#NewRelease “Ethan (Family Ties, Book 1)” by Delaney Diamond

Ethan book cover


Sometimes love isn’t enough…

At the age of seventeen, Skye Thorpe lost her parents and yearns for a family of her own, and she’s certain Ethan Connor is the one to give it to her. After all, they’ve been together for seven years. One night, she broaches the subject of marriage and learns the devastating truth. Ethan has no intention of marrying her.

Ethan married young and learned the hard way what it was like to be betrayed by the person he loved. After a bitter divorce, he promised himself he would never allow another woman to wreck his life again. So when Skye mentions marriage, he quickly shuts her down.

To get the life she craves, Skye has no choice but to end the relationship and walk away. But can she really walk away, if Ethan won’t let her go?

Take advantage of the Early Bird Special and purchase Ethan for only US$2.99 until January 31. After Monday, the price increases to US$3.99.

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#Featured “Her Name Is Knight (Nena Knight Book 1)” by Yasmin Angoe

Her Name is Knight book cover


A smash debut novel from rising star Yasmin Angoe, Her Name Is Knight features an elite assassin heroine on a mission to topple a human trafficking ring and avenge her family.

Stolen from her Ghanaian village as a child, Nena Knight has plenty of motives to kill. Now an elite assassin for a powerful business syndicate called the Tribe, she gets plenty of chances.

But while on assignment in Miami, Nena ends up saving a life, not taking one. She emerges from the experience a changed woman, finally hopeful for a life beyond rage and revenge. Tasked with killing a man she’s come to respect, Nena struggles to reconcile her loyalty to the Tribe with her new purpose.

Meanwhile, she learns a new Tribe council member is the same man who razed her village, murdered her family, and sold her into captivity. Nena can’t resist the temptation of vengeance—and she doesn’t want to. Before she can reclaim her life, she must leverage everything she was and everything she is to take him down and end the cycle of bloodshed for good.

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#NewRelease “That’s Our Brother (That’s Our Family Book 2)” by Roxanne Rhaman

book cover


Kacie knows three things for certain. She should have sent a text before abandoning her boyfriend. She should have let her family know she was coming home. And she has no business adopting a dog.

When Kacie moved away from her father and step-family years earlier, she had big aspirations and no plans to return. But she hadn’t counted on a heartless mother relentlessly pursuing her. A boyfriend she couldn’t stand to watch as he wasted one more day on the couch. A career she longed for never materializing.

After her barely old enough to get married brother returns, his new fiancée along with him, Kacie has to ask herself, does everyone know what they’re doing besides her? Does the cute guy who just offered her a job have a hidden agenda? And is it wrong to name her new dog Diva?



#Feature “Explore You: Explore Men of the Hamptons” by Lula White

book cover


We are inevitable.

He starts coming toward me.
I can’t breathe. I’m not supposed to be doing this. It can’t happen.
“Leave.” I barely hear myself.
Not through the scream of my brain, or tidal waves splashing through my veins, or the raging gallop of every nook and cranny within me.
He closes his eyes, shakes his head, while he backs me up against the wall. “No. Don’t give me that weak crap. Say it like you mean it.”
His mouth dangles against mine.
And every fraction of every millisecond in which I say nothing is a moment I’ve waited too long.
Kevin half-whispers, half-breathes, “Chenera, tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll go.”

Our families have hated each other for decades. But she and I can’t fight the inevitable: us.

Welcome back to the steamy, luxurious rivalries of the Black Hamptons. This is the spin-off to the Sag Harbor Black Romances. An enemies-to-lovers romance led by Kevin Middleton, this is Book One of Explore Men of the Hamptons.

***This is women’s fiction and slow-burn, steamy romance. If you seek quick sex in the first pages, please make another selection.

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#KindleUnlimited “Training Gia” by Nana Prah

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Gia Baxter never asked for a personal trainer, yet a former UFC champion is exactly what she got. Determined to make the best of it and shed the pounds she gained from stress eating, she dives into training. As they get to know each other, sparks between them become difficult to ignore and Gia’s need to discover whatever Lamar is hiding grows stronger.

For Lamar “Phantom” Pearce, Gia is the key to clearing his negative reputation, keeping his business from collapsing, and reaching his lifetime goal of opening a center for inner-city youth. All he needs to do is ensure that Gia completes the full six weeks of training. However, as their relationship deepens, he begins to wonder if his secrets will drive away the best thing to ever happen to him.

