#Review “Ginormous Joe’s Welcoming Arms (The Ginormous Series Book 5)” by S C Cunningham

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Welcoming Arms cover


5/5 Stars!

A tiny ginger kitten named Vinnie arrives and upsets the happy balance Jo, Tom, and Muttley enjoy in their home.

Unsettled by all the changes, Tom dislikes the kitten and just wants him to go away. Vinnie is too different and doesn’t fit in. A kitten doesn’t belong in a home with dogs.

Wise Jo has to make Tom understand that while Vinnie is different from them, they’re alike in more ways than Tom realizes.

Book 5 in the Ginormous Series addresses the themes of tolerance, acceptance, and kindness and how we should always treat others well. It also emphasizes the benefits such as building familial/friendship bonds that could last a lifetime and learning new things we might otherwise miss out on.

Friendship and trust transform Tom into a proud guardian and strengthens Vinnie’s self-esteem.

Again, the author’s hand-drawn images play a big part in the story, but in Welcoming Arms the expressive eyes of the family pets give them a more human feel.

This one is a definite standout in the series.



Ginormous Joe’s Welcoming Arms

Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Have siblings or school friends been having trouble getting along? Or is there a new member or pet in the family? Join loveable dogs, Ginormous Jo and little Tom, as a new member of the family is adopted, a ginger kitten.

Vinnie is a very mischievous and curious kitten. He gets into everything. Tom, is annoyed and unhappy with the new addition. Vinnie follows him around, making all sorts of big messes. What are they going to do with this new kitten? Faced with having to take charge of Vinnie, the dogs start to help and manage his adventures. Watching out for him, they learn to accept that family means to look after each other and being older comes with responsibility.

This is a great picture book for helping children understand additions to the classroom or family, whether they are pets or a new baby. Children will learn how to be responsible for the new member and that looking out for someone else is not only kind, but a new sort of responsibility, that can be fun. This will make a great addition to any parenting library or in the classroom.

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About The Ginormous Series

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(Children 3-12 years of age)

Through The Ginormous Series children learn how to communicate their problems and work through their feelings.  Loving, engaging adventures that follow pets discussing their ‘life handling’ problems and how they solve them together.

In ‘Ginormous Jo’s Silly Bullies’, ‘Ginormous Jo’s Welcoming Arms’, ‘Ginormous Jo’s You Are Special’, ‘Ginormous Joe’s Broken Bark’ and ‘Ginormous Joe’s Annoying Friend’ the animals chat about lots of ‘stuff’. Bullying, recycling, welcoming new members to a family or classroom, feeling alone, listening, learning and caring for others. A great addition to any child’s home or teacher’s read-aloud library. Encouraging thought-provoking conversation between adult and child.

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Win a choice of 1 paperback from the first 6 books of the Ginormous Jo Series

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Winner can choose from

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  • Ginormous Joe’s Annoying Friend
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  • Ginormous Jo’s Silly Bullies
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  • Ginormous Jo’s You Are Special


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SC CunninghamAbout S C Cunningham

 Owned by 3 dogs and a cat, Cunningham normally writes suspense thrillers. As respite from her crime novels, she creates children’s picture books, each with a theme to gently teach our precious young and help open up conversation. The Ginormous Series is based on Cunningham’s beloved family pets – Joe, Muttley, Dali (Jo), Tom and Vinnie.

 She is an ex-model, British born of Irish roots that married a rock musician and has worked in the exciting worlds of music, film, sports celebrity management and as a Crime Investigator and Intelligence Analyst for the Police. She supports causes for: Veterans, MH, Child and Animal Protection. 

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#BlogTour “Daring Dreamer (Inspiration in Cologne Book 1)” by Deborah King


Two best friends. Two fresh starts. Will old regrets sabotage their second chance?

Janna’s heart is heavy with grief and broken by betrayal. But as she leaves the big city for a quaint mid-western town, the future feels less frightening with her best friend, Shelby, by her side. After landing a job in the local fresh market and the attentions of a handsome architect, she may yet learn to heal old scars…

Shelby loves the position Janna secured for her and the new sense of community, but wishes small-town life wasn’t so lonely. After packing up all she could salvage from her painful past, she endures more than her fair share of bumps on the winding road to recovery. Afraid her heart may be too damaged for real love; she drowns her sorrows in drunken nights at bars.

