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Have you fed your reader today? What are you waiting for?

GoddessFish Promotions organized the Feed Your Reader event featuring some great authors and their books that are #99c or #FREE!

Find your next great read or fill your reader! Books are separated by genre for easy browsing, and there’s even a Rafflecopter and a chance to win a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble GC!

This event runs through April 3rd, but why wait?  Your reader’s hungry! Time to feed it! 😀

Contemporary Romance (erotic and non-erotic)

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Non-Romance Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Horror

Non-Romance Historical Fiction

Non-Romance Science Fiction or Fantasy

Literary Fiction / Contemporary Mainstream Fiction



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Feed Your Reader! #FREE or #99c Books!

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Stuck inside? Need a good book to read? You’ve come to the right place!

GoddessFish Promotions has organized the Feed Your Reader event featuring some great authors and their books that are #99c or #FREE!

Find your next great read or fill your reader! Books are separated by genre for easy browsing, and there’s even a Rafflecopter and a chance to win a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble GC!

This event runs through April 3rd, but why wait?  Start feeding your reader today!

Contemporary Romance (erotic and non-erotic)

Historical Romance (erotic and non-erotic)

Science Fiction or Fantasy Romance (erotic and non-erotic)

Romantic Suspense (erotic and non-erotic)

LGBTQ Romance (erotic and non-erotic)

Women’s Fiction / Chick Lit

Non-Romance Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Horror

Non-Romance Historical Fiction

Non-Romance Science Fiction or Fantasy

Literary Fiction / Contemporary Mainstream Fiction



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Taco Tuesday with AC! 😉

A.C. Melody

LettuceImage source

Taco Tuesday is back! I’ve missed the last couple of weeks, so for those just tuning in, this is a fun way to share your WIPs or published works on the Writer Menu -and/or- share your favorite books on the Readers Menu. Check out the original post HERE for the objectives. There’s absolutely no time limit for you to join in, just remember to leave a pingback to your post in the comments below, so I can check it out!

This week’s ingredient is…

Writer’s Menu

Lettuce:Share anytime money was used, stolen, given, exchanged or otherwise the main topic of conversation in a significant way.

“Lay on the bed exactly how I instructed last night,” he ordered.

Tessa turned her back to him and started crawling across the mattress, moving things out of her path along the way. Her hand landed on a computer printout that read

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Thank You!

Thank you

Many, many thanks to my WordPress family of authors and bloggers who brought some serious “noise” yesterday for the release of Free, a Novella.

This story was a simple online-short… okay, it was supposed to be. But who knew Lennie Porter, super-mom, super-daughter, and uber-businesswoman had so many issues?

I didn’t.

But I gave her free reign and followed along.

Then people started reading it…

…and I was like, “Uh oh!”

Lennie, the introvert, had an audience.

The short story plodded along for months, navigating through technical difficulties, family drama, and health misadventures (hers and mine.)

When new elements and new characters entered the story line, I decided to publish the online-read as a novella, but since it wasn’t a “new” story, I also decided to forego the bells and whistles of preorder/blogtour/blah, blah, blah, and opted for a quiet release.

Shut the front door!!!

My WordPress family and Twitterbuds (I just made that up) LIKED, blogged, reblogged, Tweeted and Re-Tweeted, and as my daddy would say, “Made a whole buncha’ noise!”… and I felt like a rock star! WOOT! It’s not about the sales and list rankings… but about the people who don’t need to think twice about reaching to support.

Thanks to you all, this little story had a memorable release day!

Much love to you all!


Free a Novella cover

“Free, a Novella”

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New Look For Beloved Favorites! #BookSpotlight

Little House on the Prairie Museum

Where are all my prairie folk? (You KNOW who you are!)

From 1932 to 1943 Laura Ingalls Wilder penned the Little House on the Prairie series of children’s books based on her childhood in a settler and pioneer family.

If you didn’t read the books, then perhaps you’ve watched the 1970s/80s television series Little House on the Prairie loosely based on the Little House books which starred Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls and Michael Landon as her father, Charles Ingalls.

Harper-Collins Publishing has released updated versions of this iconic series which can currently be found for less than eight dollars at several online retailers.

Revisit the first three most beloved books in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic Little House series! These gorgeous, hardcover, unjacketed editions feature all-new iconic cover art and no interior art.

