#NewRelease “A Table for Two” by Sheryl Lister

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One woman must learn to love again with the help of her supper club friends and the man next door in this delightful enemies-to-lovers small-town romance.

The best meals. The perfect company. And just enough sparks to make it complicated . . .

Serenity Wheeler’s Supper Club is all about getting together with great friends, incredible food, and a whole lot of dishing—not for hooking up. Still, Serenity knows inviting her friend’s brother to one of her dinners is just good manners, but the ultra-fine, hazel-eyed Gabriel Cunningham has a gift for saying the wrong thing at the really wrong time. Especially when it comes to her cooking.

Gabriel isn’t quite sure how they got off on the wrong foot, but something about Serenity makes him nervous. Maybe it’s because he’s new to the small-town vibe. Maybe it’s because the woman is so gorgeous that he can’t think straight. Or maybe it’s because there’s an attraction between them he can’t seem to shake.

Though refreshments and camaraderie may be the supper club’s mantra, Serenity and Gabriel know there’s more between them than just sharing delicious meals. But she can’t let herself fall for Gabriel. Because while cooking with love is one thing, trusting it is quite another…

#Featured “Embracing Ever After (Once Upon A Baby Book 1)” by Sheryl Lister

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There aren’t many things that scare tough-girl Raven Montgomery. However, the next Best Friends Challenge has her running in the opposite direction. What was she thinking? Her girls knew she’d never say no to a pact. But, when insecurities she thought she’d buried come racing to the forefront of her mind, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. Bryson is the most supportive husband a woman could ask for, yet despite his best efforts to dissuade her from worrying about the challenge, it isn’t working. Looks like she’s in too deep now, whether she likes it or not.

**For the best experience, it is recommended that you read the series in order.**

Book 1 – Embracing Ever After (Sheryl Lister)
Book 2 – Hopelessly Ever After (Angela Seals)
Book 3 – Beyond Ever After (Elle Wright)
Book 4 – Yours Ever After (Sherelle Green)

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#NewRelease “Tempting Hunter (Once Upon A Funeral Book 4)” by Sheryl Lister



When the powerful patriarch of the Prescott family dies, four brothers are challenged to return to Rosewood Heights and fulfill their grandfather’s last wishes. With each of these compelling and complex men facing their inner demons, they must ask themselves if light can shine in the midst of tragedy and if home is truly where the heart is…

Hunter Prescott… A lone wolf thrives off independence and privacy. Yet, even a wolf excluded from his pack can long for something more. Can Hunter shed his protective shield and open his heart to new possibilities?

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#NewRelease “Do Me (Irresistible Husband)” by Sheryl Lister

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Staring forty in the face, Braxton Harper is accustomed to having everything in his life fall into its precise place. Only he hasn’t found that special one and he refuses to settle for anything less than a woman who is his perfect match. The moment Londyn Grant dances into his life, Braxton is convinced he’s found her. Kiss by sizzling kiss, the sexy doctor slowly lets her guard down. Now, if she’d only let him into her heart…

Londyn knows heartbreak. By day, the psychologist counsels others, but she has yet to find a way to heal her own heart. The last thing she wants is another relationship. However, sensual and sensitive Braxton tempts her to open up and, for the first time in her life, she’s letting passion rule. But it’s going to take a little therapeutic intervention—in and out of the bedroom—to get Londyn to see that this time she’s found the real thing.



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#NewRelease “Love Me (Irresistible Husband)” by Delaney Diamond

Love Me cover

Hard-working corporate attorney Axel Becker has tried settling down in the past, but when the relationship didn’t work out, he focused on his career to the exclusion of everything else. Enter, Naphressa St. James. The sexy project manager is a former lover and reminds him of what his life could be—fun, exciting. She’s just the woman he might need to shake him out of a rut, but convincing her they belong together will be a lot harder than he expected.

Naphressa admits she and Axel have chemistry, but she’s not interested in getting married again. Been there, done that. Except the more time she spends with Axel, the more she finds the idea of settling down with him to be downright…irresistible.



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DO ME by Sheryl Lister LOVE ME by Sharon C. Cooper

#PreOrder “Show Me (Irresistible Husband)” by Sharon C. Cooper

Just when he thought finding a wife was out of his reach…

Colton “Cole” Eubanks is laser focused on building wealth and settling down with a special woman before he turns forty. Accomplishing one out of two isn’t bad. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘love of his life’ on the horizon, unless he counts the one woman who’s been starring in his nightly dreams—Malaya Radcliff.

After being dependent on one person after another for years, Malaya has finally learned to stand on her own. There’s only one thing she hasn’t been able to accomplish—gain full custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband never fights fair. His wealth always wins. This time Malaya’s determined to come out on top. So when Cole, the man she’s been secretly in lust with for over a year, makes her an offer she’d be crazy to refuse, Malaya wants to say yes. But that means sacrificing her newfound independence. Yet, his enticing proposal has her thinking—why not?


