#NewRelease “DIMA (Filthy Rich Alphas): (Illustrated Bwwm Dark Mafia Romance)” by Kenya Wright

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FILTHY RICH ALPHAS is a series of standalone interracial romance stories featuring sexy men falling in love with kick ass black heroines. All books explore different tropes, have steamy illustrations, and will have you laughing as you read.

A mind-blowing enemies-to-lovers romance that will set your kindle on fire!

DIMA rules the North of Paradise—a city for the darkest alphas. The only gangster heaven on Earth. Due to his unique talent for capturing brutal enemies, he also heads the Diamond Syndicate with other Paradise Mafia Kings.

However, a serial killer has come to Paradise. And this sicko is targeting top Syndicate members. And Dima is having a challenging time finding the killer due to a sexy reporter constantly getting in his damn way.

ROSE is a Pulitzer prize journalist. Last year, she created political earthquakes in New York from reporting on government corruption. Now that she’s moved to Paradise, her mission is to expose the Diamond Syndicate and all their wrong doings.
Too bad Dima won’t let her.
He blocks.
She pushes.
Sometimes she wins.
But most of the time she submits.
And a dark erotic attraction blazes between them, so hot they can’t ignore it. And she’s catapulted into Paradise’s criminal underworld where gangsters are heroes and the villains are the most unsuspected people. Meanwhile, a killer sits within the shadows, waiting to kill them both.

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“The Lion and the Mouse Series” by Kenya Wright



I knew one thing. He was the boss.
He walked like one, like he owned the ground his feet stepped on. Like he owned the air that we all breathed in. Like he could eat up the universe, if he wanted to.


Someone killed Rumi, the Russian Mafia’s top washer in New York.

Kazimir, the head of the Bratva, has come to NY to find the murderer. They call him The Russian Lion, known for having over two hundred kills. By the age of twenty, the FBI placed him ten steps away from Usama Bin Laden on the Most Wanted List. To kill his washer begins a dark and deadly war.

Unfortunately, Emily falls on Kazimir’s radar. Her brother is suspected of being involved in the murder. To save her brother, she is forced to launder Kazimir’s money; but she’s a perfect fit for the job. Known as a con to others, called a hustler by many, she’s the best washer in Harlem, keeping low-key gangsters on their toes.

At first, Kazimir and Emily have a tricky arrangement based on fear and danger. Her working for him is like balancing on a tight rope. He’s a monster wrapped in a gorgeous package. Still, there’s an air of sensuality around him that makes her forget sometimes how terrifying he can be.

Sexual tension heats up between the two, but one violent night changes everything, pitting everyone against each other—Russians, Jamaicans…anyone in Harlem with a gun. Kazimir and Emily must somehow learn to trust each other before they end up being one of the dozens of dead bodies left on the streets of New York.

But there are hidden secrets and twists intertwined with Rumi’s murders. When the truth comes to light, Kazimir’s money won’t be the only thing that’s dirty. And, unfortunately, their rising attraction may not survive.

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#2 DIRTY LOVE (with bonus story DIRTY DANCING)

I’d found God in her eyes and a prayer in the subtle way she moaned. I found my soul, the spirit of humanity between her thighs. Devilish temptress or holy angel, I would have her all to myself.

Nothing could happen to her, ever. Not one scratch. Not one frown on her face.

I would kill to make her happy.

* * * * *

From Harlem to Prague, Moscow to St. Petersburg. Kazimir and the Harlem Crew are ready to destroy all enemies in their path. But some foes hide well within the shadows, and not everyone that’s with them is a friend.

In Part II of The Lion and The Mouse, there are hearts to protect, blood debts to repay, and several deadly games to end.

From Erotica Bestselling Author of No Ordinary Love, Filthy Lies, and Power, steamy sex and mind-blowing suspense collide in this BWWM romance about a Russian mafia boss and the one street smart woman he can’t control.

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Dirty Dancing cover**The novel includes a bonus story called Dirty Dancing—a short story based on Kazimir’s cousin Misha and Ava, the black Prima Ballerina that he’s obsessed with.


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“Dream Big (Bedtime Story and Children’s Picture ebook for Beginner Readers: ages 0-8) (Mindful Kids Series)” by Kenya Wright


Dream Big (Bedtime Story and Children’s Picture ebook for Beginner Readers: ages 0-8) (Mindful Kids Series)

Genre: Children’s Nonfiction

1.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

It’s all about DREAMING BIG in this cute, little picture book.

Adult romance author Kenya Wright is the proud mother of three amazing kids.

Those little ones inspired the Mindful Kids Series.

A collection of picture books that inspire children to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment. The hope is that these stories are seeds for the mind that harvest and allow children to accept their thoughts and feelings without judging them.

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