#ReleaseBlitz “Out of Performance, Into Identity: How Love Found Me” by Angela Yarborough



Date Published: 8.28.2022

Publisher: Help from 100X Publishing



This is my story of how I went from fighting for the love, belonging, and acceptance my heart yearned for in finding my place in this world, to laying down my sword and allowing God’s love to find me.


About the Author

Angela Yarborough has a passion to see women set free from the lies of their pasts and begin living in the love and freedom of Christ. Having
accomplished this in her own life, she regularly speaks to women and gives them hope for a love story of their own.

Combining her business knowledge, creative gifting, and love for the women she is called to serve, Angela has built an online jewelry business that employs women coming from the prison system or sex trade industry. AmadeaDesigns.com equips women with the skills they need to obtain a
long-term job that fits their God-given talents.

Living in a small town in North Louisiana with her husband, Jerry, along with their last 2 kids at home, daily adventures in nature bring a smile to her face. Picnics by the lake, kayaking on the river, and playing with her pet goats and sassy chickens are just a few things you might find Angela doing when she is not designing jewelry, writing books, or ministering to women.

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#Excerpt “On the Beach (The Maison de Danse Quartet Book 3)” by Greg Jolley

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Book Three: The Maison de Danse Quartet


Date Published: 08-01-2022

Publisher: Épouvantail Books


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


Private investigator Joy Nakamura is working the strangest cold case of her career, the 1999 disappearance of the five Sanger children. Working the old files, she tries to make sense of a twisted and clearly delusional interview within the records, the closest thing to a confession or explanation. Fighting her personal demons and ruinous alcoholism, she latches onto a clue and goes on the hunt.

The trail leads Joy to Maison de Danse, a family compound in Ormond Beach. Gaining access, she questions Bo and Jangles Danser, a  handsome man with two distinct
personalities: one well-mannered and kind; the other vicious and deadly. They are soon entangled in lies and deceits as she presses on with the investigation, determined to find out what happened to the five children.

When she next meets Izzy Danser, her world is turned upside-down as the mystery gets dark and menacing. Caught up in the family’s ménage, she’s drawn into their eccentric lives and secrets, desperate to discover what happened to the Sanger children. As she draws
closer to the answer, a long black shadow threatens to consume her.

Risking her life and sanity, Joy will stop at nothing until the killer is made to pay for his crimes.



Chapter One

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Case# 1503207

Unsolved Homicide

Evidence Item: 1747-A


Suspect Statement Anonymously Received

The world ended on Tuesday, June 3, 1959, at 4:17 a.m. EST. A new form of an electro-magnetic pulse was the cause. By my calculations, it took twenty-seven seconds to round the planet. The effect was instantaneous. The world population that year was 2,979,576,185. You can look it up. In those twenty-seven seconds, that number was cut by ninety-nine percent.

Human life was erased—ended—and no continent was spared. The President in the Oval Office. A housewife at the stove. A child in a rice field in China. No matter what they were doing, all 2.9 billion dropped dead in their tracks. If it could hear, if it had ears, it died. Man and animal tumbled like rows of dominoes.

The pulse sounded blue. I’m not sure why. It was invisible, of course. Immediately following was a screech of electric silver that lasted less than a minute. Then nothing. All channels were silent. I was at the radios, monitoring all three frequencies. The signal room was at the back of the helm.

“You hear that?” I turned to my right.

Seaman James ‘Jimmy’ Cavanagh was a big boy, weighing in at an easy two hundred and forty pounds, head like a white eggplant with a tuft of blond hair never staying down. He had a wide mouth, soft chin, tiny eyes, and a mumble, except when on the radio. Then his voice became crisp and decisive.

He was already dead, headset in his hands, head back, mouth yawned open to expel his ghost. It had been nearly eleven months since I last saw a dead body. This was the first death I hadn’t had a hand in.

After unplugging, I draped the cloth cord over my shoulder and went to the helm fronting the wheelhouse. Captain Collins and NCO Hanson had both crumbled to the deck before the chart table. They lay side by side facing each other, looking like two fallen dance partners. Both were dead as can be.