Releases September 10, 2020



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#BookBlitz “Closer to You” by Sheryl Lister

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Located an hour away from San Diego, the small town of Blackmont, California is known for its peaceful surroundings and majestic lakes. However, secrets and danger lurk just below the surface. And some secrets could prove to be deadly.

Love may be a distraction neither of them will live to enjoy…

When Zahra Chandler unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s small-town home and bookstore, she jumps at the chance to leave LA. There’s just one problem: she also, unknowingly, inherits a long-buried secret that someone would go to any lengths to protect, including murder. The only thing standing between her and a killer is the town’s arrogant, but irresistibly sexy sheriff—a man who ignites in her a passion she’s never felt.

Kendall McKnight takes his job as sheriff seriously and is always prepared for anything…except his instant attraction to newcomer Zahra. As they’re drawn together in their search for clues, protecting her becomes less about civic duty and much more about carnal desire and he’s in danger of losing the one thing he vowed never to risk again—his heart. But the threat is closer than they realize and the truth, when revealed, could tear them apart forever.





            Zahra Chandler parked in front of her grandfather’s bookstore and sucked in a deep breath. She still couldn’t believe he was gone or that he’d left the house and bookstore to her, as well as a large monetary inheritance. Though only seven o’clock on Saturday evening, all of the town’s stores seemed to be shut down for the night. She stepped out of the car, looked around and stretched to relieve some of the kinks from the three-and-a-half-hour drive. Located about an hour away from San Diego, nestled in an area with beautiful mountains and lakes, Blackmont, California had a population of less than a thousand and everybody knew each other. So, who could have wanted her grandfather dead? Reaching back into the car, she grabbed the key ring her grandfather’s attorney, Mr. Bostwick, had provided, shut the door and pressed the remote lock.

            She walked up to the store’s front and searched for the key. “Oh, great,” she muttered. None of the keys were labeled. There had to be at least twenty keys and half of them looked to be a possible fit. She stuck the first one in, the second one, the third one…then the fourth one. She turned the key slightly and it broke off in the lock. Zahra let out an impatient sigh and cursed under her breath. She walked back to the car and searched the glove compartment for something to try to remove the broken piece. She grabbed a mini screwdriver out of one of those eyeglass repair kits she’d gotten from some promotional campaign, a regular sized screwdriver, and went back to the door. Using the flashlight on her key ring, she decided to try to dig out the small piece first. If that failed, then she’d use the larger one to pry off the lock.

            “Freeze!” a deep voice commanded from behind her.

            She gasped sharply, clutched her chest and spun around, instinctively bringing the screwdriver up in a protective position. Zahra slowly lowered it and visibly relaxed upon seeing the officer. “Goodness. You scared me. I thought you were a robber or something.”

            “I figured you’d be back.”

            Her eyebrows shot up. “I beg your pardon. Back from where?”

            “Step away from the door, Miss,” he commanded, gun drawn.

            “Why? What are you talking about?”

            “Put your hands where I can see them.”

            She took a step. “I can explain.”

            “I’m not going to tell you again.”

 Raising her hands, she sighed. “I’m not breaking in.”

He holstered his gun, stalked over to where she stood and latched on to her arm.

            Zahra pulled away, dropping her keys and screwdrivers. “Wait. What are you doing? I’m not trying to break into the store.”

            “Look, lady. Don’t make me add resisting arrest to breaking and entering.”

            “You’re arresting me?” she asked incredulously. “This is my store. I haven’t done anything wrong. If you would just listen—”

            “You can explain it at the station.” He gestured her toward the police sedan.

            “You’re making a big mistake.”

            The corner of his mouth kicked up and he let out a snort. “Right. I’m making a mistake. I’m not the one who was caught jimmying a lock with a screwdriver. We can straighten out your identity at the station. Get in.” He retrieved the keys and screwdrivers from where she had dropped them then escorted her over to the car. “What’s your name?”

Zahra folded her arms and rolled her eyes. Before she could say anything, another police car drove up and two men got out.

A young blond-haired officer called out, “Hey, Ken. Who you got there?”

            “Finally caught the person trying to break into Chandler’s Bookstore.” He held up the screwdrivers.

            Zahra placed a hand on her hip and pointed a finger in his face. “I wasn’t breaking into anything! Did you not see the keys in my hand?” She heard muffled laughter from the men, but didn’t care. She’d had enough of this craziness.

            He opened the door and gestured her inside. “Have a seat.”

            She dropped down into the backseat and crossed her arms. “Arrogant jerk,” she muttered. After what seemed like hours, he came and leaned into the window. She drilled him with an angry stare.

            “Now, let’s try this again. What’s your name?”

“Zahra Chandler.”

His brow lifted. “Chandler?

            “Yes. Chandler.” She smiled smugly and leaned forward. “I tried to tell you who I was before, but you wouldn’t listen,” she said through clenched teeth. “If you had just opened your ears for two seconds, I would have told you the key broke in the lock of my store and I was trying to get it out. I would have shown you my driver’s license, but it’s locked in my car, parked right over there, in front of my store.”

