#NewRelease “Once Broken (The Carmichaels Book 1)” by Maureen Driscoll

Introducing the Carmichaels, a sexy, contemporary romance series about a wealthy, close-knit family from Los Angeles.

Rhys Carmichael is famous for being famous. A regular on the red carpet with no job or known ambition, he’s the target of vengeful exes and fortune hunters. But the truth is, he’s just never found his purpose in life. That all changes when he’s sent to the Carmichael ranch in Montana to look out for the family’s interests.

Paleontologist Tamona Finley could be close to the discovery of a lifetime as she digs on the Carmichael ranch in a section of Montana known for being rich in fossils. But time is running out on her lease for the dig site and if she doesn’t discover something big soon, it could all be lost to oil drilling. She has to work fast, but it’s difficult to keep her mind on work when sexy Rhys Carmichael keeps his eyes on her.

Maureen Driscoll is the author of three Regency romance series: the Kellingtons, the Emersons and Jasmine Cottage, as well as the Remington Mansion cozy mystery series. Like all of her romances, ONCE BROKEN is a sexually explicit novel leaving nothing to the imagination. Literally nothing. It’s all spelled out on the page. If this isn’t your thing, you won’t be happy. For the rest of you, please enjoy a family who will steal your heart.






#CoverReveal “The Benjamin & Selina Trilogy” by Kiru Taye



by Kiru Taye

The first three books in the Passion Shields series featuring Benjamin and Selina Moss will be available in one handy bundle both in ebook and paperback form November 30th and is now in one bundle and one low pre-order price of $2.99.


She clutches at control to cover her flaws. He wants to strip her bare because she’s beautiful.

Selina Moss hides a secret beneath her controlled happy exterior. Her body is covered in scars and she’s never revealed them to anyone. However, it’s her wedding night and husband, Benjamin Moss, is determined to strip down her barriers. Benjamin is not playing fair, not when he’s deploying breath-stealing seduction as well as mind-melting sex toys. But will he still want her when she bares all?


Her body is his to command, her heart his to win. Selina bared her body to her husband and allowed him to see her and touch her like no one else has ever done. When a member of the family visits, she realizes there is still so much about her husband she doesn’t know. Benjamin’s remorse about his family history drives his actions. Selina is his present and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from being contaminated by his past, including revealing the shame that burns his soul. But for Selina, finding out about Benjamin’s past means investing emotionally in a man who’s only going to walk away once their temporary arrangement comes to an end. Is she ready to bare her heart to him along with the secrets of their past?


His love possesses her. Will it protect her too? Benjamin has proven how much he cares about his wife, Selina. She pushed him to shred his iron control and bare his soul to her. In return he’s earned her much guarded heart as well as her body. But her past has finally caught up with her and scores will have to be settled before they can have a happy ending. Can Benjamin’s love protect her from those who seek to destroy both of them? Or will she finally lose the man who’s possessed her body as well as her heart?


SIGNED PAPERBACK (incl free Accessorize bracelet) | AMAZON KINDLE | APPLE BOOKS |

Read an excerpt and enter the giveaway today! Winner will be chosen November 9th!

#CoverReveal “Until Now (Plan B Book 1)” by Delaney Diamond



Shanice Lawrence has met the perfect man. He’s sexy, considerate, and best of all, he loves to read. She’s certain she’s found the man of her dreams—until she learns the truth about the real reason for his appearance in her life.

Cruz Cordoba’s mission was simple: Get close to Shanice, retrieve the data, and kill anyone who gets in his way—including her. But he didn’t anticipate falling for the voluptuous bookstore clerk. Now he has to decide what’s more important—the mission, or the woman.














#FREE “Taken to Voraxia: A SciFi Alien Romance (Xiveri Mates Book 1)” by Elizabeth Stephens

Blue skin. Seven feet. Strapped with corded muscle, the aliens have come again but this time, their king is here and he’s watching me with hunger.

A hybrid with red alien skin and brown human eyes, I’ve got no family and am not desired by colony men. I’m an inventor, a mechanic, a tinkerer. The alien king seeks to claim me, but he’ll have to find me first.

Our little colony is a scary, desperate place and I’m willing to meet it head on if it means escaping him and the alien sensations he stirs deep in my gut, where light and truth cannot touch them.

