#NewRelease “To Lie in the Sun: A Kat Kelly Mystery (A Kat Kelly Mystery, Book 3)” by Tess Rafferty

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To Lie in the Sun: A Kat Kelly Mystery

A Kat Kelly Mystery, Book 3

by Tess Rafferty


“We were racking up murders like they were airline miles.”

Kat Kelly and her husband, Mike, are back in Italy, this time on the lush island of Ischia. It’s their first vacation since the COVID pandemic and Kat intends to make up for lost time with endless swims in the turquoise sea, long lunches of the local pastas, and bottomless bottles of crisp Campanian whites. And it can all be had at Torre del Mare, a cliffside hotel run by the glamorous actress turned hotelier, Gabriella Marcello. It’s a much-needed get away…with murder.

The hotel caters to an international clientele ranging from a German cinematographer in town for a film festival; a British couple who jet off to Dubrovnik just to eat dinner; a French mother and daughter who speak little English – and almost never to each other; a Black American photographer in her seventies who is never without a martini and a biting remark; and the wealthy and mercurial Gianni family. They make for an entertaining group of fellow travelers – and an even better pool of suspects. Because soon enough Kat finds one of them dead – and the murderer must be someone staying among them.

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Tess RaffertyTess Rafferty has written for numerous comedy variety shows, including Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge, @Midnight, The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne, The Soup and has written and developed half hour comedies for numerous companies including Warner Brothers. As an author, Tess made her debut with her memoir Recipes for Disaster. Under the Tuscan Gun is her first novel.

The creator of 2017’s Take Back the Workplace March Against Sexual Harassment, Tess is a featured blogger for Dame and Ms. Magazine and also writes the cooking/political blog, Recipes for Resistance. Her essay, “The Revolution Will Be Catered” was featured in Rage Baking: A Collection of Recipes and Conversations for Our Time.

A drinking “enthusiast,” Tess enjoys wine, specifically good wine. She’s tasted wine from the Napa Valley to Long Island to the island of Ischia, and at every airport bar in between. Her travels have led to an appreciation of good food, which she attempts to bring home and recreate for her friends, with varying degrees of success.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their many, many cats.