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#FREE “The First Wife’s Secret” by Claire Amarti

book cover


Dinah Spencer is back in her childhood home for one stressful weekend: it’s the twenty-five-year anniversary of her father’s marriage to his second wife, Dinah’s stepmother. Those twenty-five years haven’t all been happy ones for middle child Dinah, but she’s getting ready to put the past behind her, keeping the bonds of family strong for her daughter Josie’s sake – until her beloved father collapses in the middle of an emigmatic anniversary speech.

Now, youngest daughter Lottie Spencer must struggle to keep her family afloat in the wake of her father’s shocking illness. But with her father now unconscious in the hospital, this family’s fraying at the seams–and everyone has secrets. As an unexpected will is uncovered, Lottie begins untangling the threads of her family’s complicated past, including what might be the most explosive revelation of all: the long-buried secret of beautiful Bonnie Spencer, her father’s first wife…

Whose secrets would you keep, to protect the family you love? Family secrets abound in this gripping, suspenseful, and ultimately uplifting page-turner about buried pasts, little white lies, and the twists and turns that finally lead us home. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Kerry Lonsdale, Emma Davies, and Nicole Trope.

“An Unforgettable Book! Family dynamics with emotions ranging from love to anger, from fear to terror and every emotion in-between, make this a book that is hard to put down. Secrets galore between two families and between family members makes this a book readers will remember for a long time.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” -Goodreads

To read more from Birch Bend, be sure to ALSO pick up bestselling Claire Amarti’s brand new release AFTER SHE LEFT during its current 99c launch promotion!

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#Feature “Brunch at Ruby’s” by DL White

Brunch at Ruby's cover


Now available in audio! 

Three Friends. One City. Waiting to Exhale in the “A.”

Brunch at Ruby’s is warm, funny southern women’s fiction about three friends who live in Atlanta and everything that happens to them before, after, and during their monthly brunch at Ruby’s Soul Food restaurant in downtown Decatur.  But it’s also about finding and keeping love, lifelong friendships with women who are like sisters and the bonds between them that bend but don’t break.

Debra Macklin is the envy of her friends. She has it all: a successful career, a long marriage and a happy child… but she’s hiding an explosive secret that could not only shatter her perfect image, but destroy her marriage and career.

Maxine Donovan  is self-made and successful, having overcome her past to live the life she deserves to live…despite all she earns and owns, she’s on a constant quest for Mr. Right. Handsome, aloof Malcolm Brooks might just be The One, but when Malcolm’s attention turns toward her friend instead, Maxine is willing to risk a strong bond to fight for him.

Renee Gladwell left a life and a handsome boyfriend to return to Atlanta and nurse her father and Gladwell Books back to health. Four years later she’s still struggling with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and a bookstore that is in no shape to sell. Renee is in limbo, caring for a man who is slowly forgetting his past–including her. When she meets Malcolm Brooks, her life brightens, but is love ever worth risking a friendship?

Brunch at Ruby’s is Book One in a growing series set in the heart of Decatur,Georgia.




#BookTour “Eastside Hedge Witch: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Midlife Supernaturals, Book One)” by T.J. Deschamps


A Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Midlife Supernaturals, Book One

Paranormal Women’s Fiction


Release Date: October 31, 2021

Twenty years ago, I stole something that could win the war between Heaven and Hell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no do-gooder. I wanted to rule everything with the King of Hell. However, I have serious qualms with killing 8 billion people in order to get what I want. He didn’t. Irreconcilable differences, right?

So, I did what any witch would do. I faked my death and hid out in the Seattle suburbs, living as a mundane. Stay at home moms are practically invisible here!

I had a good thing going until a hellhound showed up on my morning run. Guess you can’t thwart the devil’s machinations and get away with it forever. Time to come out of the supernatural closet and save the world. Again.




Chapter 1

No one expects to run into a hellhound on their pre-dawn run in the Seattle suburbs, not even me, and I’ve had a long history with the stinky mutts and their master. I stop dead in my tracks, my heart thudding faster than the beat in my earbuds. After pressing the bud in my right ear, the music ceases. Ambient noise filters in.

Luck is on my side, sort of, as I am downwind of the monster, not the other way around. The reek of sulfur was what had given away the hellhound circling my neighbor’s begonias long before I spot the glowing red headlights where eyeballs should be. Besides the glowing red eyes, there’s no mistaking the hellhound for a lost pooch or a coyote on the prowl. The arch of its back reaches about as high as my chest, and I’m about 5’6″, not tall but not short either. It’s three times as wide as my hips, and I’m, as my daughter’s generation puts it, “thicc.” Under a sleek coat of slate-gray fur, sinewy muscles ripple. Even without looking inside its muzzle, I know viscous slobber covers several rows of razor-sharp teeth. But what really gives away the doggo is not a helpful Lassie are the shadows, darker than dark, swirling about the killer canine.