Not so, sonar specialist, Fabian Andreoli. Fabian—a hoot, right? He was gawking at the dead officers, having spun his chair around from the radars screens. Fabian was movie star handsome—tall, skeletal thin, black hair with a wave always spilling onto his brow. All the blood had drained from his lovely face, replaced with a sickly pallor.

His eyes rose to mine as I entered.

“What just happened?” he asked me. “It swept the screen for less than a second. Then they fell.”

“Some kind of EMP, I think.”

“Are they?”

I kneeled before the two fallen officers, taking each of their wrists for Fabian’s benefit. I already knew the answer.

“Dead. Dead as doorknobs.”

“Dead? But the electronics, the ship is still running. I don’t understand…”

“I’m going to go look for others. Seaman Jimmy died beside me.”

“Why didn’t it kill you and me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it still will. Help me search?”

“Go ahead. I’ve got the tender boat coming in.” There was both sadness and fear in his eyes.

He swiveled his chair from the view of the two dead bodies to monitor the arrival of the supply boat.


About the Author

Greg Jolley earned a Master of Arts in Writing from the University of San Francisco and lives in the very small town of Ormond Beach, Florida.

When not writing, he researches historical crime, primarily those of the 1800s.

Or goes surfing.

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#BookTour “The Commoner’s Destiny: The Red Crest Series – Book 2” by Fred Yu

Commoner'sDestiny copy

We are so thrilled to share the exciting follow-up to Fred Yu’s sword-slashing fantasy, The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice! Read on to learn more about The Commoner’s Destiny!

The Commoner's Destiny - eBook

The Commoner’s Destiny (The Red Crest Series #2)

Genre: Epic Fantasy/ Historical Fantasy/ Asian Fantasy

Publication Date: May 5th, 2022

His past is dark. His intentions are cloudy. When lies pull him out of hiding, can he fight off imminent destruction?

Ancient China. For Chen Han, honor sits above all. So when his name is unjustly slandered and his former brothers-in-arms rise against him, he doesn’t hesitate to counter the falsehoods. But his heart burns for vengeance after he learns his beloved father figure has been murdered by a hidden villain…

Joining forces with a beautiful archer, Han treks to a dangerous island only to spring a deadly trap. And as he discovers a plot that could drive the entire Middle Kingdom into civil war, he must become the very traitor he swore to destroy in order to save his people from slaughter.

Will he submit to disgrace to stop countless deaths?

The Commoner’s Destiny is the astonishing second book in The Red Crest Asian historical fantasy series. If you like emotionally wrought heroes, heart-pounding twists, and epic battles, then you’ll love Fred Yu’s sword-slashing story.

Available on Amazon

The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice - eBook (2)

The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice (The Red Crest Series #1)

Publication Date: October 5th, 2021

Genre: Asian Fantasy/ Epic Fantasy

He was born of prophecy. If he can’t embrace his destiny in time, his country is doomed.

Ancient China. Spoiled and overconfident, eighteen-year-old Mu Feng relishes life as the son of an honored general. But when his sister is abducted and his friends slaughtered, he flees home. He soon discovers the mystical birthmark on his body has attracted an enormous price on his head.

Pursued across the Middle Kingdom, Feng finds allies in two fierce warriors and a beautiful assassin. When he learns his ultimate enemy plans an incursion with advanced weaponry, he must call on his friends and his own budding military genius to defend his country. His plan is desperate, and the enemy outnumbers him twenty-five to one…

Can Feng fulfill a duty he didn’t know he had and unite the empire against a terrifying force?

Available on Amazon

About the Author


As a lifelong student of martial arts, and growing up watching martial arts flicks in the 80s and 90s, Yu decided early on that he would write in this genre. Inspired by George RR Martin’s work, he decided he would write a series in English in this centuries-old Asian genre. Yu has written three previous novels, The Legend of Snow Wolf, Haute Tea Cuisine and Yin Yang Blades. Yu has a BFA Film and Television from NYU Tisch School of Arts. He was born in Guangzhou, China, but presently lives in New York City.