            “Looks like you really stepped in it this time, Kendall,” the older officer said, pushing off the hood of the car. Zahra guessed him to be about fifty. He had graying hair around the temples and a few lines bracketing his mouth and eyes on his walnut colored face. Although he had some added girth around his middle, he still looked to be in good shape. The man came over, smiled warmly and extended his hand through the window. “Carl Franklin. It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Chandler. You must be Josiah’s granddaughter. I recognize you from the picture he kept in the store. He talked about you all the time. My condolences.”

            She shook his hand. “Thank you. Nice meeting you, too.”

The other officer introduced himself.

She fixed her gaze on the man still standing there with a scowl on his face. “I’m thinking I’d like that apology now.”

            He had the decency to look embarrassed. “My apologies, Ms. Chandler. Someone has been trying to break into the store for the last couple of nights and I thought you might be that person.” He opened the door to let her out.

            “Thank you, but I’d still like to speak to a supervisor or your boss.”

            Officer Franklin laughed. “That might be a little tough since he is the boss. Ms. Chandler, meet Sheriff Kendall McKnight.”

            Zahra’s mouth fell open. A slow grin made its way over the sheriff’s face. Her breath caught. That smile was… She shook herself mentally. Now she had really lost her mind. Yes, he looked good…okay, better than good. Along with his towering height, he was drop-dead gorgeous. He had smooth nut-brown skin, a neatly groomed beard and goatee that hugged his jaw like a shadow, close-cropped black hair, chiseled features and piercing, dark chocolate eyes that seemed to see clear through to her soul. But this man had just tried to arrest her, so she had no business thinking about his smile or anything else about him.




Sheryl Lister is a multi-award winning author and has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She is a former pediatric occupational therapist with over twenty years of experience and resides in California. Sheryl is a wife, mother of three daughters and a son-in-love, and grandmother to two special little boys. When she’s not writing, Sheryl can be found on a date with her husband or in the kitchen creating appetizers. For more information, visit her website at http://www.sheryllister.com.




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“It’s You That I Need” by Sheryl Lister


It’s You That I Need

by Sheryl Lister

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/African-American

99¢ at time of posting!

Will former lovers be reunited just in time for Christmas…

Melissa Tucker broke off her no-strings attached liaison with Kyle Jamison the minute she realized that she didn’t just like him—she’d gone and fallen in love with him. Now, months later, the former police detective is the only one she can turn to when the threatening notes she’s been receiving start to escalate. Only she didn’t count on still wanting him…

Kyle shared a sensual affair with Melissa and was completely blindsided when she broke things off. Granted he’d made his position against long-term relationships very clear at the start, but she’s the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget and now that he has the chance, he intends to prove to her that he is indeed a one-woman man.

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“Embracing Forever (Once Upon a Bridesmaid Book 3)” by Sheryl Lister

Embracing Forever cover

Embracing Forever (Once Upon a Bridesmaid Book 3)

by Sheryl Lister

Genre: African-American/Multicultural/Romance

2.99 at time of posting!

After a string of failed relationships, and with three months left on the marriage pact she foolishly agreed to, Raven Holloway has just about given up on love. To take the sting out of her latest heartbreak, she does what she’s always done—seek consolation in the arms of her best friend, Bryson Montgomery. Only this time, comfort turns to white-hot pleasure and a night she can’t seem to forget. But the strong-willed physical therapist doesn’t want to ruin a friendship and isn’t ready to trust her heart again.

Marriage is definitely not on Bryson’s radar. He has his hands full running his teen community center. Yet, he isn’t prepared for the passion Raven unleashes in him and now he wants more. Raven is determined to keep him in the friend zone, but he’s just as driven to show her how good they can be together. So, Bryson devises a seductive campaign to persuade Raven to embrace what he is offering…a love that will last forever.

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“Love’s Serenade (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 3)” by Sheryl Lister


Love’s Serenade (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 3)

by Sheryl Lister

Genre: Historical Romance/African-American

2.99 at time of posting!

Escaping an arranged marriage, Leigh Jones flees her southern hometown for Harlem’s vibrant jazz scene to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. She finds more than she expected, namely Miles Cooper. The smooth-talking musician walked out on her three years ago, taking her music and her heart with him. Leigh has no intentions of falling for Miles or his charms again until he tempts her with the one thing she can’t resist: a recording contract. But when her past comes calling, she realizes Miles is the one person who can save her from a man who won’t take no for an answer.

Miles isn’t one for putting down roots or staying in one place for longer than a season. Yet, memories of Leigh’s sultry voice, beauty and sass make him long for the life and love he forfeited. Having walked away once, but never again, Miles sets out to prove he’s a changed man willing to go to any lengths to protect his woman. He’s determined to show Leigh, one passionate note at a time that the music they make together will last a lifetime.

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