“Daddy Soda (A New Hampshire Mystery Book 1)” by Mira Gibson

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“Daddy Soda (A New Hampshire Mystery Book 1)”

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Psychological

Release Date: November 8, 2015

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Hannah Cole has built a life around her job as a receptionist at the local precinct after surviving a tumultuous upbringing, one she’s worked hard to forget. For years, Hannah has hardly spoken to her overbearing mother or the half-sisters she barely knows: shy Candice, and Mary, a stunning fifteen year old with an eerie grip on the town. But when she learns her mother has been kidnapped, she returns home to the shack on Hermit Lake and the step-father she’s never trusted.

Detective Cody McAlister has never seen a case like this. The kidnapper has planned every detail with exquisite precision and when body parts begin to arrive at his department, the glaring reality becomes all too clear: Kendra won’t be alive for long. The key to the deranged kidnapper’s motive and identity may be held in the unsteady hands of a twelve-year old girl. But Candice hasn’t spoken a word since that tragic night.

As Hannah and Cody’s investigation takes them from abandoned strip malls to the outer reaches of the marsh, the unimaginable truth emerges, and Hannah finds herself reliving hellish memories of the shack she thought she’d never have to face. If she doesn’t unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past, she won’t find her mother in time. In small-town New Hampshire where what you see is what you get, no one is who they seem.

***Author’s note: Each book in The New Hampshire Mysteries can be read as a stand-alone***

“The Truth of Things” by Tasha L. Harrison

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“The Truth of Things

Genre: Literature & Fiction/African-American/Romance

Release Date: August 29, 2017

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Photojournalist and wedding photographer Ava Greene has been unlucky in love, and even though she calls herself a hopeless romantic, she is more than a little bitter about it. The only attention she seems to get is from the men she has absolutely no interest in and has become unintentionally celibate in her effort to avoid “trash ass dudes” and has officially given up on the idea “the one” when Officer Friendly rolls up on her block.


Arrogant and just shy of being a cornball with his bad-dad jokes, she knows that this stocky cop might just be the one to make her second-guess every thought she ever had about cops.

Ava tries to make it clear to Levi that she doesn’t need saving, that she doesn’t need to be worshiped, but he is convinced that is exactly she needs. But when Ava finds herself on the wrong side of the law, will he be the hero she needs or toe the “thin blue line?”



“Dog Collar Crime (A Lucie Rizzo Mystery Book 1)” by Adrienne Giordano

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“Dog Collar Crime (A Lucie Rizzo Mystery Book 1)

Genre: Cozy Mystery/Women Sleuths

Release Date: December 29, 2015

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Out of work and down on her luck, Lucie Rizzo is forced to do the one thing she’s long avoided—move back home with her nutty, mob-infested family. A move that brings her back into the tempting arms of Frankie Falcone, the ex that never fails to make her heart sit up and beg. When Lucie turns a dog-walking gig into a fancy dog accessory business, life starts to look like a walk in the park… until three of her bling-wearing clients are dogjacked. Despite Frankie’s help, Lucie is thrown into an investigation that’s more Goodfellas than good doggie. If she can survive her family and a plot involving stolen diamonds, she might just have a second chance at love.


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Steel cover

From Author L. Wilder:

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#FREE→STEEL: Night Rebels MC
By Chiah Wilder


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A fierce and feared warrior. His name is Steel, and he’s President of the Night Rebels MC. Part Navajo, part Irish, Steel is a respected leader of his brotherhood. With his tatted muscular body, ebony hair, and green eyes, he is a magnet for women. Never turning away a sexy body, he indulges in casual sex, but nothing more.

Then he meets his daughter’s social worker.

From the moment Breanna Quine laid eyes on the rugged biker, her body betrayed her. And when she spotted the outlaw’s MC patch on his leather jacket, her blood turned to ice.

Hating bikers since her father gave up his family for the brotherhood, Breanna swore to never be around them again. Then the captivating Night Rebels President’s blazing, green-eyed gaze catches hers, and she is drawn to him like a moth is to fire.

