This Criteria Makes For a Good Book Review



by Doug Lewars

Book reviews are a fact of life. If it’s your book being reviewed, they’re nice if they’re positive and decidedly unpleasant if they’re negative. Every book is going to have a few negative reviews. That’s a fact of life because people are different, have different interests, enjoy different things, and will relate to your work in different ways.

In addition, you will probably want to, or at least be expected to, review someone’s work and that can be tricky. Explaining to an author that his command of the language would make a pre-school child squirm with embarrassment is not likely to win you any friends; and he or she might take a run at your work purely from a spirit of tit-for-tat.


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Why Just Anyone Can’t Write an Editorial Review

A must-read for indie authors! 😉


If you put “editorial reviews” into a search engine, you’ll find lots of articles on what editorial book reviews are and where you can find them. Some of the articles might suggest that you could look at lists of reviewers or bloggers and pitch your book to them for a review, and you might be thinking, “Great! I can get what I need for my book’s advertising for free!” Right?

Well…not exactly.

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Supporting Indie Authors

Great thought-provoking post for anyone who downloads ebooks! 😉

Just 4 My Books

Picture this – you see a book you’ve had your eye on for a while is suddenly  “FREE” for a limited time.

Do you snap it up, keen to get your mitts on it, and pat yourself on the back for nabbing a bargain?

Assuming it lives up to your expectations – which, naturally, are extremely high – would you then one-click another by the same author? Even if it involves spending a few pennies?

In answer to all the above, I’d say  YES each time. One can never have too many good books, can one?

But, what about those “PERMA FREE” books, designed to hook you in, again hoping you’ll become a fan of said author and buy – as in pay for – more?

Do they work?

If something is permanently free, do you still attach the same value to it as something that is only free for a…

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“Hearthstone Alpha (The Ùlfrinn Series, Book 1)” by A.C. Melody #Review

Heartstone cover

RED SAGE Publishing

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5/5 Stars!

Paranormal Romance at its BEST!

Reyna Daniels returns unannounced to her home in Minnesota. Having left almost eight years ago with only brief visits since, the event planner allows her family to believe she’s only in town long enough to help her boss coordinate a major social event.

But Reyna Daniels has a secret she’s not ready to divulge. However, she begins to realize there’s more going on with her brother, Madison ‘Maddy’ Daniels, and his ‘work crew’ than meets the eye and knows she’s not the only one with secrets.

From the beginning when a ‘trespasser’ is spotted on the property, Reyna’s nerves are on edge. Or is it because of six and a half feet of mighty, mouth watering manliness? To be fair, the whole ‘work crew’ is obscenely handsome, worthy of any magazine cover. But, it’s when Corbyn Bruschard is near, Reyna can’t think, can barely speak, and is always on the defensive.

And she’s at a total loss as to why.

Corbyn knows why… because he is Ùlfrinn and Reyna is his mate. He scents her the second he enters Maddy’s house.

Unlike the usual paranormal romance, the challenge isn’t so much convincing Reyna she is Corbyn’s mate… but making her accept her own Ùlfrinn heritage.

Not an easy feat when Reyna and Maddy’s parents convinced them long ago that hiding who they are kept them safe from the devastation of the past and those who lurk in the shadows of the present. Reyna buried her heritage deep and lived as a human. Can she change? Does she want to?

And that’s just the first 15% of the story!

Tightly written and deftly paced, author A.C. Melody straps us into a rollercoaster and holds us hostage, but it’s such a fun ride with no lag time.

Reyna Daniels is an independent woman. She left Pine Grove for college in Chicago, determined to live in peace on her own. Me thinks she might have been a bit hasty seeing as how her parents left town right behind her, RVing around the country. Still, I like Reyna. She’s practical and logical. She has a strong spirit, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Corbyn Bruschard is 100% Alpha, make no mistake. But he’s not the harsh, iron-fisted Alpha–although I wouldn’t be the one to push his buttons—he’s the type who leads by example and compassion. He’s the type who thinks nothing of playing superhero with a three-year-old. He’s also the type who will rain devastation down on you if you mess with his pack… or his mate.

