#FREE “THE SUITCASE: Family Intrigue and Blackmail Mystery Thriller (Hansen Files Book 1)” by Mike Dixon

David didn’t see himself as a toy boy and he didn’t see Sue Lynne as a cougar. That was his first mistake. His second came when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia. His third mistake was to open the case.

Sue Lynne said it contained family memorabilia: old photographs and that sort of thing. David thought they were too old to be threatening and he was hopelessly wrong. The case contained dark secrets. From the moment he lifted the lid there was no escape. The past rushed out like an evil genie from a bottle and David was propelled through the vastness of Australia fighting for his life.

A multi-layered story, masterfully written with historical fact and imagination. A tale of political power, seduction, blackmail and family liaisons. Throw in secret service agents, hitmen and a treasure map and it takes wings. Mike Dixon has created a great novel.” (Wendy O’Hanlon, Acres Australia).

The Suitcase is Book 1 in the Hansen Files Series. Humphrey Hansen has lost his job as a university lecturer and is working as a junior officer in the Narcotics Bureau. David is a university dropout struggling to make a living in the diving industry. They are thrown together and become good friends.