Fred Yu

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#Excerpt “Kairn (Mates of the Alliance Book 1)” by Fionne Foxxe Farraday

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Mates of the Alliance Book 1

Sci-fi / Romance / Erotica

Date Published: May 11, 2022

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

 Fighting to save a primitive planet targeted by the Alliance’s enemies, Kairn never expected to find the female who haunted his dreams made flesh and blood.

Daria’s life revolved around her work. She had given up on finding romance…let alone love. Earth was now under attack by an evil alien empire—under siege. Daria is trying to do her job as best she can in an upside-down world. Then the cavalry arrives…in the form of giant, gorgeous alien warriors.

These aliens are working toward restoring Earth to the pristine beauty she used to be. In their charismatic leader, Daria finds the most amazing partner. Laughter and love with her devoted alien, what’s an Earth girl going to do but grab on with both hands and hold on tight to enjoy the ride?

After all…what could possibly go wrong?




Daria at Age 16

Daria scribbled notes in the margins as the teacher highlighted the finer points of calculus. She nibbled absently on the end of her mechanical pencil. The bell rang, sounding the end of the class.

Taking her time, Daria gathered her textbook. She pushed her glasses back up. Her long hair fell into her face. Daria absently pulled her hair back in a high ponytail. The room was emptying quickly of the college freshmen. AP Calc was proving to be a lonely place for a precocious high school junior.

Slinging her backpack over her shoulder, she joined the students in the crowded corridor. She saw pretty college girls flirting with attentive frat boys. Daria mused to herself ruefully. How can it be possible to feel so alone in a sea of people?

Daria glanced down at her comfortable jeans, sneakers, and favorite AC/DC T-shirt. She twirled the ends of her ponytail as she looked at the straightened hair, subtle make-up, and body-skimming clothes of the sorority girls. One of the girls shifted her feet, cocking her hip with a flirty kick of her high heeled foot. Her fresh French manicure peeked out provocatively—from the very pretty torture instruments she sported on her abused feet.

Daria shuddered. I don’t think I’m missing much there.

As Daria watched, one of the boys leaned forward. He tucked a few errant curls behind the girl’s ears with careful fingers. The girl stopped flirting, blushing prettily. The boy…young man really…took the book bag the girl passed to him. Her cheeks heating to a soft rose, she flashed him a shy smile. Offering her his crooked elbow, the pair walked down the hall with their heads tilted close together…oblivious to the rest of the world.

Charmed by their obvious sweet chemistry, Daria glanced after the pair with a wistful smile. The bell rang again, shaking her out of her reverie. I don’t have time for this. Focus, girl. Finish high school…then…college…then med school. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself.

She walked down the hall, hurrying to her next AP class. I do get a little lonely…OK…a lot. I wish I had someone…I want to be close to someone…one day. I hope there’s someone out there just for me.


Daria—present day


The soft-pitched drawl fell pleasantly on her ears.

“I think I’m ready to head home, Ma’am.”

Daria pulled her stethoscope out of her ears. She smiled warmly at the distinguished older gentleman sitting ramrod straight in the bedside chair.

“You sound clear today, Mr. Clark. I do believe you’re right. I’ll get started on your discharge order. If you drive like you usually do, you should be home with your missus for supper.”

A quick grin flashed across his weathered features. He stood politely and bowed slightly as Daria headed toward the door. “I surely appreciate all you did for me. Have a care going home on those roads. Pet your hoss of a dog for me.”

Daria heard Mr. Clark dialing his cell phone before she even turned for the door. She heard him chuckle. “Sweetheart, they’re cutting me loose outta this popsicle stand. I’ll be home with you soon, darling girl.”

She smiled whimsically to herself as she closed the door gently behind her.

She nodded to the charge nurse Jenny. “Mr. Clark is headed out the door. You’d better hurry if you want to keep up with him.”

Laughter rang out around the station. “We’d better get on it before he makes a break for it.”