#Gritty #Sexy #Thriller
#MC #Romance #chiahwilder


“Dead Girls Don’t Blog (Murder Blog Mysteries Book 1)” by Pamela Frost Dennis

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“Dead Girls Don’t Blog (Murder Blog Mysteries Book 1)

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Women Sleuths

Release Date: April 15, 2014

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Sometimes doing the right thing can get you dead …

As Katy McKenna struggles to rebuild the successful career she suspended to chase her cheating wasband’s dreams, her life suddenly takes a dramatic turn when she stumbles upon a newspaper story about the upcoming parole hearing for the man who raped, kidnapped, and murdered her high school friend, sixteen years ago.

Fearing he could soon be set free to prey on other innocent young girls, Katy sets out to make sure this doesn’t happen, not realizing she might not survive to blog about it.

Meanwhile, Grandma Ruby is hell-bent on finding Katy a hunky transition man and her happily-married BFF is nagging her to blog about her anger issues.

Dead Girls Don’t Blog is a dramedy-mystery novel and the first book in the Murder Blog Mysteries.

Awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion for excellence in independent publishing.

“Until Now: Until Series Book 1” by Cristin Cooper

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“Until Now: Until Series Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance/YA

Release Date: February 18, 2015

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*updated editing January 2017*
18+ due to mature content.

This is the first book in the Until Series but can be read as a stand alone. No cliffhangers.

Then: Sixteen‑year-old Bridget Larson was no stranger to heartbreak. When she found herself pregnant and alone, a flashing neon sign changed her fate. Bridget discovered the love and belonging she craved in strangers at a fifties‑style diner.
Twenty-four-year-old Billy Hall struggled with his own grief. He was wandering Europe in search of his purpose in life when he received a call that would leave him saddled with his family’s diner. It was a noose around his neck until a pregnant teenager stumbled in hungry and scared. Inexplicably drawn to the girl, he had no idea the purpose he traveled the world to find was simply waiting for him to come home
Now: After spending years repressing their feelings for each other Bridget and Billy’s life is about to change again. The baby who brought them together is leaving for college today. Is she taking their last reason to stay in each other’s lives or giving them a reason to finally admit their love?

“A Good Boy (The Dying Church Series Book 1)” by Anthony Andre

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“A Good Boy (The Dying Church Series Book 1)

Genre: Family Life/Inspirational

Release Date: January 2, 2016

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The night Wesley’s wife died changed his life. Now, three years later he takes a job as a brand new pastor at an old church. Young, inexperienced, and unprepared, Wesley dives into the task of saving a dying church while coming to grips with his past and discovering his own capacity for love. Then, a teenager commits suicide and Wesley’s world is turned upside down once again. Mitford, this ain’t.

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“The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)” by Jonathan-David Jackson

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“The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)”

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Release Date: November 24, 2014

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Oscar has always lived a life of quiet paranoia, but now everything is changing. Suddenly, the bus is frequently late, his housekeys won’t fit in the lock, and someone has taken his juice, which was the one thing holding his life together. He strikes back against the people behind it all, but when he strikes too hard an innocent man ends up dead, and Oscar ends up in jail, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and facing life in a mental institution. On his journey to mental health and the truth, he has to make hard decisions about medication, trusting his own mind, dating a nurse, and whether that hedgehog can actually talk.

“His Mate – Brothers – Generations” by M. L. Briers

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“His Mate – Brothers – Generations

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampires/Witches

Release Date: February 6, 2017

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Celine, matriarch to a family of witches, had finally twisted enough arms to get them all to agree to holiday together in the mountains. Little did she know that shifter wolves resided there, and the consequences that would bring for her family. It wasn’t even Spring and yet mating was in the air.

Dane thought he’d seen everything, but nothing could prepare him for the sight of five witches rolling into town. His brothers wouldn’t be best pleased, especially the alpha, Scott, and he’d tried to warn the wicked witches off, but they hadn’t listened. Now the fur was really about to fly as mates found mates, and wooing was the order of the day.

Witches, wolves, and an unholy Vampire are about to get the shock of their lives as the normally quiet and peaceful mountain range becomes the battleground between the sexes, and species.

Adult Content.