She is my Xiveri mate, yet she runs from me – straight into the horrors of her savage moon colony. Does she not know that I would slaughter in her defense? Nox, she does not.

My brilliant hybrid thinks herself a slave – my slave – and in place of acceptance, offers me only pacts and bargains. Shamed by her pacts, I still take them all gluttonously, because she is mine – my hybrid, my Xiveri mate, Voraxia’s queen and mine to worship.

Taken to Voraxia is a full-length (95k words) SciFi alien romance and book 1 in a 6+ book series. Xiveri Mates books come with a guaranteed HEA. Books 3 and 6 feature Xiveri Mates from outside of the Voraxian constellation, while the rest are best read in sequential order. YES for alpha alien overlords, warrior heroines, fated mates who are also enemies-to-lovers, action and sometimes violence, world-building and extra steamy bits. NO for abuse, dubcon, noncon, cheating, menage, harem or love triangles. Subjugation of human women is an early theme in book 1 and, while it ends spectacularly, may be a trigger for sensitive readers.






#Excerpt “Chasing Wild Horses” by Mila Nicks

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Wild Horse Ranch Book 1
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: August 7, 2020
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A slow-burn romance between two outsiders from opposite worlds:
He’s the biggest outcast in town…
Chase Collins has never met a horse he didn’t like. Too bad he can’t say the same for people. In his hometown Lutton, his poor reputation follows him like a dark shadow. It’s best for everyone if he sticks to where he belongs. At least on Wild Horse Ranch, he’s safe from judgment. Then one day a familiar face from 10 years ago shows up out of the blue.
She’s a wanderer who comes and goes…
Samara Grant is a nomad at heart. She doesn’t like staying put for too long. But when her Grandma Bunny passes away, she has to put her carefree lifestyle on hold to handle her affairs. She might have spent childhood summers in Lutton, Texas, but it’s no place to live. She wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Little does she know life has other plans.
Together, they form an unbreakable bond…
When Samara feels like she’s losing control of her life, she decides to take it back. She asks Chase to teach her how to ride. Neither expect to find common ground—and a fiery attraction—when Chase agrees. But their blossoming relationship isn’t celebrated by everyone. The closer Chase and Samara get, the more an unforeseen enemy seeks to tear them apart…

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The sight was jarring. Her tire was shredded, the split in the rubber the work of a sharp blade. She quickly looked up and scanned the area. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Here and there others in town wandered down the sidewalks and perused the shops on Main Street, all of them unsuspecting and indifferent. Nobody had a clue that her tire had been slashed.

Walking around to the other three corners of her Jeep, she saw the rest were too. Somebody had intentionally sought out her Jeep and destroyed her tires. Her brain rejected that reality, swimming in a shock that left her speechless. For the life of her, she couldn’t rationalize why. None of it made sense. She was a visitor in Lutton, temporarily in town for the summer. Who the hell would do something like this?

Samara must’ve looked like a frazzled mess standing there beside her Jeep. Several passersby slowed up and stared. A few stopped and asked if she needed help. Her shock hadn’t worn off so she ignored them all, blinking with a lump in her throat at the damage done. It was difficult for her to tell how much time had passed before the last person she wanted to hear spoke to her.

“Who did this?” Chase asked from behind. He had exited the grocery store to discover her on the sidewalk. He walked up with tentative footsteps, keeping a distance between them. “Somebody slashed your tires.”

Her earlier temper rushed in like water bursting through a dam. “No shit! Just go, okay? I don’t need your—”

“You were in the store for a few minutes,” Chase interrupted in his low drawl. He dropped his own groceries on the cement and strode forward to kneel beside a shredded tire. “That means one thing.”

“What? What does it mean?” She had no patience, snapping without care or thought.

Chase ran a hand over the deep puncture marks. “It means somebody was watching you.”


 About the Author

Mila Nicks has a thing for romance. Chick lit, chick flicks, you name it, she’s there. She’s all about basking in a quality, well-told love story.

It’s why she’s decided to use her passion for writing to pen love stories featuring women of color.