Dalton Clark was one of her favorite people. She always made a point to finish her rounds with him before she left for the day. Barring any emergencies, he was always her last stop if he was in the hospital. Daria smiled to herself. It was always good to end the day on a high note.

Sneakers squeaking, Daria headed down the back stairs and walked to the parking lot. She tucked her wavy brown hair behind her ears. Daria saw Nils Larsen, a good friend and dedicated surgeon. He was talking with Laura, one of the hospital recruiters. He looked up as the stairwell door closed behind Daria. He grinned and gave Daria a chin lift.

Nils leaned closer to Laura with a smile. Her manicured fingers played with the gold necklace laying in the hollow of her throat. Laura wound a lock of black hair around her finger. They laughed softly; Daria heard him murmur. “Meet you there in an hour.”

Nils put a guiding hand in the small of her back as he walked Laura to her car and helped her in. Nils stared after Laura for a few moments as she drove off.

Daria smiled at Nils as he got into his SUV. She could see the sparks of attraction between them. Daria made a shooing motion. “She’s sweet. I like her. What are you waiting for?”

Nils laughed as he started his engine. As he reversed, he stuck his head out of his window. “Hey Morrissey. Good job today. Thanks for your help.”

He paused, a faraway look in his eyes. His voice was soft. “I like her too.”

Daria took her time on the winding roads home. She had the moonroof open with the cool sea-kissed air blowing through her hair. The stunning views along the mountain curves and the sound of the crashing surf blew the last of the cobwebs from her mind.

* * *

Daria took the nearly invisible turn-off into the winding gravel road leading up to her home. The familiar rumble of her engine brought inquisitive squirrels out to investigate; chittering with excited curiosity, they ran along the crisscrossing branches forming a living archway along the trail.

Excited barks greeted her. The sound of dancing feet on the hardwood floor made her smile and relax even more. Opening the front door, Daria let Molly out for a good run.

With a grin, Daria followed—watching her dog run wind sprints across the meadow as the sun set. She wriggled her toes in the tall grass. With a happy sigh, she headed into her cozy home. She luxuriated in a lovely long as-hot-as-she-could-stand-it bath in the deep old-fashioned copper tub. Fragrant steam filled the bathroom with the relaxing scents of lavender and chocolate. She ate a simple dinner and fed the last of her Reuben sandwich to a hopeful Molly. Who knew dogs would love sauerkraut?

Daria sunk into the comfortably worn sofa, rubbing a lazy foot along Molly’s side. The big shepherd mix wagged her tail lazily in expressive thanks. Leaning back into the soft cushions, Daria cuddled under the over-sized throw. She stared absently into the peaceful room, the soft crackle and pop of the fire lulling her into a light doze.

Daria thought about Nils and Laura. She had a good feeling about them. A sharp pang of loneliness crept over her, foreign and contrary to her usual easygoing happy nature. Her gaze drifted to the large empty spot at the other end of the sofa. Daria let out a wistful sigh. What would it be like to have someone special to share this with?

A soft woof broke the strange spell and drew her eyes to an alert Molly. Once she was sure she was the sole focus of her human’s attention, Molly promptly lolled expectantly onto her back. Daria laughed, sinking down onto the smooth old oak floors to give Molly a world-class belly rub.

Daria was rewarded by a riotous symphony of happy high-pitched yips and whines. She watched with fond amusement as her huge shepherd reverted to puppyhood and crawled into her lap. She teased affectionately. “You spoiled little thing!”

And scratched some more.


Some hours later


Daria startled awake out of a fitful sleep. Disoriented, she sat up on her makeshift bed…her pulse pounding loudly in her ears. Nails clicked on the wooden floor as Molly growled in her throat, hackles rising as she planted herself squarely in front of the door.

The dying embers in the fireplace cast eerie flickering shadows as her eyes adjusted to the dark room. Daria listened intently, straining her ears. Nothing except Molly’s continued deep growl broke the silence.

She stroked a gentle hand along Molly’s silky ears. “Easy girl. What’s got you all stirred up?”

