LONG RIDE by Tara Oakes is #LIVE!

 Hard Ride



LONG RIDE by Tara Oakes is #LIVE! This is the third book in the Slayer’s MC series, and you don’t want to miss it! This book is #FREE to read on #KindleUnlimited!


Reading Order: (The Slayers MC series is meant to be read in order)

First Ride
Hard Ride
Long Ride


As president of the Riverdale Chapter of the Slayers MC, Dawson McCade has seen his club through some pretty rough times. Choices and sacrifices had to be made to gain the peace they now have and to keep his loved ones safe.

But, all peace comes at a cost.

And peace never lasts… at least that’s what Dawson has learned.
The delicate truce between The Slayers MC and their rivals The Kingsmen MC is on shaky ground, on the verge of tipping back into war- the same war that claimed the life of Dawson’s only brother, years ago, and he’s determined not to see more blood shed between the two rivals.

Meanwhile, recently released from prison, serving time for his club, Stitch is now faced with the aftermath of those choices. He has allegiance to his club, swore an oath as a Slayer, but he also has responsibilities to his young family.

Can he find a way to be loyal to both?

His woman, his Ol’ lady, “Baby”, has had to be without him during one of the most difficult times of her life.

Can Stitch and Baby find a way back to what they once had?

She’s loved him, and ONLY him, for as long as she can remember.
But, sometimes, love isn’t enough.

Being pulled from all sides, Dawson must find some way to do what seems an impossible task. His club in healing, his family his growing, and he has enemies on all sides just waiting for him to make a move.
Or will they make a move first?

Either way, it’s gonna be a LONG RIDE.

“Phantom Riders MC – Hawk” by Tory Richards

Phantom Riders MC Hawk

“Phantom Riders MC – Hawk” by Tory Richards


Ultimate betrayal leaves Hawk, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, distrustful and hating women. He only wants them for one thing now, and once he’s satisfied his animal urges he casts them aside without a second thought. But then Audra shows up, threatening his club and his way of life, and Hawk has to decide to turn the sexy, pint-sized package of trouble loose, or claim her for his own.



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Review – “Dark Menace MC- Stone”

Dark Menace Stone

“Dark Menace MC – Stone”

by Tory Richards

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4/5 Stars!

Hang on – Stone’s Coming!

A well developed and executed storyline kept me glued to this book and made it a one-sitting read.

The Dark Menace MC is going about their usual “business” – trying to collect on a bad debt – when the sister-in-law of their ‘client’ barges in. The bikers have no intention of leaving before sending a message to the deadbeat client (Ronald) and collecting collateral on the debt. In a bid to save the idiot’s “naive” wife…and her younger sister, from what being held by an MC could mean, the sister-in-law, RACHEL, agrees to go in her place.

And we’re off and running!

If bad decisions had a queen – it would be Rachel. Still not sure what made her feel she was better suited to go with the bikers than her sister. She worked in a bar – big whoop! She was not street savvy and had no swagger. She always believes she can “handle” a situation…until it blows up in her face. Fortunately for Rachel, MC prez, Stone, is fast developing a thing for her. While she’s argumentative and confrontational at every turn, it takes her far too long to understand that being under Stone’s protection is the best thing for her.

Stone is no choirboy and the Dark Menace MC is no charity. Despite his growing feelings for Rachel, the club and the debt owed them comes first. He inadvertently finds out about the horror Rachel endured as a child at the hands of a sadistic stepfather, Wildman, who turns out to be the same  slimy prez of a truly foul MC who want to take over Dark Menace (and everyone else’s) territory by any means necessary. He also wants Rachel back.  Stone doesn’t plan to let that happen as he bands with other MCs to smoke out Wildman and end him and his lot once and for all.

With a couple of epic MC battles (the battles are awesome!), it probably would have been over and done, but where would this story be without Rachel’s BAD DECISIONS? OMG, this woman!  Ten seconds more of true thought each time would probably have saved lives, but that’s not her way. There’s a passage early in the story where Rachel speaks of her sister’s lack of good judgment. HA!  Hello Pot, meet Kettle!  Rachel’s extreme lack of good judgment, and yet another bad decision, leads Stone to make the douche-bag move of all douche-bag moves! I had to put the kindle down and take a moment. I “understood.” Everything has a cost and a price has to be paid. I just didn’t agree with HIS decision.

Tory Richards truly knows how to reel her readers in because just as I was about to start drinking…excessively…I actually began to kinda, sorta like Rachel – and I loved her compared to Rita…Ew! (Wait until you meet Rita – and wear a body condom!) LOL!

Stone as the anti-hero is perfect. He has the respect and loyalty of his club, and the respect of other clubs, but even he’s perfectly flawed and capable of making a few bad decisions. While he’ll never walk away from Dark Menace, his internal thoughts key you into the true man.

It’s a wild ride with plenty of bumps, but “Dark Menace MC: Stone” is definitely a ride worth taking.



