#BookBlitz “Latch Key Kids” by John L. Sheppard

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Fiction, Coming of Age, Dark Humor 

Date Published: September 2020 

Publisher: Paragraph Line Books 

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Latch Key Kids, the long-awaited follow-up to Small Town Punk, chronicles the enduring impact one life can have on another.  

Resilience and the power of sibling friendship combine into a surprising, ingeniously layered comic novel about a boy inventing himself.  

In Latch Key Kids, Sheppard strips the flesh from the bone. He makes you laugh by combining searing wit with keen social observation. 

Also by John L. Sheppard

Small Town Punk 

Publisher: g Publishing 

Trapped in dreary Sarasota, Florida in the early 1980s—during Reagan’s “Morning in America,”—going to high school with junior fascists by day, working at Pizza Hut by night, his family a dysfunctional nightmare, 17-year old Buzz Pepper feels that nothing matters in life beyond drinking, drugs and punk rock. 

As the country around him is becoming more conservative and corporate, and adulthood seems like the ultimate corrupt existence, Buzz can only find solace within a close-knit group of fellow disillusioned teens, which includes his devoted younger sister, Sissy. As they drive around in Buzz’s beat-up van, encountering redneck cops, mocking the local “geezers,” and wondering if there is any meaning in what seems to be a meaningless world, Small Town Punk perfectly captures how it is to be young, yet feel that you have no future. 

In the tradition of Hairstyles of the Dammed and Perks of Being A Wallflower, Small Town Punk is a brutally funny and poignant coming of age story that brilliantly evokes the surging joy, confusion and rage of youth. 


 Read an Excerpt 

Years later, Sissy would say, “You remember. Of course you remember. How could you forget?” 

No,” I’d insist. “I don’t remember that at all.” 

The summer we moved to Sarasota, one of the local news anchors shot herself live on television with a gray, little pistol. Bang, went the report, sounding like someone clapping together a pair of wood blocks. That’s the way Sissy told the story. I don’t remember any of it. 

Sissy and I were up early, she told me, eating Cocoa Puffs out of the box, dry. We paused and looked at each other, stopping mid-crunch. Sissy swallowed her mouthful of cereal and asked, “Did that just happen?” 

Did what just happen?” I asked. 

That cereal. I remember that. My teeth were sugary rough. I sucked at my molars. But the dead woman. Was there a dead woman? And why did Sissy insist on watching this woman every morning on some public affairs show called Suncoast Digest? 

Wait. I remember that part. It was because the anchor was clearly weird, for one thing. Like you knew that one day she’d do something odd on the air and if we missed it, Sissy would never forgive me. 

For another, the anchor had a recognizable accent. She was from our part of Ohio. It was like hearing the voice of home listening to Christine. Christine! That was the anchor’s name. 

The picture on the color set wiggled. It made everything orange, or maybe that was the 1970’s. Maybe the 1970’s were particularly lurid. There was this dead woman slumped over in a field of wiggling orange. There was another person screaming. A man wearing a headset ran up. He waved at the camera and then some color bars glowed. They were primary colors. Soon enough, an episode of Gentle Ben came on to replace Suncoast Digest. A boy and his pet bear. Sissy turned the dial, clunking through the channels that we could get from the antenna on the roof. She found nothing satisfying and turned off the set. 

You have so much to learn about life, little brother,” Sissy said. 

I’m your big brother,” I said. 

Sure you are.” 

But I am. I’m almost two years older.” 

Do we have any orange juice?” Sissy smiled, showing off her dimpled cheeks. Adults liked to pinch them. “Do you think she’s really dead?” 


My God, you’re dumb. How’d you get so dumb?” 

I don’t know. I think I got it from Dad.” 

That makes sense.” She stood up, so I stood up, too. She handed me the box of Cocoa Puffs. I rolled up the waxpaper bag inside and clicked the boxtop shut. “That weird anchor lady. You think she really shot herself?” 

I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

She made a little fist and rapped gently on the side of my head. “Knock-knock. Anybody home?” 

Stop making fun of me.” 

