing it allowed me to feel and confront Ron’s issues, which in turn made me a better husband. Even now, two years later, I sometimes reflect on the lessons I learned while working on that project.
  • Do you read the reviews of your audiobooks? If so, what do you take from them?
    • I always read the reviews, which sometimes can be difficult. After seeing a few of the more critical ones I went and looked at the negative reviews for some of my own favorite narrators, like Ray Porter and R.C. Bray. What I found is that they too, some of the greats in the industry, get 1 star reviews and comments that are harsh. I learned that listening is very subjective. Think about it, there are bands or singers that I can’t stand to listen to, and immediately change the station when they come on. However, I am often in the minority, as sometimes those same people win all kinds of music awards. It is the same with narrating. Some people love my work in a particular audiobook because the characters were distinct sounding and the narration was clear, while another person reviewing the same title will say the voices all sounded the same. Instead of taking every word to heart, in both positive and negative reviews, I search for what listeners said I did well or poorly, in their opinions, and use those notes to improve my craft. You can’t always please everyone, but you can always find ways to improve.
  • What would you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • One thing I have learned as an English teacher is that kids can comprehend audiobooks that are two grade levels higher than their actual reading level. There is something about hearing the words performed from someone else, with proper pronunciation and inflection, that enables people to grasp concepts and envision events more clearly when they hear rather than simply read. I have been narrating short stories and portions of novels for my students for over 20 years, and they always say that they understand (and enjoy the story) more when I read aloud with them than they do on their own. As a teacher, it is more important that my students learn the most they can, in whatever is the most effective way for them, than that they do everything on their own. Hearing literature performed well also provides them with a model for when they are reading on their own.
  • Bonus: Are there any funny anecdotes from inside the recording studio?
    • Thank goodness for editing! While time consuming, there are times when I have had to read the same line four or five times because I just couldn’t get it right. What I have learned from other narrators is this is normal. I dare not share some of the things I have said to myself during those, ahem, difficult moments. Suffice it to say that therapists would have a field day listening to some of my outtakes. Sometimes I’m so mean to myself, lol.
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#AudioTour “Summoned” by McKayla Eaton

Author: McKayla Eaton

Narrator: Becci Martin

Length: 6 hours 17 minutes

Series: The Demon Summoner Trilogy, Book 1

Publisher: McKayla Eaton

Released: Jun. 18, 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy

On an empty baseball diamond in a quiet Toronto suburb, a demon has been summoned. Seventeen-year-old Alton is miles away, just wishing he had a tutor he didn’t outsmart or outmatch. His prayers are answered when Professor Victor Orvius makes an unexpected visit, offering to teach Alton magic without the restrictions. The only condition is that he follow Orvius’s rules and not ask too many questions. Alton soon discovers he’s not Orvius’s only student. Reagan is a competitive young witch with a bad attitude and talent for sarcasm. Their personalities clash, causing trouble for both on more than one occasion, until they realize a greater threat than being one-upped. The demon threatens not only their chances at passing their magic finals — it threatens their lives. If Alton and Reagan can’t learn to get along, they could be facing their deaths…or an eternity together, trapped in another realm.

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Mckayla Eaton is an author and book-lover living and writing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She writes fantasy and science fiction and aims to build worlds that push the imagination of readers. She was raised on Indiana Jones and Fairy Tales and strongly believes every story ought to be an adventure story. She likes tragedies and happily-ever-afters and refuses to believe the two are mutually exclusive.

Narrator Bio

Becci Martin has been voice acting professionally since the early twenty-teens, but she’s been entertaining smaller audiences of family and friends with her spirited storytelling since she was a little kid. Between projects you can find her traveling with her husband and adventure-loving dogs, boldly puzzling newspaper crosswords in pen, or playing bartender for establishment patrons and houseguests alike. She currently calls Kansas City home.

