#NewRelease “The Becoming of Badass Women: From Freedom Fighters to Female Firsts, Explore The Stories of 20 Women Who Changed History” by Kimberly Miller, History Compacted

Have you heard of Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks?

What about Florence Nightingale, Mileva Maric, Khutulum, or Queen Nzinga?


There have been so many badass women throughout history who have made the world a better place. Yet, the majority of people nowadays haven’t even heard of them. The Becoming of Badass Women is an empowering book for women and girls of all ages, featuring the stories of 20 fierce ladies who left their mark on the world.

Throughout history, women have fought for their rights and the rights of others. Some dedicated their lives to healing the sick, others to inventing new technologies. There were quite a few fearless ladies who led their countries during troubled times or defended their homeland during wartime.

This collection of biographies and quick remarkable facts will tell the stories of the courageous and tenacious women who have paved the way for women in the future. The Becoming of Badass Women will teach you everything about the outstanding women from the past and our time.

Here’s what you can discover inside this book:

  • Fascinating stories about 20 great women from ancient empires to modern times
  • Little-known facts about each of the fierce ladies mentioned in the book
  • Amazing historical stories and facts that are not taught in schools
  • And much more!

Read about women who have done things that changed our world forever. Their stories will teach you that nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.

So, grab this book, read about your fearless predecessors, and get empowered to start changing the world you live in today!

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