The large dog shook herself and stared fixedly at the door, hackles standing up along her spine.

Daria didn’t hear anything, but she trusted her dog…implicitly. A shiver ran through her. That was it…they were in her beyond-rustic cabin in the mountains. Secluded and peaceful. But now the usual voices of the night were eerily silent: No owls. No yipping coyotes in the distance. No crickets…It had been a great place to recharge but now it was TOO quiet.

With exaggerated care, Daria swung the heavy door open to avoid its habitual squeak, Molly posting protectively at her side. Easing through the doorway, Daria stared at the red glow highlighting the early dawn sky. Dull menacing booming sounded…repeated…and echoed.

A brilliant light exploded along the horizon…before subsiding into an angry red glare. As far as she could see, the skies were on fire…in the distance, cities were burning.

Roaring sounded over her head as multiple jet engines roared overhead…Daria thought wildly. Please God, let those be our jets!

The powerful unseen craft flew low and fast toward the cities.


 About the Author

Fionne Foxxe Farraday the award-winning author of the 2022 INTERNATIONAL IMPACT BOOK AWARD for “Best Romance” novel. She also is a medical
professional working in the area of pulmonary and critical care medicine.

After years of working with patients, Farraday faced medical issues in March 2020 that put her on enforced medical leave without call responsibilities.

An avid reader, she soon exhausted her list of books and found herself bored with TV, leading her to begin outlining the story that would become KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance. Returning to ICU work during the dark days of the first Covid-19 wave, Fionne continued writing as a way to cope with the intense demands and the losses of countless patients. The writing took on a life of its own as Farraday fashioned the fictional happy endings which were in short supply in the ICU full of Covid-19 patients.

With her own background in medicine and family members who served in WWII and Vietnam, Farraday’s books are a salute to all of the medical and military personnel whose sacrifices allow us to do what we do. A mother, grandmother, and animal lover, Fionne Foxxe Farraday lives in Cookeville, TN.

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#CoverReveal “Wanting the Fight (Gloves Off – Next Generation)” by LP Dover

Title: Wanting the Fight: a Gloves Off – Next Generation Novel

Author: L.P. Dover
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Sports Romance
Tropes: MMA Fighters, Actress, Mafia, Friends to Lovers, One Night Stand, Secret Pregnancy
Release Date: October 25, 2022
Cover Design: RBA Designs
Photographer: Sara Eirew Photography
Illustrated by: FuriousFotog

From New York Times bestseller L.P. Dover comes a story of passion, revenge, and twisted manipulation.
Ethan Jameson has it all. He’s one of the hottest fighters in the middleweight circuit and is loved by women everywhere. It seems nothing can stand in his way… except for the dragon tattoo that marks him as a target. He knew the day would come when Nikolai Michelson would seek out his vengeance. He even fooled himself into believing he was ready to fight back… until a one-night stand changes everything.
Peyton Emerson; Hollywood starlet and America’s sweetheart. She’s always wondered what it would be like to have Ethan to herself. After a drunken weekend in Vegas, she got the pleasure of finding out firsthand. But being with her comes at a cost. Peyton knows all too well how the paparazzi tear couples apart with their lies.
Still, there’s no denying that their one-night stand sparked something inside of them—a need for one another they can’t quell. Unable to fight their attraction, they work to keep their relationship a secret. Unfortunately, their efforts aren’t enough to keep an enemy from finding out and using that information to manipulate them both. When Peyton and Ethan are approached with a grisly demand, they have no choice but to accept. Those they love will pay the horrific price if they try to refuse…

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Everything’s sweeter in the South has always been her mantra and she lives by it, whether it’s with her writing or in her everyday life. Maybe that’s why she’s seriously addicted to chocolate.

Dover has written countless novels in several different genres, including a children’s book with her daughter. Her favorite to write is romantic suspense, but she’s also found a passion in romantic comedy. She loves to make people laugh which is why you’ll never see her without a smile on her face.


