#BookReview “The Foundation of Plot” by Elena Hartwell

August 1-31, 2022 Book Tour

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5/5 Stars!

Novice and seasoned writers should have The Foundation of Plot (TFOP) in their resource library.

In less than a hundred pages, the necessary building blocks of story structure are explained in relation to the plot and each other.

Complete with examples from well-known books and mini exercises, the author shows how writers can build a strong, dynamic plot while staying true to the story.

As a writer, I was impressed by the practical approach and easy flow of the book. The author doesn’t waste time or space with flowery words or literary theories. This is what makes TFOP especially beneficial for new writers still finding their way and their writer’s voice.

While querying is mentioned often—and part of the title—self-publishers should not pass TFOP by. It’s a great resource to help write and polish the best manuscript possible, and that’s something all writers want.

This little book packs a powerful punch and would be a great investment for all authors. I plan to add a print copy to my writing resource library.




Structure underlies every story, but without a strong foundation, even well-written sentences can fail to result in a marketable manuscript. The Foundation of Plot defines the components of a story arc, details the differences between plot and story, and covers common errors writers make. It also includes exercises which apply concepts to works in progress or new projects. Drawing on the author’s decades of storytelling and teaching experience, this short guide provides the framework for fiction, narrative nonfiction, and memoir, walking writers through a first draft, the repair of a failed manuscript, or any draft in between. For experienced authors and first-time writers alike, applying the concepts outlined in this manual can help launch a submission from the slush pile to the bookstore shelf.


Book Details

Genre: Nonfiction

Published by: Elena Hartwell

Publication Date: July 19, 2022

Number of Pages: 97

ISBN: 9798986020600

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | IndieBound


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