#ReleaseBlitz “Alligator Boogie (The Chronicles of the Cove, Book One)” by Megan Lucker


The Chronicles of the Cove, Book One

Children’s Adventure Fantasy

Date Published: August 20, 2022

Welcome to Book 1 of the Chronicles of the Cove!

Alligator Boogie

When the A.C. breaks down in the middle of your first summer in Florida, there’s only one thing to do: go to the beach!

Introducing the magical adventures of Jessie, Josie, and Jack as they explore their new island home…


 About the Author

Megan Lucker is a freelance author, editor, ESL tutor, and utter rapscallion.

When she is not fist-fighting alligators, teaching her dog to
talk, or sword-fighting in her living room; she can be found scouring her memories for her next book.

The Chronicles of the Cove are inspired by Megan’s childhood memories on a real life island named Sanibel. While the real place may have no vampires, were-bears, or other monsters (that we know of); it remains just as magical as Megan remembers it.


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