You make it so easy, little brother.” She went into the kitchen and I followed her. 

About the Author 

John L Sheppard wrote Small Town Punk. He lives in Illinois.

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#BookBlitz “Dead Serious” by Michael Malone


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Dark Humor/Comedy
Date Published: 6/10/2020
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“In the past five years, I’ve lost four grandparents, three uncles, two aunts, three cousins, five classmates, and my parents. Even a car died on me…”

Comedian Michael Malone’s life has been punctuated by tragedy. He’s been to over a dozen funerals, but just three weddings – two of which were for the same friend. No stranger to loss, Malone has had ample time to reflect on what it means to grieve, and how to move forward when you’ve outlived so many of your loved ones.

Dead Serious is a look inside Malone’s mind and journal since losing his parents; a dark-humored exploration of depression, suicide, grief, and religion. Designed to be opened and read at any page, this collection of journal entries, illustrated one-liners, and humorous musings combine to create an unorthodox self-help book for anyone who has ever lost someone close to them and doesn’t know where to go from here.

Comedy has always been the lens through which Malone chooses to view the world; a way to shine a light on the dark times so his audiences feel less alone, and less crazy, during their own hardships. Dead Serious offers readers his signature comedic comfort on all life’s ups, downs, and confusing in-betweens.

Michael Malone is an award-winning comedian, actor, writer, and film director who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been featured on Showtime, Comedy Central, FOX, Hulu, XM Radio, and his Amazon Prime special, Laugh After Death has over 2 million views. Michael is known for his dark sense of humor that breaks down the idiotic ways we deal with life, death, love, and sex.

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Quote from Brad’s foreword:
“If you have any doubt that the best humor comes from deep, dark places, this page-turner will make you a believer. Malone’s life journey, which he describes with blinding transparency and unforgiving irony leaves you laughing your ass off as he candidly exposes how he himself has risen from the bowels of depression and self-loathing to personal and professional success.” – Brad Garrett


About the Author

Michael Malone is an award-winning comedian, actor, writer, and film director who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Michael has been featured on Showtime, Comedy Central, FOX, Hulu, XM Radio, and his one-hour special, Laugh After Death is now streaming with over 2 million views on Amazon Prime. Bits and Pieces is Michael’s first book, but not his first written work. Michael has a monthly column in Face the Current magazines that based on his popular storytelling podcast, Punched Up. Michael is known for his dark sense of humor that focuses on breaking down the idiotic ways we deal with life, death, love, and sex.

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#BlogTour “A Thoughtful Woman (Sally Mellors Adventures Book 1)” by K. T. Findlay

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Artist Sally Mellors has planned the perfect revenge, but with two secret agents on her tail, and her best friends running the police investigation, getting away with murder is going to be tricky…
Everybody loves Sally. She’s a funny, generous, warm hearted friend, without a nasty bone in her body.

Isn’t she?

Unknown to her friends, Sally’s discovered another side to herself, cool headed and relentless, as she hunts down the three men who killed her husband.

But Sally’s not the only one with an interest in the trio. Unknown to her, two agents have arrived in town, urgently hunting a missing man and his diary, which could blow their organisation apart. Their best leads are the very men that Sally’s hunting, and she’s getting in the way…

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KT FindlayAbout K.T. Findlay

K.T. Findlay lives on a small farm where he dovetails his writing with fighting the blackberry and convincing the quadbike that killing its rider isn’t a vital part of its job description.

Website    Facebook    YouTube    Twitter



#BlogTour “A Heart in the Right Place” by Heide Goody, Iain Grant

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All Nick wants to do is take his dying father for a perfect father-son weekend in the Scottish coverHighlands. It’s not much to ask, is it? A log cabin, a roaring fire, a bottle of fine whisky and two days to paper over the cracks in their relationship.

However, Nick didn’t plan on making the trip with a dead neighbour in the back of his car. Or the neighbour’s dog. He really didn’t plan on being pursued by a psychotic female assassin intent on collecting body parts. And he really, really didn’t plan on encountering a platoon of heavily armed mercenaries, or some very hungry boars, or a werewolf.

