Dear Indie | Fonts, Vectors, & Scams, Oh…snap!

Author A.C. Melody had done the legwork and taken a lot of the sting out of book formatting for indies! This one’s a keeper!



Hi Indies! I’m back, and I have links!

In my last post, I touched base on some of the issues we DIY’ers face when working with a small budget and little-to-no experience. Formatting an eBook, which has “Floating Text” vs. formatting a paperback with “Fixed Text” is not only different, but sometimes it can be more difficult. Getting things to stay where you want them isn’t quite as easy when nothing’s pinned down.

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Still here!

Did you know Lynne Fellows writes historical fiction under the pen-name Maye Palmer? Well now you do! Check out her free short story, Surviving Enza … and you’re welcome! 😀



I’ve been quiet about my own writing lately, but no more! Well, I may have been whimpering all year with nothing much to say, but 2020 is looking much more productive, and I might get shouty.

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Hard Truth: Self-Love is Not a Social Media Movement of Posting Pictures of Yourself on the Internet

Great reminder from Yecheilyah that selflove begins on the inside!

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Hard Truth: Self-Love is not a social media movement of posting lots of pictures of ourselves on the internet.

And don’t twist my words. There is nothing wrong with posting pictures (I do it all the time).

You are allowed to post what you want.

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afflicted #wattpad

Marquessa is at it again! Check out this intriguing piece by this talented writer and follow her on Wattpad for updates!



Dominic was the love of my life until I killed him twice.

And both times, I can’t say that I was sad about it. But I’m not going to get into that with you just yet.

If you want to know the whole truth, you’ll have to be patient with me. Whenever I think about what happened, it’s like that slap from Dominic all over again and I’m left wondering how I got into it all in the first place.

I’ve never told anyone but God the entire story about what happened but I’m thinking…maybe it’s time to do it now?

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Should I price my pre-release/new release at 99 cents? #authortoolboxhop #writerwednesday #writertips #writerslife

Great post on preorder pricing from an author who’s “been there and done that!”



Deciding how to price an ebook (or book for that matter) is one of the most difficult decisions an author has to make. I won’t get into that today. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on your pre-release/new release price. Specifically, is pricing a pre-release/new release at a bargain price of 99 cents worth it? In my opinion, no. Here’s why.


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