#NewRelease “99 Trillion Helpers To Improve Your Gut Health: How To Boost Your Metabolism, Productivity, And General Well-being In As Little As A Month Without Popping Any Pills” by Dr Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan

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How to Boost Your Metabolism, Productivity, and General Well-being in as Little as a Month Without Popping any Pills

Are you always low on energy, unmotivated, and rarely productive?

Does it seem like your immune system is on a break, and you have no idea what’s happening?

Or maybe you’ve been struggling to manage your weight without much success?

If any of these situations sound familiar, then you may want to check your gut health.

There are trillions of “little soldiers” inside your digestive tract, known as the microbiota, that help maintain a delicate balance in the body. When this balance is affected, the gut may not function optimally, causing discomfort and bringing up some unpleasant symptoms.

Groundbreaking research shows that the signs of poor gut health go beyond the usual – constipation, gas, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and bloating.

Your gut is linked to every facet of your well-being – including your mood, weight, emotions, and mental health.

The good news is that you can improve your health from the inside out by treating the root cause: your gut.

Forget about the host of misleading advice online on gut health because you will find all the information you need for wholesome living right here.

In 99 Trillion Helpers To Improve Your Gut Health, you will discover:

  • How your gut works, what it needs, and the steps you should take to enhance its functioning for an all-round body transformation
  • The connection between your gut and brain to help you manage anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders naturally
  • What you should eat to enhance your metabolism and finally achieve the weight goals you have been working on for months
  • How you can say goodbye to acne, dermatitis, rosacea, and other skin conditions (and have glowing skin) by working on your gut health
  • The signs of poor gut health – catch the problem before it gets out of hand
  • Prebiotics to include in your diet whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise – including scientific evidence supporting the benefits
  • How to heal a leaky gut in record time using natural remedies that you’ve probably never heard of
  • A guide on the vitamins and supplements you should take for a healthier digestive system and general well-being
  • Sample recipes to help you develop a gut-friendly meal plan that you can follow through alone or with your family

And much more…

You may be convinced that decreased productivity and low metabolism are caused by external factors, but really – it’s all in the gut!

It’s time to stop over-diagnosing your symptoms and take the necessary steps using these science-backed strategies.

Remember: happy gut = happy you.

If you want to improve your mental, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being within a month, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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#BookTour “Healthy Habits for a Healthier You” by Diya Nath

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Health, nutrition, holistic health, smoothies, research, gut health, Flavonoid Superfood, and more…

Date Published: Sept 1st 2020

Publisher: Master Kuthumi Consulting (Imprint Serapis Bey Publishing)

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This book is a detailed account of the research on gut health and the benefits of healthy eating. The book describes 21 smoothies along with a new superfood Flavonoid additive that will help people with health benefits. Holistic living in total.

About the Author

At 14 years old, to be a health advocate, researcher, entrepreneur, innovator and a publicist is a huge feat and Diya encompasses all of these with flair. She is not just a born natural but also very thoughtful, inquisitive and enterprising. Diya’s mission is to change this world from inside out and motivate self help and self healing using unique healthy recipes, introducing her own brand of super food of flavonoids (Oxi-Blast) and also by introducing meditation and breathing techniques to live a better life.

Her discord server SPEAK (Support, Positivity, Equality, Acceptance/Assistance and Kindness) that she started with only 2 people a few weeks back now has over 30+ subscribers who wants to talk to her about their problems and frustrations, and Diya being a good listener, listens to their problems and asks them to practice breathing and meditation with her or provide some encouraging words that the friend was desperate to hear.

She is also the youngest proponent of smoothies and has developed 64 unique combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables, Oxi-Blast, superfoods, condiments and a liquid base. She shares 21 of those in this book and she also provides a grocery list of ingredients in her website to make efficient shopping possible. Her book is also full of treasured facts for each of the ingredients with their nutritional values to you to make a conscious decision about the food that you are eating.

Her passion to learn from her life lessons and motivate the youth to be a better version of themselves, take care of their stress, depression and anxiety by simply learning to express their feelings and also eat healthy to keep chronic illness away. She comes from a family history of diabetes, blood pressure, chronic allergies and heart problems, so she is trying her best to stay healthy and also reach the younger generation to maintain a balance in their lives from very early in life to ward of predisposed conditions.

Her research on microbiome (E.coli) and how it is affected by different chronic medications that we take on a daily basis like metformin, losartan, ibuprofen , tylenol and even vape , shows the deleterious side effects it can have on gut bacteria. Hence, with the help of her research, while working at an ASU lab, she is trying to quantify the amount of flavonoids in Oxi-Blast to give a healthier option to oneself and start on a journey of self healing.


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Facebook: @diyasworld1

Twitter: @diyaworld_1

Instagram: @diyasworld_1



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