A Heart in the Right Place – a horror comedy about setting out with the very best intentions and then messing everything up.


A Heart in the Right Place is our new comedy horror novel. It ends up in the Scottish wilderness where Nick and his dad have to fight off evil crooks and mythical monsters. But it starts with a missed parcel and one of those “We’re Sorry We Missed You…” notes from the postman…

“Oz Bingley? Who on earth is Oz Bingley?” Nick asked of no one in particular. There was no one to ask. He was alone in his house.

Which was sort of the point. All morning he’d waited at home for the parcel to arrive. He should have been at work at the ChunkyMunky offices in Birmingham city centre but he’d taken an official duvet morning (they only got three a year) and waited for the parcel he knew was arriving.

He’d paid for next day, timed delivery. An extra twelve pounds it had cost him, but he couldn’t afford to miss this delivery. He’d been on high alert all morning, not daring to put on the radio or turn up the television in case he missed the knock at the door. He even went to the toilet in the dark so the noise of the extractor fan wouldn’t mask a particularly stealthy approach. That had been a mistake, on reflection. He’d been so worried about not wiping properly he’d been completely unable to go. He’d come out, walked past the front door on the way to the kitchen and there it was:

We have a parcel for you…

Sorry we missed you. Your item is:

There was a ticked box.

With your neighbour:
Oz Bingley, 42 Langollen Drive, Brandwood End, Birmingham

Nick fumed. Not as much as he would have done if they had ticked the box for being held at our depot, ready to collect the next working day. And at least it wouldn’t be a repeat of when the postman had left the parcel in your safe place. Said place being his bin. His actual wheelie bin rubbish bin. On bin day.

Nick still fumed.

Being forced to stay in, like a housebound oldster or a sickly child, even for a few hours had driven him near stir crazy. He could have been at work already, trying to fix the shitstorm which was the Kirkwood account. He could be at the gym, lifting weights and making a start on the New Year’s resolution he’d made five months ago. He could be in town buying an apology gift for Abigail. Or just getting drunk and leaving inappropriate and remorseful messages on her voicemail. Anything but waiting for a parcel which was apparently delivered by stealth ninjas.

How had they achieved this in complete silence? Why didn’t they knock the door or ring the bell? Nick went to the door and, looking past his beloved, imported Cadillac on the driveway, scanned the street for signs of the courier. Nothing. Maybe the slip had been there for hours.

He checked the address and crossed the street. Number forty-two was a large, detached house with a big brass knocker on the front door: a gurning lion’s face with a ring in its mouth. He banged it hard as the postman should have done at his house. It made a thunderous racket, which pleased Nick. There was nothing worse than knocking or ringing a door and being unsure whether it could be heard.

The noise set a dog barking inside. Nick listened intently. There was a low whining sound as well. No one came to the door.

He wondered what the appropriate time was to wait before knocking again. Knock too soon and it would appear rude. Wait too long and you were just waiting on someone’s doorstep doing nothing. He counted down from thirty to zero and then waited another minute before knocking again.

The barking dog set off again. He waited. Still nothing.

He looked at the card. Oz Bingley. 42 Langollen Drive.

Nick didn’t know his neighbours well. Tall fences made good neighbours and all that. He tried to recall seeing anyone coming in or out of that house. Was Oz a man’s name? He had a vague recollection an old woman lived there, but he hadn’t seen her for a while. Maybe she’d moved out.

He went back to his house and sat at the window, hoping to see Oz returning from some small task – like posting a letter. He checked the time and turned the TV on. He’d go and check again in an hour, and then he’d have to go into work.

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Goody and GrantAuthor Bio

Heide Goody is the stupid one in the writing partnership and Iain Grant is the sensible one. Together, they are the authors of over a dozen books.

The Clovenhoof series (in which Satan loses his job and has to move to Birmingham) has recently been optioned by a Hollywood production company.

Heide and Iain are both married, but not to each other.