#AudioTour “Double Negative” by Susan Marshall

audiobook cover

Author: Susan Marshall
Narrator: Sandra Churchill
Length: 11 hours 1 minute
Producer: Audiobook Empire
Publisher: Susan Marshall
Genre: Young Adult
Released: Aug. 12, 2022

Injured competitive swimmer, Reece never wanted to be Vice Prez of West Hill High. It was her brother Jamie’s idea and just something to do until she could get back into the pool.
She knew that Jamie—who led off his campaign with a strip-tease “election speech”—would be a complete “President Dumbass.” But what Reece didn’t foresee was that she’d fall, and hard, for Jamie’s student council rival, Zain. And that big drama would follow.

Zain is hot and intense, plus an amputee and a basketball star. Between Zain’s disability and Reece’s surgery, they have their challenges but that makes their connection deeper.
That is until Zain drops a bombshell about his accident. And suddenly everything that is important to Reece starts to implode.
Struggling with issues of family loyalty, secrets and scars, Reece must decide if real relationships are worth the heartache.

“The strong characterizations make the main players’ behavior realistic… The action and exposition come at a fast clip… In the end, the protagonist comes to an important realization—that, in life, “Perfection was overrated.” An often humorous and insightful story of teens becoming self-aware young adults.” -Kirkus Reviews

A lover of libraries, Susan obtained a Master’s Degree in Library Science, but was too disorganized for the profession and now writes full-time.

The old adage is to “write what you know.” In Double Negative, Susan channels her experience as the parent of a teen amputee and her misguided belief that she was once an athlete. Susan resides in Toronto, with her family and pets.

Susan’s first novel NemeSIS (think “sister bully”) was praised by Kirkus Reviews: “Marshall has written a rare book…a smart choice for teen readers.”

An avid reader as a child, I loved to lose myself in a story, acting out my favourite book characters —sometimes a fencing female pirate or a dignified young Queen Victoria! As the youngest of seven, I was a born mimic, imitating accents and personalities for the entertainment of my family.

I still love to play strong heroines, from girls to women, and love delving into the details of character and emotion to craft an aural vision for the audiobook listener. From my years of performing and private teaching, I have developed insight into how to connect to and express an author’s intent and it enables me to convey your story with care, commitment and honesty.

I continue to entertain my family of five, but with many more eye-rolls, and love to learn new accents!

I look forward to working with you and bringing your story to life!

At Audiobook Empire, audio reigns supreme, narrators are hailed as heroes, and headphones are worn with pride.

Marrying pomp and circumstance with quality you can count on, Audiobook Empire is a full-service production house that produces and promotes audiobooks with gusto.

Give your audiobook the imperial treatment by producing it with Audiobook Empire.

Author Susan Marshall’s Reasons to be an Audiobook Listener
  1. Make the mundane interesting:
  2. Dog walking
  3. Gardening
  4. 3Cooking
  5. Commuting
  6. Exercising
  7. Learn new stuff
  8. Escape into a new life
  9. Way longer than podcasts
  10. So many amazing and free audiobooks to borrow from your library
  11. 10/ If you loved a book you read, listen to the audiobook and you’ll be surprised at what you pick up


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#AudioTour “Search for the Holy Grail: A Thrilling Caribbean Sea Chase” by MJL Evans & GM O’Connor

audiobook cover

Authors: MJL Evans; GM O’Connor

Narrator: Anne Marie Lewis

Length: 19 hours 20 minutes

Series: Volumes 1-3 (Box Set)

Producer: Audiobook Empire

Publisher: Megan JL Evans

Released: July 18, 2022

Genre: Mystery; Historical Thriller

Every pirate in the Caribbean is searching for The Holy Grail—a ship carrying the treasury of Hanover and the countess Aurora of Calenberg, suspected of orchestrating the theft. Prinz Maximilian will stop at nothing to catch her and regain the fortune, even if it means following her into the deepest, darkest recesses of Samaná Bay. With pirates and cutthroats at every turn, will she be reunited with her handmaiden, Helena and her portrait painter, Dodo? Aurora’s only solace is in a bottle of Cognac with a chaser of coca-leaf powder in this vibrant, fast-paced chase through the Caribbean.