With new heartaches around every corner, can Janna and Shelby stay true to their friendship and their dream of lasting freedom?

Daring Dreamer is the first book in the Inspiration in Cologne series of women’s fiction novels. If you like brave women, picturesque settings, and second chance romance, then you’ll love Deborah King’s empowering saga.

Buy Daring Dreamer to explore a risk worth taking today!

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Author Bio  

 Deborah King is a spirited woman who was inspired to pursue her dreams due to her mother’s death from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She has the unique ability to read people and tackle life’s hardships.

Deborah is a distinctive new voice in inspirational, romantic women’s fiction. After raising two children, working with a not-for-profit wildlife rescue organization, and reading too many books to count, she retired from her personal training and weight management business to follow her dream of writing.

She is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with many different people sharing and teaching what inspires her, which you’ll catch glimpses of in her books.

Deborah’s lived in several diverse areas in her city as well as three years in a rural setting. She lives in Missouri with her supportive husband, two rescue cats, who believe they’re dogs, her mini fitness store, and her eclectic collection of books.

For all the latest information, excerpts from her upcoming books, general fun, or to chat, follow Deborah on Facebook.

She loves to hear from her fans. To follow Deborah’s social media links, reviews of her women’s fiction books, her blog, and to sign up for her monthly updates, visit her website.

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“Kitten & Butterfly (Kitten & Friends Book 1)” by Aviva Gittle

Kitten & Butterfly cover

Kitten & Butterfly

by Aviva Gittle, Tekla Huszár (Illustrator)


FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can’t fly and Butterfly can’t chase his tail! Together, they find a way. The first book in the Kitten and Friends series, Kitten & Butterfly is a story of friendship and acceptance. You and your little ones will love snuggling up with the cutest, friendliest, sweetest, kitty in the whole wide world!

Kitten & Butterfly is a story that helps you talk to your child about friendship, kindness, and accepting others who may look or live differently. But, it does so in a fun, “non-preachy” way. Children adore the story and the illustrations by Tekla Huszár.

See the Kitten & Butterfly Book trailer on YouTube to learn more: http://youtu.be/RYsyusN38Xg

Your child will learn something about each creature featured in a “Kitten and Friends” story. Like the fact that snakes can swim (Kitten & Snake) and Koi like to eat algae (Kitten & Koi). Also, the print version of every book includes a free coloring book inside!

A message from the author, Aviva Gittle:

“The Kitten and Friends series will help you teach your child friendship skills, manners and etiquette in a fun and engaging way. Each book ends with a Moral of the Story that reinforces the message of getting along with others who may look and live differently.

If you like the Kitten adventures, please leave a review on Amazon.com. Be sure to let friends and family know about the Kitten and Friends series; a wonderful, family-friendly collection of stories that both children and adults enjoy reading again and again.

There are other books by Aviva Gittle Publishing. Just search Amazon.com for “Aviva Gittle” to see a list of all of my books!



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“Magic Wings: Adventures of a Caterpillar Kimi and Her Friends, Bedtime Story, True Friendship (Worthy Wings 1 and 2)” by Lana Svitkevych

Magic Wings cover

Magic Wings: Adventures of a Caterpillar Kimi and Her Friends, Bedtime Story, True Friendship (Worthy Wings 1 and 2)

by Lana Svitkevych

Genre: Children/Growing Up & Facts of Life/Self-Respect & Self-Esteem/Friendship

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

How to find friends? How to keep friendship? There are so many important questions.

The history of friendship. Many more adventures await the beautiful butterfly Kimi but next to her will be true friends, Nico and Alf.

The Gift Of Friendship Is Invaluable.

There is an opinion that when you tell your friends about your joy, then the joy becomes more and more. Take care of your friends, this is very important. Everyone makes mistakes, but if we love our friends we will find in ourselves mercy in order to forgive the mistake of a friend.