When she’s not engrossed in all things romance, she’s probably out shopping, sampling food off of someone else’s plate, or hanging with her
feisty and dangerous pet chihuahua, Zayden.
For more on Mila, including upcoming releases and story freebies, check out her website and subscribe to her newsletter: https://www.milanickswrites.com/

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#GuestPost Katherine Kayne, author of “Bound in Flame”

Have You Never Read a Romance Novel? Maybe Now is the Time…


It’s no secret that dealing with the pandemic has created challenges forKatherine Kayne everyone. Situations vary from merely inconvenienced to downright dangerous whether from illness or finances or both. The result? Anxiety and more anxiety.

I don’t know about you, but I find I need an escape. But not just any escape mind you, I’ve learned what’s best for me something comfortable, fun, and interesting but doesn’t keep me up at night. And frankly something with few surprises. Now is NOT the time to jump out from behind a wall and yell boo at me! Just don’t.

I’m not alone.

That’s why so many of us are re-visiting things. You know what I mean. Re-watching all the seasons of the Big Bang Theory. Or Gilmour Girls. Re-reading The Babysitter’s Club. Or even Harry Potter. And for music? The list is just as endless. Anything from the 80s works for me. On endless repeat. I re-do stuff to take myself back to times and places where life seemed more, dare I say, normal? But perhaps just as importantly, these things deliver experiences where the outcome is predictable. I know what to expect.

And right now that is a good thing. A very good thing. And I want more of it.

Enter the romance novel. I know. I KNOW. You’ve heard all the nonsense about frivolity and bodice ripping. Let me tell you something, today’s romance novels are very different from thirty years ago. These are not your mother’s romances. Of course there is always a romance and yes always a happy ending (which can range from happily ever after to happily for now) but there the resemblance ends. These books are high quality, the authors talented and the writing polished. And most importantly you always know how they will turn out. Like I just said, no surprises please.

Think about this for a minute. I can honestly say that the times we face contain the biggest wall of uncertainty I have ever needed to climb in my very long lifetime. It’s in your face every darn day. You need to do the best you can to take good care of yourself. That is why I think having escapes is so important.

Don’t get me wrong. I am actually optimistic that we will pull through this pandemic better and smarter than we were before. But until it is over I am afraid we have some long stretches ahead where It will be impossible to know what will come next. So why not choose to escape into the comfort of a happy ending? That is what I am doing.

Think of these books as comfort food. With zero calories. Why not?

Now romance novels, like life, come in huge variety. While a happy ending is guaranteed there can be some twists and turns along the way. Here are a few of authors to consider who write happy books.

The Friendship ListSusan Mallery – Susan, with multiple NYT bestsellers under her belt, just published her 150th book, The Friendship List I am preparing to hunker down with this one myself. I know I can count on Mallery for unexpected heroines, hunky heroes and a satisfying happy ending.


Alyssa Cole – The books in her Reluctant A Princess in TheoryRoyals series are delicious contemporary takes on the old long lost princess tales. Start with A Princess in Theory. A graduate student learns she is betrothed to an African prince by email? Of course it is a scam…or is it? You won’t be disappointed.


The Duke and IJulia Quinn – For something historical Julia Quinn cannot be beat. Start with The Duke and I which is the first in her Bridgerton series. Set in Regency England with all the necessary la-ti-da and tea drinking. And of course a scandal or two. The books are becoming a Netflix series right now! The buzz is amazing. It is a Shondaland project so of course it will be good.


And of course, if what you want is to be swept away to Hawaii please try my own effort Bound in Flame. Horses, magic, flower bedecked ladies with bullwhips. Not to mention those rarest of creatures – handsome men who like to dance. Pure Aloha. I’d love to have you join me.

Bound in Flame

Bound in Flame (Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society)

Universal Link

So there you go, a few ideas for positive escapism. And may we all be moving toward our own Happily Ever After.

Be well.


Katherine Kayne is the author of Bound in Flame, the first in a series about hard-riding Hawaiian suffragettes at the turn of the twentieth century. Her next installment, a prequel novella, Pistols in Paradise will be out this fall! You can check her out and join her newsletter at katherinekayne.com. Yes, there are cocktail recipes!


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#Featured “Family Pride: Love and Challenges” by Deborah A. Bailey

Family Pride cover


Business owner Mac Mackennon is a perfect catch: attractive, ambitious and successful. He’s a member of an old, established pride of lion shapeshifters, but determined to live life as a loner. Except that when Zora Mason walks into Mac’s coffee bar one day and applies for the position of assistant manager, he knows without a doubt he’s met the woman of his dreams.