Q&A with Author McKayla Eaton
  • Do you believe certain types of writing translate better into audiobook format?
    • I believe certain writers translate better to audio. I’ve read everything from YA to epic fantasy audiobooks, and genre and length don’t seem to factor into what makes for a good read. It’s all about voice and style. Some writers see their own words while others hear them. I find it’s the later that make for better audio books.
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?
    • No. Summoned is my first book and I was hardly imagining it being published let alone made into multiple formats, it’s just not the sort of thing you think about starting out. I also didn’t listen to audiobooks back then. Now, I take more time to consider how my writing might translate into audio, and I think that makes my writing stronger.
  • How did you select your narrator?
    • ACX held auditions and narrators could submit a sample. There were a few samples I had to choose from but when I listened to Becci’s I smiled. It was surreal, hearing my words read back to me in a way I’d envisioned them being read. She seemed to not just be narrating my book but reading it. She was excited when I wanted readers to be excited, and serious when the character’s were serious. I chose her because I thought she brought the book to life.
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?
    • I always have one audio book on the go. Besides the obvious convenience of being able to go for a walk or do chores while reading, I like the format because it forces me to slow down. I’m a skimmer. I get that from my grandmother who will put her finger in the center of a page and move it straight down, as if only reading every tenth word. For a reader, skimming isn’t really a problem, but for a writer reading is practice, reading is learning. It’s important to pay attention to word choice and pacing and dialogue. With an audio book, even if I speed it up, I have to listen to each and every word.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • I used to feel this way too. I used to think listening to a book was lazy, and maybe if I’d never become a writer I’d still think that. But writing is a beautiful art because it transcends format. You must listen to music, and you can’t remove a painting from it’s canvas, but storytelling is boundless. A story is made of words and words are purely conceptual. Saying that an audiobook is cheating would be like telling someone that reading a translation is cheating. Story can be told in many ways and in many languages. Besides, being told a story is therapeutic; it’s going back to being a child and having a parent turn cardboard pages. It’s universal and comforting and no less a novel than paper and ink.
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?
    • I wrote another book. I honestly wrote this book very quickly and didn’t see it as a huge accomplishment or anything. Not that I wasn’t proud of the book, but it had simply never crossed my mind that I couldn’t or wouldn’t finish it. So, when I did finish I sort of just said, “okay, well that’s done. What next?”.
  • In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone novel vs. writing a series?
    • From a marketing standpoint this question usually comes down to one debate: If you successfully market a series then you sell more books. Pro. But, there are many people who don’t like series so that could limit your audience. Con.
    • I think it’s more nuanced than that, but you’ll find authors on both sides of this fence. Personally, I feel it comes down to the idea you have and what format will suit that idea best. I’ve read a lot of series that felt forced, as though the author made the concept stretch over more books that it required to tell the story. I’ve also read standalones that had so much series potential, but instead the author took every good idea he had and squished it into one book. What I’m getting at is there are pros and cons to both, but not all stories can be both. As a writer I have to decide what will be best for the concept I’m writing.
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    • I hate this question because I hate most of the answers writers give! They always sound either degrading or cliche, both of which are totally unhelpful. I’ll just pick one piece of advice that’s super specific and may not apply to everyone, but I feel strongly about it: you don’t need an English degree to be a writer. In fact, if you’re taking an English degree right now, stop. Change your major or just flat out drop out of your program. I am serious. Writing essays and just being in the academic environment in general is hurting your writing. I took a Journalism elective in my third year and my prof took one look at my writing and said, “you must be an English major”. I asked how he knew, assuming he would praise me, and he replied that my writing was bland, wordy, and dull. And he was one thousand percent right—even if I hadn’t seen it at the time.
  • Do you have any tips for authors going through the process of turning their books into audiobooks?
    • Let your narrator know you’re there to help or listen or answer questions, but at the end of the day just let them do their thing. They are artists too. I’ve worked with narrators, graphic designers, cover artists, and what I’ve found is that the more parameters you give, the more it stifles creativity. I’ve tried narrating, which is how I know I suck at it. It’s a skill, like writing, and the narrator probably knows best. I’ve heard of issues such as names being pronounced incorrectly or narrators giving a tone of voice or an accent to a character that it’s inappropriate for, and if things like that come up just let your narrator know right away. A good narrator is going to ask questions like that up front anyhow.
  • What’s next for you?
    • First, book two of this trilogy comes out sometime early next year. Book three is written but not polished and will likely be out next year as well. As for my other side projects I’m currently outlining a stand alone YA fantasy to do with teens controlling giant stone MEC with ancient magic, and I’m toying with turning a sci-fi novella I wrote into a screenplay. But my main project is an epic fantasy novel I’ve been working on. It occupies most of my time. The outline alone is 40k, so it’s going to be a massive work and I’m already very happy with it.
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#AudioTour “The Halves of Us” by Sydney Paige Richardson

