#Featured “Never Knew I Needed (Springwood Book 9)” by Aliyah Burke

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He’s determined to heal the pain he caused

Rutger Jasper is a doctor who has an earned and deserved reputation as a player with the ladies. There is one in town however that he keeps at a distance, but not for the reason she thinks.

Sasha Bouvet, a nurse, pursuing her law degree only admires Rutger from afar. Aside from their joking and teasing at work, she knows as she doesn’t fit the mold of the type he chases, and she doesn’t stand a chance. Until their one dance changes everything.

Unable to stay away, Rutger realizes his reasons in the past no longer matter. She’s who he wants and he will do whatever it takes to become a permanent fixture in her life. She will be leaving after the Christmas holiday unless he convinces her to stay and give them a shot at a future together.

**This story was out previously in a boxset over the 2020 holiday.***



#PreOrder “Rejected Mates: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection”

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Is the sting of rejection a curse…or a blessing?

What happens when fate steals their happily-ever-after? When the one person they were supposed to spend their life with rejects them? Can these shifters, vampires, demons, and fae find love again from the ashes of rejection?

Or will they be tied to the mates who rejected them, forced to find a way back to them or suffer eternally?

Fans of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, K.F. Breene, and Laurell K. Hamilton will love these heart-pounding, sinfully delicious stories!

Scroll up and one click today to lose yourself in the magic of this limited edition paranormal romance and urban fantasy collection featuring 20+ rejected mate stories full of heartache, angst, second chances, frenemies, and forbidden love.

Authors included in this set are: Rebecca Hamilton, Kathrin Hutson, Sofia Storm, Eliza Gayle, K.G. Reuss, Brenda Trim, Skye Alder, D.E. Chapman, Rebekah R. Ganiere, Ashley C. Harris, A.G. Harris, Brantwijn Serrah, Stephanie Mirro, Aliyah Burke, Jennifer Laslie, Julie L. Kramer, Krysta Fox, Lily Winter, Sapphire Winters, Kyrii Rayne, Dania Voss, Missy De Graff, Cassidy K. O’Connor, Candace Sams, Verika Sloane, and Elena Forest.

Releases September 6, 2022


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“Holiday Surprise: Unwrapped” by Aliyah Burke

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Holiday Surprise: Unwrapped

by Aliyah Burke

Genre: Holiday/Romance/Erotica/Multicultural

FREE at time of posting!

Kassia Green finds herself in Massachusetts—the last place she wants to be—to housesit for her cousin over Christmas. Not a fan of snow or cold, she would much rather be home, or even in the Caribbean. Little does she know returning from shopping one day will bring her face-to-face with a naked man in that very house.

Heath Dixon, former Army, takes his friend up on an offer to stay at his place, where he meets, Kassia. Despite their rocky start, she has him forgetting about his injury and thinking of all the ways they could keep warm at night.

As Christmas gets closer, they discover more about one another and Heath realizes he has no wish to lose her. Can he make her understand that sometimes the best holiday surprise can be unwrapped when you first discover it?

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