#Feature “Explore You: Explore Men of the Hamptons” by Lula White

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We are inevitable.

He starts coming toward me.
I can’t breathe. I’m not supposed to be doing this. It can’t happen.
“Leave.” I barely hear myself.
Not through the scream of my brain, or tidal waves splashing through my veins, or the raging gallop of every nook and cranny within me.
He closes his eyes, shakes his head, while he backs me up against the wall. “No. Don’t give me that weak crap. Say it like you mean it.”
His mouth dangles against mine.
And every fraction of every millisecond in which I say nothing is a moment I’ve waited too long.
Kevin half-whispers, half-breathes, “Chenera, tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll go.”

Our families have hated each other for decades. But she and I can’t fight the inevitable: us.

Welcome back to the steamy, luxurious rivalries of the Black Hamptons. This is the spin-off to the Sag Harbor Black Romances. An enemies-to-lovers romance led by Kevin Middleton, this is Book One of Explore Men of the Hamptons.

***This is women’s fiction and slow-burn, steamy romance. If you seek quick sex in the first pages, please make another selection.

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#Featured “Flinging All Spring: Book Three of Sag Harbor Black Romances” by Lula White


“Give. It. To me,” Adella demanded now. As she leaned forward, sticking out her palm to receive it, she smelled liquor on Desmond.

“No.” Ignoring her request, Desmond held the silk scarf over the stair banister.

Adella’s eyes flapped in horror as it left his fingers, and sailed away from them, to the first floor below. Her nappy hair, unkempt and wild, was exposed. And now she felt naked, even as her fist clinched her robe across her throat.

Desmond sucked his lips, and the pupils of his eyes became airplane engines flying toward her. “Aside from lying about how you meet men, and concealing your natural hair, what else do you hide from the rest of the world?”

“None of your business. You had no right to do that.”

“In three days, you’re going to be my wife. You don’t think I have a right to know what’s really under there?”

Her fist still clutched her silk robe, and she glared at him. “No.”


Return to the hotbed of riches, rivalries and romance in the Black Hamptons.

Boston heart surgeon Adella English has finally built a life outside her family’s money. She has even found good love, and is headed toward a life of peace. Until Del receives a staggering phone call that changes everything.

Her beloved grandfather is on his death bed. And he wants to leave Adella everything. But he has one specific condition.

Bad boy ex-football player Desmond McLain could care less about his family’s construction empire. On top of that, he is an outsider to the Sag Harbor elites. He didn’t attend an Ivy League university, and didn’t grow up dancing at cotillions and galas. When his family demands that he marry a bourgeoisie woman he’s never met, he does something despicable that doesn’t win him any fans in Sag Harbor.

Now, to protect the future of their families, these two strangers must not only share a boardroom and a house, but a bed.

A disastrous prison sentence? Or will Desmond tap Adella’s secret garden this spring?

Follow childhood friends Maddy, Chrissy & Adella as they realize their strength while finding love on their rise to the top. This marriage of convenience, curvy girl, medium-heat romance is Book 3 in the Sag Harbor Black Romances. If you love hit television series Queen Sugar, these are your stories. These books can be read in any order, but are most delicious in sequence.

*Strong language & sex are included that may be triggers for some.

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