Author: Sydney Paige Richardson

Narrator: Rocky Taylor

Length: 11 hours 37 minutes

Series: The Halves of Us Trilogy, Book 1

Publisher: The Parliament House

Released: Sep. 3, 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy

Twin Sisters: One destined to rule, one cursed to destroy. Some say blood is thicker than water. But for twin sisters, Adie and Aura, their connection runs even deeper than blood. After investigating a surprise attack carried out by dark souls controlled by the Wicked Willow, an evil residing in a neighboring region, Aura uncovers a family secret: She is the fulfillment of a curse placed upon her family centuries ago. While Aura is destined to destroy their planet, Thindoral, Adie is fated to follow in their mother’s footsteps and become Ruler, but even Adie’s path comes with revelations. Dangerous premonitions plague her dreams, all depicting Thindoral’s demise at the hand of her sister. As darkness takes control of her mind, Aura must determine whether defying fate and time is the choice that will seal her destruction, or if self-sacrifice will save all she holds dear. Meanwhile, Adie is faced with an impossible decision: Save her sister, or protect their world?

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Sydney wrote her first book, Girls, in the second grade, about her and her best friends in college [because college was super cool when you were 8]. They went on treasure hunts and fought bad guys with their super powers. Her second-grade teacher was so impressed with her, she laminated a cover and bound it. That will forever be the moment Sydney dreamed of holding a copy of her own book and placing it on a shelf. Now all grown up, Sydney’s head still stays in the fantasy world, fashioning worlds where the power of a star can be harnessed and used for time travel, flying is just as easy as walking here on earth – and her best friends are fairies. Her characters are dark and lost individuals, but your love for them will grow when you realize not everything is black and white.


Rocky hails from Washington State and frequently haunts the Oregon coast. She holds a BA from The Evergreen State College and has worked as a stagehand since 2008. After years of bringing stories to life behind the scenes she has transitioned from backstage to behind the mic. An avid reader, traveler, and lover of humanity, she brings all of that to the world of story-telling. When not in her studio, she volunteers as a community mediator, loves partner dancing and like all Pacific Northwesterners, lives for beautiful summer days.


Dream Cast banner
Halves Dream Cast

Adie and Aura – I would love for Madelaine Petsch to play her. I think she’s got a fun personality but can also be dark, which is fitting for both the sisters. 

Ambrielle, Adie and Aura’s mother – I have ALWAYS pictured Jessica Chastain playing her. Always. She is a stunning actress and that’s who has always been Ambrielle in my mind. 

Gossamer – I pictured as Jim Beaver. I am a supernatural fan, and he’s always been one of my favs. He can be hardass like Gossamer, but also caring. 

Samuel, should totally be played by one Sprouse brothers (I go back and forth as to which one ,ha!). Just as long as they have the long hair! ;] 

Felipe, I think should be played as Avan Jogia. He fits the character perfectly, to be honest. Can they just make this into a movie already, so I can meet him? ;] 

Other Characters:

Tut – Tut would definitely be played by Richard Schiff. I fell in love with his acting in West Wing, and while Tut is…odd…I really think he could pull it off. 

Hontak – Aldis Hodge. He even liked my Instagram post about playing the character! I think my heart stopped briefly that day. 

Thora – Blythe Danner. I think she can capture Thora’s caring essence. 