MJL EVANS wanted to be a writer since she was ten years old and in 2014 she finally got her act together and pursued her dream. She is the co-author of No Quarter: Dominium, No Quarter: Wenches, and Search for the Holy Grail. A huge fan of Monty Python, Red Dwarf, and other BBC shows, her time is devoted to acrylic painting, photography, catering to her senior cat and of course, writing.

GM O’CONNOR is a visual artist, illustrator and writer who dabbles in guitars, acting, and sometimes wildlife rescue. A movie encyclopedia, he’s a fan of sci-fi and history. He is the co-author of No Quarter: Dominium, No Quarter: Wenches, and Search for the Holy Grail. He hopes to one day bring the No Quarter Series to film and/or graphic novel format.

Pittsburgh native Anne Marie Lewis has enjoyed a richly varied and long career in the performing arts. She has performed across the globe from Carnegie Hall to Boise to Little Rock to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as well as in Canada, England and Scotland. With the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s final novel, she performs Persuasion: A Musical Adaptation at Jane Austen festivals on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and in Bath, England in 2018. Chicago area credits: Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (Emma), Music Theater Works (Peter Pan, My Fair Lady, One Night in Venice, The Red Mill) Remy Bumppo Theatre Company (Northanger Abbey, The Skin of Our Teeth), Northbrook Theatre (Fancy Nancy, Elephant and Piggie: We are in a Play), Oil Lamp Theater (Love, Loss, and What I Wore), Refuge Theatre Project (bare), Lifeline Theatre (Midnight Cowboy), Chamber Opera Chicago (Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, The Sound of Music, Hansel and Gretel), Spartan Theatre (Jake’s Women), Jedlicka Performing Arts Center (Moon over Buffalo), Metropolis Performing Arts Center (The Diary of Anne Frank), Fury Theatre (The Merry Wives of Windsor), Provision Theater (Christmas on the Air), 16th Street Theatre (Graveyard of Empires), Chicago Opera Theatre (Shining Brow, Don Giovanni), and Idle Muse Theatre Company (The Scullery Maid). Regional credits include Lyric Opera Cleveland (Little Women), Pine Mountain Music Festival (Le nozze di Figaro), Muddy River Opera (Die Fledermaus), Quad Cities Opera (La bohème), as well as numerous appearances with regional symphony orchestras. International credits: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Buxton Fringe Festival, Camden Fringe Festival and Jane Austen 200 in Winchester, UK. She is also a sought-after audiobook narrator, a genre she loves dearly as she gets to be producer, director, technical crew and all the characters! Anne Marie is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University and an even prouder mother to her four young men.

At Audiobook Empire, audio reigns supreme, narrators are hailed as heroes, and headphones are worn with pride.

Marrying pomp and circumstance with quality you can count on, Audiobook Empire is a full-service production house that produces and promotes audiobooks with gusto.

Give your audiobook the imperial treatment by producing it with Audiobook Empire.

#BookTour “Invitation to Hell (Goddess of Death #1)” by Amber Bunch

Invitation to hell copy

Welcome to the book tour for dark fantasy, romance Invitation to Hell by Amber Bunch. This is the first book in the Goddess of Death series. Read on for more info and a chance to win a book box filled with a signed hardcover edition and a whole bunch of other goodies!

Casebound Cover ITH sample

Invitation to Hell (Goddess of Death #1)

Publication Date: September 22, 2022 (First Edition)

Genre: Dark Romance/ Dark Fantasy/ Mythology

What if, all you’ve ever known was ripped away from you…

You were thrown into a world full of the same creatures that have haunted your nightmares for years. Magic, and the Gods are no longer a myth, but a part of your destiny.

Now, you’re about to lose everything and everyone you love to an evil King known as the Devourer of Souls.

Then, there’s Hades son…

The ruthless Prince that drives you crazy and thinks you are a waste of his time.

You can’t stand him, but he has been instructed to protect you, so now you have to deal with his arrogance on top of everything else.

