#NewRelease “Julian Lackland (Billy’s Revenge)” by Connie J. Jasperson

Julian “Lackland” De Portiers is the last good knight in Waldeyn.

Everyone knows he’s a genius…
…Everyone knows he’s insane.
How does a Hero gracefully retire from the business of saving the world?
Perhaps he doesn’t.
Once he was young and strong. Once he had companions, fell in love.
One terrible night in the forest, everything changed.
Who is this lonely man and why did he not quit when he was ahead? Who will rescue the rescuer when darkness falls, and the voices begin?

Julian Lackland is an enduring tale of confusion, sorrow, and triumph.


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Using Repetition as a Literary Device #amwriting


Sometimes authors want to emphasize a concept, and deliberate repetition is the way to do it. Some of my favorite authors use the repetition of certain key words and phrases to highlight an idea or to show the scene. This technique is an accepted rhetorical device and is commonly found in mainstream fiction and in poetry. It is used to evoke an emotional response in the reader and can be exceedingly effective when done right.

Literarydevices.net says, “The beauty of using figurative language is that the pattern it arranges the words into is nothing like our ordinary speech. It is not only stylistically appealing, but it also helps convey the message in a much more engaging and notable way. The aura that is created by the usage of repetition cannot be achieved through any other device.”

Repetition as a literary device can take these forms:

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