#NewRelease “Walking Through the Flames: Never As It Seems Serial Book 4” by Gomer Joseph



Revenge is a double edged sword…

Newlyweds Ralph and Gloria Cooper are out for blood. Convinced that the Auguste family has wronged them, the Coopers are determined to bring their enemies to their knees. And they’re willing to cause chaos and mayhem at every turn, all in the name of revenge…

Slowly, they set their sights on their target. The trap is sprung… And as their wrath grows, innocent people are caught in the crossfire. But for Ralph and Gloria, no price is too great. This psychotic duo won’t stop until vengeance is theirs.

The Auguste family has survived tragedy, murder and betrayal… But they’ve never faced anything like this. How many attacks can the family possibly endure?

And when the dust settles, who will be left standing?


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#PromoTour “Divorcing Atlanta” by Timmothy B. McCann

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“(Until…) stands head and shoulders above the rest.” Eric Jerome Dickey, NY Times Bestselling Author

Pastor Lorenzo Richardson’s endeavors to fulfill the calling on his life—which is to change the world, one soul at a time, by starting in southwest Atlanta.

So when he loses people in his circle unexpectedly, the ministry he dedicated his life to fails, and his wife is embroiled in an adulterous public affair with a notable public figure. Pastor Richardson is at the end of his rope and decides to change the world he lives in forever.

Divorcing Atlanta is a moving yet timely account that will resonate with readers who believe in the unyielding power of redemption, choose love and hope over hurt and fear, and fight for what truly matters in their lives.






Timmothy McCannTimmothy B. McCann was born to tell stories. What began as penning love letters for a fee, grew into his national bestselling debut entitled, Until. Since then, he has amassed an insatiable and dedicated worldwide readership.

The former collegiate football player, educator, and owner of a financial planning firm is now a commercial real estate broker. In 2018, he founded First Day Christian Center. A ministry dedicated to helping those in need in Atlanta.

In his downtime, Timmothy is a self-proclaimed political junkie, golfer, movie buff and community activist who also loves spending time with the two most adorable grandchildren in the world.


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