At an early age, children are too small to conduct serious conversations about what friendship is and why it is so important. It is best to gradually and unobtrusively discuss the concept of friendship. To do this, you can often read books with a child and watch cartoons about friendship.

Talk to the child, what is friendship? Why do people make friends? Is it important to have friends? Why do people sometimes act differently from what we want? What is the charity?

The history of friendship and trust. Be sure to discuss this with the child after reading!

Scroll up and click “Buy now with 1-Click” to download your copy now!

Beautiful drawings of the book will make reading even more enjoyable and interesting.

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#BlogTour “Pictures in the Sky” by Amanda Paull

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Pictures in the Sky cover

She gave up on romance years ago. He’s going through the motions. Their lives change forever when he makes contact out of the blue.

With her daughter leaving the nest, Michelle Cameron would rather spend her time with good friends, a glass of fizzy and a box set, than with another idiot bloke chipping away at her self-esteem. But when childhood friend Daniel Helmsley gets back in touch, the years roll away on a tide of laughter and friendship, which soon gives way to another roller coaster of love, excitement and panic. Can Michelle let herself trust again? What if Dan is just another idiot bloke, disillusioned with the present and nostalgic for the past?

If you like cosy romance that makes you laugh as well as cry, then you’ll love this feel-good tale of past disappointment, renewed friendship and finding true love.
Download Amanda Paull’s Pictures in the Sky today to discover if Michelle dares to love again.

‘Your lively style and humour are exactly right for this genre.’ Susan Davis.



Extract 3

Michelle Cameron, the main character in my debut novel, Pictures in the Sky, has always been a bit of a goody-two-shoes. She lives her life influenced by a combination of nature, nurture and a harsh grammar school environment. This, combined with the sound of ‘What will people think?’ echoing around in her head, ensured that she never stepped out of line. There were lots of lines back in the day. So, she’s certainly not the type to ever put a foot wrong at work – even when provoked. I contemplated cutting this extract from Pictures because the novel is a little too long. However, I couldn’t because I love it…


This follows on from a previous misdemeanour involving Peppa Pig, and shows Michelle accidently doing something else she would never ever, in her right mind, choose to do…


Michelle gasped. ‘Peppa Pig…’ She stepped back and banged her leg against the edge of the desk.

‘Do you like it?’ Bea said, smiling with pride. She looked at Michelle and frowned. ‘Are you alright? You look a bit peaky today. Maybe you should have taken more time off.’

Michelle peered back into the box that Bea was holding out to her. A huge blue eye stared up at her. Her heart pounded as the memory of her last Peppa Pig encounter flashed into her mind. ‘No, I’m fine.’

‘You should have seen it before we cut into it. Huge. I got the recipe off the internet. Try a piece of the snout, it’s got extra butter icing in it – green.’ She poked it with the cake knife so that a dollop squirted out. ‘Looks grotesque, but the kids loved it.’ Bea had made the cake for her niece’s birthday. ‘A couple were sick though. The bouncing after all that food was too much for them.’ Apparently trampoline parties were all the rage for six-year-olds.

Michelle winced as she recalled her jumping accident at Judy’s club. She agreed to take a slice but refused the nose. Before she’d had a chance to choose a less threatening piece of what was left of Peppa’s face, the eye was niftily carved out and delivered to her on a paper hand towel. Bea laughed. ‘I’ll give the rest of the snout to Phil.’ Then she disappeared out of the office, dropping crumbs from the knife in her wake.

Peppa’s icing-sugar eye stared up at her as an embarrassing reminder of the car park incident. Whenever she did something stupid, Michelle’s mind would dig up a selection of other mortifying times, as if to take advantage of the opportunity to make her feel as shite as possible. She was instantly transported back to Tuesday evening, standing in her lounge, practically begging Dan not to leave, as he turned her down and made his hasty escape. Her stomach contracted in humiliation, and then in pain as, yet again, she was overwhelmed by the same devastating loss that had robbed her of sleep every night since then.

This morning the alarm seemed to go off five minutes after she had finally dozed off and she had to force herself out of bed and to work. Hungover with grief and nausea, she had dragged herself over from the carpark on her fatigued legs. As if on cue, her tinnitus notched right up to the point where every little sound hurt, making her want to scream at strangers to shut up.