The two of you must travel across the Realms to find a way to stop King Lucius before all is lost and you still don’t even know how to use your newly awakened power.

Well, this should be fun.

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My life has been full of lies and betrayal.

I just found out that Magic, Demons, Gods… It’s all real.

Now, an Evil King wants to harness my powers for his own. And if he does, he’ll bring ruin to all six realms.

The best part of it… I’m destined to save us all.

But how can I fight an evil that I’ve never even seen? Because no matter what I do, he always seems to be one step ahead of me.

To add to the shock of a lifetime, Prince of the Underworld, Asmodeus has been sent to train and protect me.

So far, the only thing he’s good at is driving me insane.

I’m not sure if I want to throat punch him or kiss him.

Maybe both….

But he’s my only chance at learning how to control my newly awakened power, save my family, and stop Lucius’s plans before it’s too late.

I just hope the prophecy is right. And being the “Destined one” is enough.

Because if it’s wrong… I’ve doomed us all

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About the Author


Amber is an author of spicy romance with a twist…
She isn’t committed to any one genre. She lives in Ohio with her family and her dog. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing guitar, and loves to stay active. She is a mother of three and her family is her biggest support group. She has also written a children’s book series that was inspired by her children and their play adventures together.

Amber Bunch | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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#CoverReveal “Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir” by Judy Haveson


To Be Published: September 28, 2022

Publisher: J Press Books


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Growing up in 1970s and 80s suburban Houston, Judy Haveson is funny, sarcastic, and fiercely loyal, especially to her family, friends, and big sister, Celia. When she suffers a series of unimaginable traumatic events, her seemingly idyllic childhood comes to a halt, changing her life forever.

In Laugh Cry Rewind, Judy takes readers on her journey of self-discovery, sharing funny, touching, and heartbreaking stories from her childhood all the way to the birth of her son. Her experiences serve as a reminder that while life is not always fair, ultimately, the choice to surrender or keep on living is ours. Judy’s message to others who have experienced loss or tragedy is this: stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Let life go on, and good things will be waiting for you on the other side of the pain.


About the Author

Judy Haveson is a proud Texan who will never lose her southern charm or accent and uses both when the situation absolutely calls for it.

Her one-time dream of becoming a journalist was shattered when a professor suggested she pick a new major due to her penchant for obsessive conversation. He claimed she’d be an editor’s nightmare because she wrote as she spoke and never stopped talking. This led her to a career in public relations.

Judy’s fixation with reading books and stories about other people’s lives inspired her to write her debut memoir.

She currently lives in The Hamptons with her husband, Adam, son, Jack, and beloved Yorkie, Toby.

Contact Links



Twitter: @judyhaveson



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#ReleaseBlitz “11:59” by Marlon Hayes


Fiction, African American Fiction

Release Date: August 23rd, 2022

Publisher: Motina Books


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


There comes a moment in everyone’s life when everything finally makes sense. You know that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

It’s 11:59, and Rob Jackson is reflecting on his life – the domino effect that each event had on the next throughout the years of his life.

During his childhood in a small town in Mississippi, he learned how it feels to be an outsider, and the love for his mother, books, fishing, and his grandmother, are what kept him full of hope.

Although Jackson strives to build a relationship with his biological father, the constant search for his approval only results in heartbreak and tragedy.

Throughout this journey, he discovers nothing is ever as it seems. He tries to overcome his bitterness, loneliness, and disappointments, with the help of the women he meets along the way. Octavia, a mentor and guide, Dolores, a friend and partner, and then Nora, the woman he believes to be his soulmate.

When the final domino falls, Jackson is staring at the clock, with time being his ultimate nemesis.



About the Author

Marlon S. Hayes is a writer from Chicago, Illinois, who loves his family, his three dogs (even Polly!), his friends, traveling, cooking, and the Chicago Cubs.

He is the author of seven books, and his stories have appeared in multiple magazines and anthologies.

He can be contacted at marlonshayes@gmail.com and followed on Amazon and Marlon’s Writings on Facebook.

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