I like these two together, their chemistry has depth. When they let their guards down, it’s pure joy and romance. When they banter, it’s hilarious… okay, at least to me. The intimate scenes between them are graphic, but not gratuitous. The accompanying dialogue allows you inside their thoughts… and hearts.

I was not happy with Reyna Daniels for about five minutes. Her inner thoughts of ‘what if?’ and ‘probably not’ were becoming exhausting [to me]. She compares the burgeoning relationship with Corbyn to her past relationships—all three of them—attempting to predict the outcome of what she and Corbyn have. Reyna knows what she wants but is afraid the past will repeat itself.

But it can’t. Because she has never been as open (or open at all) with any man the way she has with Corbyn. Not knowing about Reyna’s prior relationships, I MUST give her the benefit of the doubt not only because I’ve trusted her this far, but because we all ‘are the sum of our experiences.’ Reyna’s thoughts didn’t take her out of character… just stalled her, not allowing her to move forward. When Reyna mentally smacked herself in the head and was honest with herself, we were once again BFFs.

Speaking of BFFs, this story has an amazing ensemble cast of memorable characters, but none more so than Serena Daniels, Reyna’s childhood best friend and sister-in-law. Regardless of the situation, Serena, petite though she may be, is large and in charge. Serena has no problem keeping a salacious bunch of male models, er, I mean pack members in line, mothering a three-year-old, having Reyna’s back, and being there for Maddy, the love of her life.

All of this is delivered on a tapestry of detailed Norse Mythology (NOT the Marvel Comics kind) that keeps you anchored in your seat and reading.

Wolf shifters, evil interlopers, secret government agencies, mythological beings, a Lamborghini and a Draumurhalda. Get ready for this read and 1-click!



Review – “Unconventional (The Manhattanites Book 4)”


“Unconventional (The Manhattanites Book 4)”

by Avery Aster

Release Date: January 26, 2016

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4/5 Stars!

Truly, Madly, Deeply!

While I own the ‘Undergrad Years’ series by this author, I have not had a chance to read it, so “Unconventional” was my first venture into world of the Manhattanites, and I liked the time I spent there.

The question is whether two men can share the same woman forever…and when it’s Luigi and Rocco…and Jemma, I don’t see a problem – if they can get past their fears, drama and dump a load of unnecessary baggage. They have been together for quite some time, and have weathered the storms of public scrutiny and disapproval…and Jemma’s fight with breast cancer. The three lovers followed their hearts and prevailed in the eyes of the public, but it’s Jemma’s feelings of inadequacy, low-self esteem and fears of her illness returning that could be their undoing.

I cannot say Jemma’s fears are unfounded. Surviving breast cancer is the victory, but then there’s the challenge of LIVING again. Getting past the one year mark…the five year mark, always wondering if the cancer will return. She needed to trust in the love she shared with Luigi and Rocco more – to reach out, instead of withdrawing, because it affected not only their relationship. but her entire life. When Jemma’s latest fashion line falls flat, the Manhattanites plot with Luigi and Rocco and the “sexual safari” is planned so Jemma can get her groove back – OUTSIDE and INSIDE the bedroom.

This is where I had a bit of a disconnect. If these three have nothing else, it is over-the-top obvious they love each other desperately. You read it in their internal thoughts, you hear it in their words, you feel it in the author’s spot on descriptions of their expressions and body language. But the sex itself…not so much. Don’t get me wrong, there is much hot, steamy smexiness going on in this story, but, for the love I felt these three had for each other, the sex felt random and casual. I expected more sensuality, and definitely more passion. Luigi, Rocco and Jemma are all extremely intense people outside the bedroom – I expect to hear fire alarms once they get inside. LOL!

Jemma’s personal epiphanies arrive just in time…because the road has begun to get rocky. My heart went out to poor Rocco, the most sensitive of the three. He didn’t just want a home and family, he NEEDED them to survive. Luigi wanted a home with them…and Jemma just wanted them.

These are all very likeable people, and you’ll be in their corner, routing for them to get their HEA. The Manhattanites are a fun, snarky bunch who pull no punches, but look out for and support each other.

1-click this…while I go catch up with the rest of the series!