Social Media Links:

Facebook   |   Website

Heide Goody Twitter  

Iain Grant Twitter



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“The Klowns of Kent: A Darkly Comic Cozy Mystery Thriller: Blue Moon Investigations Book 3” by Steve Higgs

Klowns of Kent cover

The Klowns of Kent: A Darkly Comic Cozy Mystery Thriller: Blue Moon Investigations Book 3

by Steve Higgs

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Dark Humor/Satire/Supernatural/Ghosts

2.99 at times of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

There might be no such thing as werewolves, vampires or ghosts but apparently evil Klowns are real.

Tempest Michaels is once again investigating ridiculous cases that are clearly not even slightly paranormal in nature. However, his daily menu of fun is interrupted by a plague of men dressed in garish outfits. They wear twisted clown make-up as they terrorise the Kent towns and villages with ever escalating and more frequent attacks.

The Klowns should be a case for the police to solve but their leader appears to have a serious beef with Tempest and they are coming for him and anyone that gets in their way. Who are the Klowns? What do they want? And what’s with the ridiculous smiles?

If they were not enough of a nuisance, he has foolishly employed a woman he is utterly besotted by. Trying to ignore Mr Wriggly’s thoughts about what to do with his new colleague, he goes after his silver medal, a girl he lusted after years ago at school, but while Mr Wriggly might not care tuppence about the difference, is Tempest’s heart really in it?

Throw in a demonic possession, a restaurant with ghostly footsteps and some more meddling by his mother, it looks like another entertaining week for Kent’s best Paranormal Investigator.

Amazon KU

“Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel for Grown Ups” by Jayne Allen

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted cover

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel for Grown Ups

by Jayne Allen

Genre: Women’s Fiction/African-American/Dark Humor

7.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

“Black girls must die exhausted” is something that 33-year-old Tabitha Walker has heard her grandmother say before. Of course, her grandmother (who happens to be white) was referring to the 1950’s and what she observed in the nascent times of civil rights. With a coveted position as a local news reporter, a “paper-perfect” boyfriend, and a standing Saturday morning appointment with a reliable hairstylist, Tabitha never imagined how this phrase could apply to her as a black girl in contemporary times – that is, until everything changed.

An unexpected doctor’s diagnosis awakens Tabitha to an unperceived culprit, threatening the one thing that has always mattered most – having a family of her own. Stress has caused a premature burnout of Tabitha’s egg reserve, and time is running out on her options to become a wife and mother. With the help of her best friends, the irreverent and headstrong Laila and Alexis, the former “Sexy Lexi,” Tabitha must explore the reaches of modern medicine and test the limits of her relationships. Will she risk every comfort to address the complications of her dysfunctionally-blended family and the uncertainty of a future with Marc?

Tabitha’s journey brings into view the internal experience of race, relationships, and generational patterns, and how each contributed to this crossroads. She must leverage the power of laughter, love, and courageous self-care to bring a healing stronger than she ever imagined – before the phrase “black girls must die exhausted” takes on a new and unwanted meaning in her own life.

A well-written character-centered dramatic novel perfect for fans of Terri McMillan, Trisha R. Thomas, Omar Tyree, E. Lynn Harris, Kimberla Lawson Roby.

Amazon KU

“Death by Rolling Pin (A Kissing Bridge Enchanted Cafe Cozy Mystery)” by Linda West

Death by Rolling Pin cover

Death by Rolling Pin: A Laugh Out Loud Humorous Mystery Suspense Thriller With Twists and Fun (A Kissing Bridge Enchanted Cafe Cozy Mystery)

by Linda West

Genre: Christian/Mystery & Suspense/Dark Humor

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Death by Rolling Pin is set in the small mountain town of Kissing Bridge. Magic and miracles live here along with some of the nicest people you ever met. This cozy mystery takes place with some of your favorite characters from the number one best selling holiday romance series Love on Kissing Bridge Mountain.

Amazon KU



“Murder at Stake (Old School Diner Cozy Mysteries Book 1)” by Constance Barker

Murder at Stake cover

Murder at Stake (Old School Diner Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Constance Barker

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary/Dark Comedy

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

A Stake Through the Heart

When a tornado hits the town of Paint Creek, more than rubble is discovered. One of the regulars at the Old School Diner is found with a stake to the heart. Is the stake from his collapsed barn, or as a couple of conspiracy theorists from the diner speculate…that the dear departed was indeed a vampire and there is a vampire hunter among them. Find out what happens in this new hilarious mystery series where the owner, Mercy, has her hands full with a colorful cast of characters.