The incoming email alert clanged through the speaker, still on maximum from listening to the snoring on the study she’d just analysed. Had her leg not been too heavy to lift, she would have put her foot through the computer screen. Instead, she violently clicked on the email. It was a ‘Dear both’ message, addressed to herself and Phil.

‘Vindictive effing Moron.’ A familiar pain seared up through Michelle’s back teeth and into her jaw. Taking her fury out on the keyboard, she emailed Phil by forwarding the original message.

Can you believe this? Three stinking phone calls we haven’t logged. I see there’s no thanks for the fifteen we did manage. Didn’t have the decency to ask whether there might be a problem with finding the actual time to log them on that stupid half-cocked, inconceivably complicated system! Maybe he could come and treat the patients, so we can sit on our backsides logging bleeding phone-calls… What an absolute arsehole! P.S. please delete this email and empty your trash folder afterwards. Thanks.

An almighty thud against the office door coincided with the trill of the office phone, making Michelle jump up from her seat, unsure where to look. Placing the handset to her ear, she turned to see a shocked-looking Phil bound into the room, glasses askew, and his red face glowing under a layer of perspiration.

‘You clicked “reply to all”,’ he announced at the same time as Michelle greeted the person on the other end of the line.

Panicked, she checked the name flashing on the handset screen, and recoiled in horror as soon as she saw the V. Michelle attempted to force the phone onto Phil, who flung his hands in the air, mouthed a cartoon-type ‘Oooh,’ and fled.


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Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FZKK42H/

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FZKK42H/

All other online retailers – books2read.com/u/3kr6eO


Amanda PaullAuthor Bio  

Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous romantic fiction. She lives in the North East of England with her husband and works in the public sector. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she tries to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.

Amanda’s Website







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“The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Spirit Week Showdown” by Crystal Allen

Mya Tibbs cover

The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Spirit Week Showdown

by Crystal Allen

Genre: Children/Growing Up & Facts of Life/Siblings/School/Friendship

1.99 at time of posting!

A hilarious and spunky new heroine in the vein of the heroines of such beloved books as Ramona the Pest, Ivy and Bean, and Clementine, from Crystal Allen—the acclaimed author of How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy.

Nine-year-old Mya Tibbs is boot-scootin’ excited for the best week of the whole school year—SPIRIT WEEK! She and her megapopular best friend, Naomi Jackson, even made a pinky promise to be Spirit Week partners so they can win the big prize: special VIP tickets to the Fall Festival!

But when the partner picking goes horribly wrong, Mya gets paired with Mean Connie Tate—the biggest bully in school. And she can’t get out of it.

Good gravy.

Now Naomi is friend-ending mad at Mya for breaking a promise—even though Mya couldn’t help it—and everyone at school is calling Mya names. Can Mya work with Mean Connie to win the VIP tickets and get her best friend back?

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“Sophie Washington: The Snitch” by Tonya Duncan Ellis

The Snitch cover

Sophie Washington: The Snitch

by Tonya Duncan Ellis

Genre: Children/Growing Up & Facts of Life/Friendship, Social Skills & School Life/Bullies

99¢ at time of posting!

**Purple Dragonfly Book Award First Place Winner*

Should Sophie Stand Up to the School Bully or Become a Snitch?

There’s nothing worse than being a tattletale…
That’s what 10-year-old Sophie Washington thinks until she runs into Lanie Mitchell, a new girl at school. Lanie pushes Sophie and her friends around at their lockers, and even takes their lunch money in this entertaining, illustrated chapter book for middle grade readers. If they tell, they are scared the other kids in their class will call them snitches and won’t be their friends. And when you’re in the fifth grade, nothing seems worse than that. Then a classmate gets seriously injured and Sophie needs to make a decision: fight back, or snitch?

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“The Best School Year Ever (The Herdmans Series Book 2)” by Barbara Robinson

Best School Year Ever cover

The Best School Year Ever (The Herdmans Series Book 2)

by Barbara Robinson

Genre: Children/Growing Up & Facts of Life/New Experiences/First Day of School/Friendship

1.99 at time of posting!