Little House in the Big Woods

Universal Link

This beloved story of a pioneer girl and her family begins in 1871 in a log cabin on the edge of the Big Woods of Wisconsin. Laura lives in the little house with her pa, her ma, her sisters Mary and Carrie, and their dog, Jack. Pioneer life is sometimes hard for the family, but it is also exciting as they make their own homemade toys and treats, do the spring planting, bring in the harvest, or ride into town. And every night Laura and her family are safe and warm in their little house, with the happy sound of Pa’s fiddle to send them off to sleep.

Based on the real-life adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods is the first book in the award-winning Little House series, which has captivated generations of readers with its depiction of life on the American frontier.

Farmer Boy

Universal Link

While Laura Ingalls grows up in a little house on the western prairie, Almanzo Wilder is living on a big farm in New York State. Almanzo and his brother and sisters help with the summer planting and fall harvest. In winter there is wood to be chopped and great slabs of ice to be cut from the river and stored. Almanzo wishes for just one thing—his very own horse—but he must prove that he is ready for such a big responsibility.

Based on the childhood of Laura’s husband, Almanzo Wilder, Farmer Boy is the second book in the award-winning Little House series, which has captivated generations of readers with its depiction of life on the American frontier.

Little House on the Prairie

Universal Link

When Laura Ingalls and her family leave their little house in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, they head west for the open prairie skies of Kansas Territory. They travel for many days in their covered wagon until they find the perfect spot for Pa to build them a new home. Soon they are planting and plowing, hunting wild ducks and turkeys, and gathering grass for their cows. But just when they begin to feel settled, they are caught in the middle of a dangerous conflict.

Little House on the Prairie is the third book in the award-winning Little House series, which has captivated generations of readers with its depiction of life on the American frontier.

(All images from Wikipedia and Google.)



~~ My Life in Books ~~

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Snapped up this idea from blogger-bud, Didi Oviatt! Please stop by Didi Oviatt, Author – and tell her I sent you! 😉

Find a book for each of your initials. I’m using books from my Review page!

F – Four (The Republic #2) by Archer Kay Leah

E – East to West by Lolita London

L – Long Time Coming (Hot Rods Book 8) by Jayne Rylon

I – If I Stayed (Let Love In)(Amish Romance) by Becca Fisher

C – Complexity (The Kinky Connect Chronicles #4) by Harper Miller

I – If Only in My Dreams (Seven Brides Seven Brothers #5) by Belle Calhoune

A – Avarice: A Hell on Earth Novella by A.C. Melody

Count your age along your bookshelf: What book is it?

Number 56 is Lucian Bane’s Reginald Bones.

Reginald Bones

Pick a book set in your city/country.

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. The ending tears me apart, but still love the story!

Nights in Rodanthe

Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to.

It is a purely fictional town, but after reading Farrah Rochon’s six-book series located in Maplesville, I’m always wondering why I can’t find a sleepy little southern town like that. Moments in Maplesville (Bundle Edition)

Moments in Maplesville cover

Pick a book that’s your favorite color.

Purple is my favorite color and I’m going to choose MY book, In the Best Interest of the Child, since the cover was made especially for me! *Shameless self-promotion!*In the Best Interest of the Child cover

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

Without a doubt, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye! I was a teenager and before that book, I read mostly mysteries and fairy tales. But The Bluest Eye was the first book that had me bawling like a baby and connecting with Morrison’s use of simile and hyperbole. She counts it as one of her lesser works, but for me, it’s simply the best!

The Bluest Eye Cover

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

The Millionaire’s Regret by Nicholas Field! And no, it’s not about some brooding, dominant, rich guy romancing some silly broad! It’s a Suspense/Thriller…which is what I had a problem with – no suspense, no thrills. I tried THREE times to read this book. It was so dry and uneventful, I’d move on to something else. I hate DNFs and tried a fourth time and stuck with it…and was rewarded with a great story and the MOTHER of all plot twists! It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it is tightly written…once you get past page thirty or so, however, the plot twist IS the best I’ve ever read. It’s a shame this author didn’t continue writing. (My review!)

The Millionaire's Regret cover

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideals in America by Ibram X. Kendi. If I can make it through a nearly six hundred page book about ideals, beliefs, and practices that only serve to destroy, I will more than deserve the several drinks I’ll have after I finish.

Stamped from the Beginning

If you enjoyed reading this, consider yourself tagged! 🙂





“Lion Eyes” by Casey Peeler #KindleUnlimited

Lion Eyes cover

Update !!! Lion Eyes is now available EXCLUSIVELY through Kindle Unlimited.