Amazon KU


#BlogTour “My Name is Nelson” by Dylan Fairchild



coverTitle: My Name is Nelson

Author: Dylan Fairchild

Genre: Thriller

President Andrew MacIntyre was having a pretty good first year in the Oval Office.  Suddenly, during what should have been a peaceful Christmas season, he’s facing one of the worst national security crises in American history.  And it’s being masterminded out of a sleazy, New Mexico strip joint?  What the hell?

Is this a political thriller?  Or is it science fiction?  A zany comedy?  Perhaps it’s a love story.  Whatever it is, it’s a riveting page-turner with a little sex appeal, and a lot of laughs.  If “Doctor Strangelove” can find the humor in nuclear war, then surely there’s a little bit of laughter lurking in unmanned aviation, as well as some serious, heartfelt moments.

It’s little wonder White House National Security Advisor Chet Addington* said this was, “Pretty much the best novel ever.”**

* Absolutely, positively, not a real person

** He’s been known to be wrong about stuff



Author BioDylan Fairchild

Dylan Fairchild is the pen name of a Virginia-based indie author.  He usually lurks in a different genre.

“My Name is Nelson” is the author’s first thriller.  It’s a genre-busting blend of humor, action, political-military intrigue, romance, and science fiction.  “The Indie View” awarded it “five-plus” stars and said “in terms of sheer storytelling mastery, it’s one of the best books we’ve seen in a while.”  The book is dedicated to “all the men and women who work so tirelessly to protect our nation.”

The author can be found on Goodreads.com, and he is happy to reply to any questions, comments, or witty ridicule of his photo.



Enter for a chance to win a $25 amazon gift card during the tour.


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#BlogTour “Blind Dates, Big Love and Six Tinder Weeks” by Bena Roberts

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Tinder cover

Helen’s children leave home at eighteen. She sleepwalked through her marriage of twenty years for their sake. But when they go, she leaves her husband. Her house is a mess, as is her image and Helen breaks down. Through her pain, she draws blood and allows the universe to guide her and her decisions.

The unexpected happens, scientist Helen gets thrown into a new life of hedonism, dating, and self-discovery. A charming lawyer steals her heart, but is Helen ready for the fast lane? Will the local village firefighter provide the romance of her dreams? Or the military spy CJ, who is convinced that Helen is part of a Romanian smuggling gang.

With the help of her sister Portia, Helen starts to transform her life. The universe guides her to finding something in herself.

Debut author Bena Robert’s provides a unique perspective in this witty black comedy. Dark humor meets chick lit with a robust and realistic voice.


Links for Blind Dates, Big Love & Six Tinder Weeks

Kobo   |    Nook   |    Smashwords   |    Kindle


Bena Roberts avatarAuthor Bio – Bena Roberts

Bena Roberts was a journalist and analyst. Now she prefers the title romance adventurist! She graduated in England 1994 and then with a Masters in 1997.

Born in 1973, Bena lived in West London until she was 24. Then she lived and worked in Budapest, Bruges, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg and Munich. She currently resides in Germany, between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. Although she still refers to London as ‘home.’

Bena successfully created a technology blog which gained funding, had lunch with Steve Ballmer and was ‘top 50 most influential woman in mobile.’ Her blog also won several awards including Metro Best Blog. However, her technology career ended after she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in 2009. Since 2012, Bena has taught English in Germany and managed a small relocation business.

Bena has two children, loves small dogs and always writes books with a cup of Earl Grey.

Six Tinder Weeks, now Blind Dates, Big Love and Six Tinder Weeks is her debut novel. Other books include The Forever Night Stand, with Tammy & Lisa: Mum Detectives at the Village School available in 2018.


Twitter   |    Amazon Author   |    Goodreads   |    Blog

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