Glorida – Mia Wasikowska. Mia has this androgyny that reflects Glorida perfectly. 

Bokah – Peter Dinklage. No one else could pull off the humor and straightforwardness as much as him. 

Wendelone/Wicked Willow –Lady Gaga. She’s another one who I have always pictured for this role. 

Nemiah – Alex O’Loughlin. There’s a heartbreaking scene in book 2 that just…I have pictured him playing.  

Sandman – Stephen “Twitch” Boss. I fell in love with Twitch on the show So You Think You Can Dance. His movements simulate how the Sandman moves, so I knew he had to be him. 

Michael – Simon Baker. He’s always been Samuel’s father to me.

  • Carry You by Ruelle and Flueurie – I chose this song because it reminded me of the sisters and their love for each other. They would do anything to ensure the other’s safety, including carrying them through the darkness.
  • In Reverence by David Tolk – has no words, but the music is what inspired me to finish the book and write the ending. I am in tears every time I listen to this song.
  • Heresy by Full Tilt – This song would definitely be the movie trailer soundtrack if The Halves of Us is made into a movie.
  • Cut by Plumb – This song reflects the descent of Aura into darkness.
  • Fall into Me – is the darkness talking to Aura. This song always gives me chills.
  • Head above Water by Avril – To me this song is about Adie trying to keep everything together as she watches her sister fall away, takes on her new roles, and deals with the night terrors.


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#BookBlitz “Melissa & Kasho” by Camilla Chance

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YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers


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1958- 59 Florence Italy Melissa, a shy parentally abused teenage girl, feels lost in a transnational high society world that drives her to the depths of despair.

But her attraction to the very human Kasho, who has snippets of philosophy to impart, eventually enables her to develop her own strengths.

But Kasho doesn’t dwell physically on Earth.

Melissa’s realistic story traverses class, gender, and power dynamics. She
is expected to walk or is bullied into walking, a certain path required of
her class, including marrying a certain man.

It’s only when she connects with Kasho, a native man whose values are
in-line with hers, that she finds a kindred spirit who truly sees her.

In an age of bullying and teen suicide, the resonating lesson throughout
the story is “There is always a way of making your life

But how will she and her best friend, Daisy, find it?

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About the Author

Camilla Chance has always been a writer. She was born in 1940 and lived in London, where, when she was 18, her first novel was accepted by a then-large publishing company for publication. Although her father forced her to withdraw from this contract as she was still legally his “property” until she was 21, the writing bug never left her. Her family moved to Australia and she graduated in Arts from Melbourne University. When she was 22, she became a member of the Baha’i faith, and its spiritualism and acceptance have influenced her subsequent writing as well.

Camilla has had many interesting and varied occupations. She’s been a
lyricist for an international performing group The Kuban Cossacks, a high
school teacher, and an editor for Faber & Faber Publishers in London.
Upon returning to Australia, she wrote book reviews for two prestigious
Australian newspapers – The Age and The Australian. And she also
married and became a mother as well.

Camilla has also been an advocate for Australia’s indigenous peoples,
in part because of her Baha’i faith’s belief in unity and also
because of her extraordinary 27 year friendship with Banjo Clark. Banjo
Clarke’s life and teaching were the crux of her best-selling
Australian book, Wisdom Man. Camilla took the highlights of her friendship
with Banjo and created a book that was an instant best seller in Australia,
and in its second edition won American USABookNews.com Award for best
multicultural work. It also gained Honorable Mention at the London Book
Festival. Camilla was also the first non-Aboriginal to receive the
prestigious Unsung Hero Award from Aboriginal people for her dedicated
friendship and work for them “behind the scenes.”

Melissa and Kasho, 2018 and is a young adult novel set in the transition
period of 1959. It’s a fantasy, love story, with a heavy dose of rock
and roll, taking place in Florence Italy.

Currently, Camilla is at work on her autobiography, a companion piece to
the Australian Bestselling Wisdom Man, called WARRUMYEA: THE LEFT-HANDED

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