#BookBlitz “Human Kindness Shortfalls” by Edmund F. Byrne

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Poems, Poetry, Social Issues

Published: May 29, 2020

Publisher: Austin Macauley

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Diverse indications as to failure of humans to find and follow pathways to

Human Kindness Shortfalls is a collection of poems that vary as to topic
but all address some problem or issue regarding which kindness is in short
supply as we too often resort to harmful efforts at controlling who and/or
what is allowed to prosper.

These poems deal with family matters, government misbehavior, human flaws,
war, ecology. The overall theme is how we humans fail to live up to our
potential in dealings with others in which we too often act indifferently,
even hostilely.

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About the Author

Edmund F. Byrne is a retired philosophy professor who has taken up poetry
after years of publishing books and articles in his professional field. For
twenty years, he was a section editor for the Journal of Business Ethics and
more recently, has reviewed books critical of ‘Just War Theory’.
At IUPUI, where he taught, he has established a Peace and Global Justice
Award. Edmund also published a memoir entitled Remembering My Self.



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“A Thousand Little Words: Poems of Life, Loss, Love, and Beauty” by Danielle Van Alst


A Thousand Little Words: Poems of Life, Loss, Love, and Beauty

by Danielle Van Alst

Genre: Poetry/Meditations/Collection

A Thousand Little Words is a collection of poetry written for anyone who has ever buried themselves away from the world and longs to be set free. Whether drawing on observations in nature, ponderings on the universe, examining the workings of society and culture, or processing a wide range of emotions, the poems in this book remain meditations on what it means to be human. From exhilarating highs to the heartbreaking lows of life and love, these verses will ensure that the little words written on the page will become etched in your mind and will awaken your sense of what it means to be alive.

A Thousand Little Words is a bittersweet and subtle journey through poetry that conveys as much between the lines as within them.

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