It’s all I ever loved,
All I ever wanted.
Football is it for me.
The lights, the turf, the feel of the ball in my hands,
There’s nothing that means more to me.

But then, I meet Rilla James.
It’s a game changer right from the start.
Now, all I want is her,
Everything about her.

It’s a love-hate relationship.
I love the excitement, the thrill of the game,
But despise everything it stands for.
The day the game took away someone in my life,
Everything changed,
For the better.
And I couldn’t be happier.

But then, I meet Tyke she Jamison.
It’s a blitz right from the start.
Now, I’m questioning it all.
Maybe I could get used to life under the lights,
With him.

Lion Eyes teaser


“Twisted (BWWM Romantic Suspense) (The Bruised Series Book 5)” by Stacy Deanne



“Twisted (BWWM Romantic Suspense) (The Bruised Series Book 5)” by Stacy Deanne!





When Baltimore Detectives Lisa Swanson and Winston Lewis discover a sexually explicit profile of Dee Quarter on an online dating site, they are horrified. Dee swears the profile is fake and has no idea who’s behind the vicious attack.

Winston and Lisa think Dee’s scorned ex Grayson Paul is to blame, but Dee believes it could be the actions of a much younger admirer who won’t take no for an answer.

Lisa is happier than ever with Jake Jenson, but the arrival of a new woman in Jake’s life threatens the couple’s bliss. Lisa sets off to prove Rayne Jessup is trouble, but will realize Rayne is every bit as dangerous as she is beautiful.

Secrets are revealed and motives are discovered in the final installment of the popular Bruised Series.


Book Buying Habits #amreading

Terry Blog

I saw this blog post about book buying habits over on DE Haggerty’s blog, who saw it at the Book Huntress and I decided it might be cathartic for me to actually write down the ridiculous amount of books I buy on a regular basis. Perhaps it will help to curtail my obsessive book buying. Or NOT!

My Book Buying Habits

Where do you buy your books from?

I was exclusively an Amazon customer for years, primarily because they were first. Then I became annoyed with Amazon’s slow-to-price-match practices and began to shop around. Now I shop everywhere, with nearly as many weekly purchases from All Romance and Evernight. (This is not going to end well, is it?)

Do you ever pre-order books and if so do you do this in store or online?

I wish I could pre-order ALL of my books, then I could unsubscribe from all newsletters and not be bombarded with ‘It’s Coming’, ‘It’s Almost Here’, ‘Are you ready for it?’ mailings. Meh. And yes, I do pre-order from book and mortar stores also.

On average, how many books do you buy a month?

50. 50 is a good number. Let’s say 50 and call it a day.

Do you use your local library?

I LOVE the library! Before we moved last year, I had a small local branch right at the corner, and visited often, even taking my own books or reader there. You cannot beat the library for ambiance!

What is your opinion on library books?

Love ’em!

How do you feel about second hand books?

I’m not understanding the question. The key word here is BOOKS. Doesn’t matter where they come from.

Do you keep your TBR pile on your main bookshelves or no?

My bookshelves ARE my TBR. The only thing I have to actually track are ARCs. If I don’t read them the minute I get them (and who does that?), they will get buried.

Do you plan to read all of the books you own?

That’s why I bought them, DUH!

What do you do with books you feel you will never read/did not enjoy?

I’m supposed to be honest, right? I delete them. End of story. If it’s a print book, I give it away. I do browse my books and re-read many from time to time. A book I didn’t enjoy has no business being on my shelf.

Have you ever donated books?

I do donate books, and it’s like giving away one of my children. But unless I want to end up on an episode of ‘Hoarders’, I couldn’t possibly keep every book. *Sadness*

Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

What’s that?

Do you feel that you buy too many books?

Ask me a serious question.

Release Blitz & Review: “Summer’s Destiny”

Summers Destiny Banner

Summers Destiny Cover

Title: Summer’s Destiny

Author: Ariel Marie

Cover Designer: Ariel Marie

Releasing: March 12, 2016

 Genre: Vampire Erotic Romance



 The hunters came in the middle of the night. Killing every vampire in sight. Their screams still haunted her. Summer Rayne was one of the lucky vampires to escape the massacre. She did what every other vampire had been doing for the past decade— she ran. She ran as fast and far away as she could, not knowing that destiny would lead her to her future.