Those shadows will suck you into a whole new world. Somewhere you don’t want to take a magic carpet ride, Aladdin, not one little bit.

Too busy sniffing at my neighbor’s hedges, likely distracted by a bunny, the hellhound doesn’t even realize I’m there. I don’t mind if the demonic beast eats Peter Rabbit, the circle of life and all that, but I sure as hell mind if the hound tries to devour me, or worse catch me up in those swirling darker-than-dark shadows forming around him.

My stomach knots with unease and I bite my bottom lip to keep from crying. I’d grown complacent over the years since I left Hell. I want to stomp my foot and cry out that this isn’t fair. I’d gotten away from His Creepiness and all his bullshit evil machinations a long time ago. I have a nice, albeit bland, life in the suburbs. I’m on the freaking Parent Teacher Student Association!

I give up my pity party. I am a middle-aged mom, not sixteen. I’ve known for a long time that life was never going to be fair, as life never is when someone has way more power than you have.

I’d grown complacent, but like all middle-aged mothers, I still came prepared. I’d thought I was safe from Hell, but the world is filled with a lot more things that go bump in the night than hellhounds. I ease off my backpack.

My kid likely thinks I carry around weights, tasteless nutrition bars, and a water bottle like a normal person. The water bottle is the only true part. What I do have in my bag stops all kinds of monsters from devouring me while I get my heart rate up to “cardio” on my smartwatch. I push aside ash and rowan wood stakes, a silver dagger in its sheathe, a jar of cream to distract fae—not that the high fae courts are even allowed on Earth after the angels kicked them out, but the tiny low fae love the stuff and keeps them on your side.

Among these contents, I retrieve a container of Morton salt, tear off the sticker, and flick the spout with my thumb. My stomach dips when the friction causes the metal of the spout to squeak against the cardboard of the container.

My gaze still on the hellhound, who is still tearing up my neighbor’s garden, I exhale in relief.

With great care, I pour the salt in a circle, whispering the words I’d learn by rote. I’d learned them in another tongue but say the spell in English—a focus, the actual words don’t matter. The intention does. The power comes from within me, as it does all witches. I contain a metaphorical light inside that can blaze with the brilliance of a thousand suns, or so my mother said.

Mom was more poetic than I could ever be. She read Ralph Ellison, Alice Walker, and other greats of the twentieth century. I read comics and listened to Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan. She belongs to a coven. I am a lone witch, living a continent away from the women who raised me. Generational disconnect happens to the supernatural, too. Especially when your mother gave you to a fallen angel as a tithe when you were only a teenager.

When I’m done with the setup, I return the salt to my backpack and steel myself for what’s to come next.

I whistle. The first comes out dry and soundless. I moisten my teeth and try again. A shrill sound, loud enough to wake the dead let alone the neighborhood, departs from my lips.

The hound pauses the search for the rabbit, lifting its head. Alert. The beast’s nostrils flare as it sniffs the air. Red glowing eyes lock onto me.

Yeah. That’s right. I’m much better prey.

A low growl emits from the beast’s throat. Claws the length of my fingers click on the sidewalk as the hound stalks forward toward me.

Inside, I’m quaking with fear. I have not done this spell in a long time. If something happens to me, my daughter will have no one. I push that out of my head and plant my hands on my hips.

“Go tell your master take the hint and leave me alone.” I point as I speak, not intending a literal destination but a general begone direction.

The idiot looks where I pointed.

I roll my eyes. Hellhounds are not like Earth dogs. They have no instinct to protect, but they have the same instinct to hunt and follow signals. When the evil pooch realizes his master isn’t there, the predatory red gaze narrows on me, but it doesn’t move.

Doubt and confusion sets in. I’m not sure why he’s not pouncing and dragging me back with him to Hell nor ripping me to shreds. Am I not its target?

I curse under my breath.

I clear my throat. “Also, tell him stalking is a little gross and so creepy that he’s still got a thing for a me. I made it pretty clear I didn’t want to be with him anymore.” I throw up a hand and shake my head. “Wait. Why am I telling you? You’re too stupid to deliver a message.”

I spin on my heel like I’m going to walk away. Part of me wants to run. Wants to lure this beast away from my home, my kid.

The movement triggers instincts. In my peripheral, the monster snarls and lunges.