Buckle up for a wild ride involving a missing gerbil, a crazy cat, and a tattooed baby that will have readers of all ages laughing!

This hilarious novel stars the Herdmans, the worst kids in the world, who made their first appearance in author Barbara Robinson’s classic The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

In The Best School Year Ever, Imogene, Claude, Ralph, Leroy, Ollie, and Gladys Herdman haven’t changed a bit. They still set things on fire and knock the other kids black and blue.

One day the teachers ask all the students to think of compliments for their classmates, and Beth Bradley picks Imogene Herdman’s name. At first, Beth can’t think of anything good, but soon she begins to see Imogene in a new light.

Maybe behind all of the outrageous pranks, there is something good about the Herdmans?

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#BlogTour “Angelica Stone” by Susi Osborne

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Angelica Stone coverFollowing years of sexual abuse, Angelica is brought up in care. As a teenager she absconds, living on the streets, before eventually being forced into prostitution to survive. She learns to rely solely on herself and is reluctant to allow anyone to get close to her, until she forms an unlikely bond with Lola. In contrast, Lola is from what appears to be a happy middle-class background – but all is not what it seems…

Slowly, as their friendship grows, cracks start to appear in Lola’s life, and a series of events leave her on the verge of ruin. Can these women break the cycle of their lives? Or will they succumb to the path laid out before them? Angelica Stone is an emotional roller-coaster of laughter and tears as the women embark on a journey of self-discovery, with the support of one another.



Purchase Links

Angelica Stone

Secrets, Lies & Butterflies

Grace & Disgrace

The Ripples of Life


Susi OsborneAuthor Bio – Susi Osborne is the author of The Ripples of Life, Grace & Disgrace, Secrets, Lies & Butterflies and Angelica Stone. She lives in Cheshire with her Scottish husband, her actress daughter and their two mischievous little dogs. Susi also has an adult son and a grandson who live nearby. Amongst friends their house is known affectionately (she hopes!) as the Osborne madhouse, for obvious reasons.

Before she became a writer, Susi worked in libraries for many years. She also worked as a classroom assistant in a junior school. In addition to her writing Susi organises Northwich LitFest, which she has been running for the past seven years. Alongside the writing of her latest book, Angelica Stone, Susi has been raising money for Centrepoint, the charity for youth homelessness, and has set up a Just Giving Page for the charity in her name.

Susi is a firm believer in the fact that it’s never too late to do anything. ‘You only have one life – go out and grab it with both hands!’

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One Winner will win all 4 of Susi Osborne’s Books (Open to UK Only)

All four Osbourne books


*Terms and Conditions –UK entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then I reserve the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will be passed to the giveaway organizer and used only for fulfillment of the prize, after which time I will delete the data.  I am not responsible for dispatch or delivery of the prize.


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“Casualty of Court (The Blackleaf Agency Series Book 1)” by L S Fellows

Casualty of Court2 cover

Casualty of Court (The Blackleaf Agency Book 1)

by L S Fellows

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Women’s Fiction/Friendship

3.99 at time of posting!

Four lives – Three friends – Two sides – One verdict

Fern Mortimer wants her life back.
After five years recovering from a hit-and-run accident, the last thing she needed was a maniac trying to kill her.
Now, eight months after that attempt on her life, she returns to Portugal to face her nemesis in court.

Raven – her closest ally – offers support throughout. In return she wants a business partner.

Stefan Pereira, has no intention of languishing in prison any longer.
He’ll do whatever it takes to secure his freedom and complete his mission.
He wants Fern dead.

Nessa – his girlfriend – is at his side. She risks losing her best friends for the family she always wanted.

The trial pits them against each other.
Can Fern hold her nerve? She has a strong case, after all … and a witness.
Does that even matter, when Stefan has his father’s money, the face of an angel and an ability to lie convincingly in three languages?

Inevitably, someone will be the Casualty of Court.

Casualty of Court picks up where The Fifth Wheel – A Prequel ended, and introduces The Blackleaf Agency Series.

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