He failed his people. Vampire king Ryan Valerian lived in his own personal hell for years. Vampires were no longer the top of the food chain— they were now the hunted. The hunters wanted to eliminate the vampire race, killing them as they hunted them down. Ryan did as other vampires did— he ran. He remained hidden until destiny presented him a small curvy vampire that blew into his life like a hurricane.

Their meeting was destined. Their love was instant. Their chemistry sizzled. Summer was convinced that the vampires would once again rise but would her love be enough to convince Ryan to be the king he was destined to be?


Finding an unconscious female on his private property was odd. Having to fight an animalistic attraction to the unconscious female left Ryan Valerian speechless. Soon the curvy vampire would turn the missing vampire king on his ass.


Sneak Peek

“It’s okay,” he said, his dark eyes remained on her as she stood to make her way to him. “My blood will give you back the strength you need and more.”

Summer trembled on the inside. She knew that she needed blood from the starving pains she experienced in her abdomen. She knelt at his feet as he offered her the sustenance that they both knew she needed.

She was still in awe that it was the long-lost king that was her rescuer. It had been ten years since he was last seen. Everyone knew of the Valerians and their role in leading the vampires. He was the last of his family and in order to save their race, he would need to come out of hiding.

He presented his wrist as her gums burned from her fangs descending. She gripped his wrist and brought it to her lips. Her incisors pierced his flesh, taking in his coppery nourishment. The taste of his blood was sweeter than regular blood and gave her an instant power rush.

Her body flushed as she swallowed his royal blood. Her breaths came in rapid succession as she continued to feed from him. The pains disappeared, her head no longer ached, and the small lump at the base of her neck was no longer present, as her body finished the healing process. She sat up on her knees, gripping his wrist tighter as the need to consume him filled her.

“That’s enough, Summer,” he gasped, sitting back into his chair. He pulled his arm away, leaving her wanting more.

She gasped for breath, trying to get control of herself. He may have healed all of her aches and bruises, but now, she was left still very much aroused with a pulsating pussy that was aching for release. She gripped his leg as her eyes traveled up his body, finding that he was just as shaken as she was.

Copyright © 2016 by Ariel Marie
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

My Review

4/5 Stars!

The Power of Love
A vampire king in hiding for over a decade after being overrun by hunters, regains his pride and purpose after fate delivers his destined mate to him.

Ryan Valerian is humiliated and embarrassed. He feels unworthy of the Valerian name after he ran away while hunters methodically slaughtered entire vampire towns. A true king would have stayed and died in the fight. Or so he believes.

Fleeing the latest hunter attack, Summer Rayne runs until she collapses from her injuries and exhaustion. She has no idea how far she’s run or where she is. She awakens in Ryan’s home and recognizes him instantly as the king. As destined mates, their connection is instantaneous, and Ryan already knows he’ll never let her go. Perhaps it’s because of this, Summer is able to convince Ryan that his people anxiously await his return and will fight for him. I got the feeling that it wasn’t so much “what” she was saying, but that it was her saying it. She believed in hm. She had faith in him. She would fight for him. When he tells Summer he needs her at his side, it’s obvious her love and their connection is responsible for restoring the king.

The battles are swift and retribution is fierce. When vampires and hunters are involved, it’s not always easy to say who’s “good” or who’s “bad”, but this time we know…the humans started it. LOL!

This is a short novella – it ended at 77% on my Kindle – but the author has not skimped on development or details. You might come away with questions, but only of what happens “next”…after the ending. And yes, if this story were expanded on in a series, that would only be a good thing. I’m already invested in the story. (Said the woman who prefers standalones! LOL!)

Take a wild ride with Ryan and Summer…and remember to breathe!


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About the Author

Ariel Bio Pic

Ariel Marie fell in love with books at an early age. She can remember her first favorite book. She read the book so many times that it fell apart and she was devastated! Fast-forward thirty years later, Ariel now writes books she hopes readers will fall in love with and read over and over. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre. Who doesn’t love Shifters, Witches, Faes and all the other paranormals? She just loves writing about couple’s first meeting, the magnetism of when their eyes first meet and the first kiss! Her favorite part of writing paranormals is creating the world that the characters live in.

Ariel Marie’s Social Media Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_ArielMarie

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00WB1SBFC

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/the_arielmarie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorarielmarie

Google: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ArielMarieauthor/

Summers Destiny_Front