Cover Reveal – “Prizefight, Hell Raiders MC Book 4!”

Prizefight ebook cover1


Title: Prizefight
Series/Book Number: Hell Raiders MC, Book 4
Author: Aden Lowe
Genre: MMA Romance / MC Romance
Release Date: February / March 2016


As one of the top fighters on the MMA circuit, I don’t need help getting women, and I have no interest in the one included as a prize for my latest match.

That is, until I learn what the local loan shark demands if she misses a ‘date’. I can’t get Elena’s situation out of my mind. That could have been my sister.

As a member of the Hell Raiders MC, when Royse puts himself in our business, I have to act. I jump at the chance to learn more about Elena, and I don’t like what I find out. She tried to get out of the life, and the bastard sent her to die.

Can I help her, keep my fight record clean, and take care of Hell Raiders business?

Hell, why do I even want to? I’m nobody’s hero.

So when she asks for help, why do I find myself saying yes?

I have a feeling I’m in for the fight of my life.

Is the Prize worth the Fight?

Add it to your Goodreads

Prizefight pb coverfinal

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It’s LIVE! “Surefire Love” by Roxy Wilson!

Surefire Love

New Release – “Surefire Love (Westbury Ranch Season 1)” by Roxy Wilson!
#99cents thru February 2nd – increases to $2.99 on February 3rd!
This BWWM WESTERN ROMANCE boxed set features strong, passionate women and the sexy, alpha men who can’t help but fall in love with them.
Starting over is never an easy thing…
The death of her father was the catalyst for Cullen Westbury to take over the running of her family’s ranch. Because of her desire to expand the family’s business and make it more efficient, she hires the handsome and capable, yet enigmatic, Graeme Burton. But with her ex coming back into her life to stir up trouble on the ranch and her newest employee stirring up trouble in her heart, how can Cullen keep business strictly professional between them, when she’s so attracted to him?
Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…
When Shayne Westbury turned 18, she couldn’t wait to see the back of the family’s ranch and to go make a fortune in the big city. But when she loses her philandering, physician husband to his nurse and quits her high-paying job because she is tired of running herself ragged, she returns to Westbury Ranch, where she plans to lead a much simpler, forever-single life. Then she meets Juston Hughes, the sexy ranch hand her sister, Cullen, recently hired. Will Shayne hold fast to her resolve, or will she ride off into the sunset with a sexy cowboy?
Resisting temptation is never an easy thing…
All Paige has ever wanted was to return to Westbury Ranch and make her dream of opening an equestrian school a reality. Unlike her sisters, Paige isn’t ready for something as distracting as a long-term relationship. Instead, she’s focused and determined to make her dreams a reality; but just when she thinks she has everything figured out, a handsome Spaniard captures her attention.
Lando Saldana is the epitome of rugged good looks and brawn. A year after a nasty breakup with his model girlfriend, Lando isn’t looking for a relationship; but Paige is unlike any girl he’s ever met and soon he can’t help but be drawn to her. But, his ex isn’t quite ready to let go of him and does everything she can to ensure that Paige and he won’t be together.
As Lando struggles over the chaos his ex has created in his life, Paige is met with danger and it will be up to Lando to save her and to say goodbye to his past in order to move forward. He’ll stop at nothing to rescue Paige and prove that what he feels for her is real.
Can he find Paige and proclaim his love before it’s too late?
Kindle Exclusive! #KindleUnlimited
#FREE reading apps available for NON-Kindle users!
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Claiming Their Christmas (Sugar, Spice, and Shifters anthology) by Ellis Leigh

The Book Hammock

Got a chance to review this anthology, and decided to start, naturally (for me, anyway) with the Feral Breed story.

Claiming Their Christmas is a sweet treat for me as I was sure the series has concluded.

I’m thinking all the Feral Breed couples are my favorite couple, each in their turn. Beast is pretty much still shell-shocked at learning Amber was his first, unfulfilled mate. Yes, the fates have changed their life course and chosen Calla for him, but since at first the fates chose Amber for him, he’s feeling extra responsible for her death. 

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Putting others needs before his own was all he’d ever done. Out Of The Blue @CarinaAwrites OUT NOW

Sexy Romance Novels

Blue cover

*This book is #2 in the ‘Bama Boys series. While it can be read as a standalone, it is a continuation of book #1 and is meant to be read after Forever Red.*

Putting others needs before his own was all Mike Carson had ever done.

First, it was the friends he loved more than family. Then it was his country. By nineteen, he was a father, a husband and fighting in a war not many people believed in. After an accident ended his career and his life fell apart, he filled his days keeping screaming fans from reaching the most famous country rock star in the world. And, pining after a woman who would never love him.
Then, everything changed.

He thought he could handle anything that was thrown his way. He thought running my security detail would be the easiest job he’d ever had. He thought he’d be…

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