My heart leaps into my throat. The creature is doing exactly what I want it to do, however, a massive hellhound is launching in my direction. That and swirling magic that promises to rip me from everything I love to carry me to my least favorite ex scares the bejesus out of me.

After a moment of frozen terror, my brain revs into gear. I find my voice, murmuring the final words of the spell. A silly little rhyme stammered more than said—but stammered with intention!

The ground shakes beneath my feet, rumbling like a thunder cloud. Within the salt circle I’ve created, a swirling vortex appears. Fire erupts from the center, but I don’t feel the heat. It’s all contained by the salt I bought in a three-pack from Costco. The beast snarls and whines but cannot escape the flames toasting its flesh.

Oopsy. I’ve opened a portal to a less hospitable part of Hell. Guess this hellhound won’t be delivering my message.

I murmur another spell, voice still shaking. The swirling vortex sucks the hellfire and burning beast down like a flaming turd down a flushed toilet.

As I’ve said, I’m no poet.

The portal between worlds vanishes, leaving behind my salt art.

Sweat cooling on my body and adrenaline waning, all I want to do is go home and shower, but I need to clean up the salt first. If I left it, Seattle’s infamous constant drizzle would wash the salt into the neighbor’s yard and kill all the plants.

Television and movies with demon slayers never mention that salt will kill plants if absorbed into the ground. The ostensible heroes walk away from their salt circles, leaving a destructive mess, not caring whose yard they’ve destroyed, but I do.

As I sweep up the salt circle with a pocket-sized dustpan and broom, dumping the contents into a Ziploc bag, a sadness envelops me. I’d found safety and community on the Eastside—albeit while pretending I was something I was not. I don’t want to move again, but I have to.

The thing is, you don’t just leave my ex and get to live happily ever after, not after he’s shared his ambitions. Not after he’s named you his Harbinger of the Apocalypse. I’d only deluded myself that I could.

His Creepiness had once said that he’d tear the heart out of anyone whom I loved more than him, so they’d know how he felt. I used to think of the declaration as terribly romantic, instead of simply terrible. I certainly loved my daughter more than I ever loved him. Would he kill her or try to use her for the purpose he wanted to use me? New fears arise.

With the salt all swept and bagged up, I head to my house with a heavy heart. The life I’ve built here on the Eastside is over, and I have to break that, and so much more, to my daughter.


About the Author

T.J. Deschamps lives in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with her three teens, two cats, and a tortoise. She loves to read, write, dance, and lift weights–not at the same time, although that’d be cool to see.

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#NewRelease “The Weekend (A Lennox In Love Book 7)” by Tina Martin

book cover


Can you make somebody fall in love with you in ONE weekend?

That’s what Corbin LeBlanc is hoping after recently becoming reacquainted with Davina Lennox – his secret crush from high school years ago. She’s all woman now and still as beautiful as he remembered. However, while he knows the path his life will take, he learns that Davina has no clue what she wants – but she knows one thing for sure – small-town life is not for her.

Corbin has one weekend to convince her to stay in Bryson City, appreciate this beautiful mountain town and make her see the amazing life they could have together.

The Lennox Series are all standalone novellas with the exception of Caught in the Storm with a Lennox which is the prequel to Claiming You and Winter Wonder should be read before Winter Wedding.

Book 0 – Caught in the Storm With a Lennox (A Short Story Prequel to Claiming You)
Book 1 – Claiming You – Remington Lennox and Emory McNeil
Book 2 – Making You My Business – Giovanni Lennox and Joelle Bannon
Book 3 – Wishing That I Was Yours – Jessalyn Lennox and Spencer Wakefield
Book 4 – Before You Say I Do – Kenton Lennox and Lauren Chandler
Book 5 – Winter Wonder – Drake Lennox and Lavina Nelson
Book 6 – Winter Wedding – Drake Lennox and Lavina Nelson
Book 7 – The Weekend – Davina Lennox and Corbin LeBlanc



#FREE “Girlfriends & Secrets (The Alex Chronicles Book 1)” Tracy Reed

Reed 1


Alex Miller has a secret that could bring down a multi-billion dollar empire, get her husband back and endanger her life.

“Planning to elope with my college boyfriend, but marrying his best friend is a small secret compared to the one I learned about the family I married into.”

Alex is sitting on a few secrets all tied to one man, her first love. If her best friends opened her box of secrets, they’d be surprised.

Alex and her best friends, long for the fairytale complete with a happy ending. Unfortunately, the road to a happy ending is paved with grenades.

A secret is only a secret if no one knows about it. But what do you do when the person who shares your secret wants to tell it?

FREE at time of posting!

(check price before downloading)