#NewRelease “Beyond The Limits (Based On True Crime Book 7)” by Garry Rodgers



What really happened to Kita Southern? A vibrant entrepreneur with high ambitions suddenly disappears from a small Vancouver Island city. She seems to have it all. Beauty. Charm. And a passion for channeling the metaphysical. But Kita has a lifestyle most don’t know of, and you never know what goes on in people’s minds. The truth in Kita Southern’s case is beyond the limits of imagination—an incomprehensible tragedy.

Beyond The Limits is Book 7 in the 12-part Based-On-True-Crime Series by retired homicide detective and coroner, Garry Rodgers. This story comes with a warning: Explicit descriptions of the crime scenes, factual dialogue, real forensic procedures, and actual police investigation, interview and interrogation techniques are portrayed. If you crave graphic realism in crime writing, Beyond The Limits is your book.

The series includes In The Attic, Under The Ground, From The Shadows, Beside The Road, On The Floor, and Between The Bikers. This new release, Beyond The limits, continues with unforgettable characters and plot twists you won’t see coming. Go ahead and Look Inside Beyond The Limits.

Here’s what reviewers say of the Based-On-True-Crime Series by Garry Rodgers:

~ I could not put these books down—could NOT put them down!
~ Like watching a movie in my head and hearing it, too. Outstanding.
~ It was like I was right there with the Serious Crimes investigation team.
~ I was blown away by the first books in the series. The latest is even better.
~ I think Garry Rodgers is destined to be one of Canada’s greatest crime writers.

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