Can she accept life with a shifter-boyfriend?

Zora knows a lot more about Mac (and the other shifters in town) than she’s been letting on. Falling in love with a sexy shifter is more than she bargained for when it comes to dealing with sibling drama, learning the business, and managing an alpha male who’s used to doing things his way. When a challenge to Mac’s Pride threatens to destroy Mac’s family, Zora has to decide whether to be claimed as his mate in a ritual in front of the pride.

Who knew that love with a lion shifter would be so challenging?

Book 1  – Family Pride: Love and Challenges
Book 2 – Family Pride: Blood Fever



#KindleUnlimited “Love’s Recipe: A Small Town Restaurant Romance” by Mila Nicks



Can two strangers down on their luck discover the flavor of love?

Rosalie Underwood is a broke, recently divorced single mother. After she’s forced to return to her hometown St. Aster, Louisiana, she lands a waitressing job at Ady’s Creole Café. Life’s not done giving her lemons just yet, though. Ady’s Creole Café is on the brink of going out of business. If Rosalie hopes to recover from her disastrous marriage and keep her job, she must figure out a way to save the restaurant. But the only question is how?

When Nicholas Fontaine hires Rosalie Underwood, he doesn’t expect his newest waitress to stir the pot. He was hoping to keep up the charade he’s created since his mother’s passing. Soon he realizes that Rosalie refuses to let Ady’s fail. She cooks up a plan to salvage the business—including the part where she enters the restaurant in a food competition to generate town-wide buzz.

There’s no time for butting heads. The clock is ticking and the business is tanking. Nick’s stuck teaching Rosalie how to cook the one-of-a-kind menu. Rosalie’s trying her best to learn the delicious recipes. In order to succeed, they must come together and work as a team, but brewing feelings between them only complicates matters. Is this a recipe for disaster or a recipe for love?







#Featured “Sire’s Broken Crystal: Kiss The Night” by Marcelle Sixx



To be a member of the Monarchy, it comes with great consequences. For instance, having to keep yourself pure for an alpha wife that you might not ever have when there are many gorgeous woman willing to allow you to slip inside for a secret night or two. After having his chosen wife choose to leave him three years prior, Yawha was on a downward spiral. That was of course, until he came across Crystal Welch for a single date. What was supposed to be a dance and dinner for the Peace Ball turned into much more. Nights of passion and sweet ‘I love you’s’, tender kisses and the hopes of living out the rest of his days with her.

His father’s kingdom is falling apart, so he must lend a hand, even if it gets bitten in the process by Gray– his egotistical father who doesn’t listen to anything or anyone, and only lives by his own powerful list of rules that seem to keep everyone else caged in.

However, Crystal is not only the sister-in-law to Aaron Feròz, the Lycan King, but Jerome McIntyre, the Leprechaun King. Neither realm is quite fond of the way Yawha and his realm of pureblood vampires are handling things. To have Crystal– who is already broken from previous relationships– stuck in the middle doesn’t sit well with Aaron or the family. But with a dive of hope, she’s willing to take the chance at love, even at the cost of being hurt all over again… and even if it costs her, her life.


99c /99p






#Featured “Voices & Visions (The Touched Series Book 1)” by Lashell Collins



A psychic so powerful his abilities come at a cost. A woman so special she alone has the power to touch him.

Detective Isaac Taylor is a broken man. Isolated by his strange abilities and what others perceive as weird behavior, he keeps his head down and excels at his job. But he hears the whispers of his colleagues and family members, and he feels like a freak among them. Then one wrong number phone call changes everything.

Sidney Fairchild is no stranger to danger. She’s a woman on the run, in hiding and existing below the radar. Despite her efforts to stay invisible, she witnesses a crime she knows could get her killed. Then she answers a wrong number phone call that changes her life.

Bound by their undeniable connection, Isaac and Sidney forge a bond stronger than anything either has ever known. But will his psychic abilities save her or lead to their mutual destruction?

Voices & Visions is book 1 in Touched, a new romantic suspense series. If you like compelling characters, realistic dialogue, and heartwarming bromances, then you’ll love this new thought-provoking series from Lashell Collins.