#BookReview “Silent Cries, a standalone novella” by Tracey Jukes

Large_Silent Cries

Silent Cries, a standalone novella by Tracey Jukes

Genre: Romantic Suspense


4/5 Stars!

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed romantic suspense and I definitely made an excellent choice to return to the genre.

Erin Williams believes she’s won the happily-ever-after lottery when she falls in love and marries wealthy Elijah Anderson, but the ink isn’t dry on the marriage license before he shows his true colors as a master manipulator and mental and physical abuser.

She’s lost much during their brief marriage. Her home country of Canada, the closeness of her family, and her independence. Isolated and alone in Detroit, Erin reaches her breaking point, and when a chance to escape presents itself, she’s ready…but with no clear plan.

But Jude does have one. Elijah’s head of security is the only person who’s shown Erin any kindness, and though she’s afraid to trust him, she knows it’s her only choice.  After a shared kiss, Erin leaves with a new name and a promise from Jude to find her one day.

As Erin begins her new life as “Addie,” the plot twists come fast and furious! If I hadn’t been swiping the pages of this novella so fast, I’d have started a scorecard to keep up!

Jude is the perfect dangerous man with a heart, and though a bit too “tortured” for my tastes at times, Addie did win me over as she fought to reclaim her dignity and sense of self.

Kudos to Elodie and Asher for being a great support team. I wouldn’t mind reading about all these folks again!




Falling in love was the beginning of her nightmare…


My husband turned into a monster the day we said I do. So I ran.

I didn’t expect his head of security to help me escape. I always thought Jude was dark and violent. Just another monster.

He’s more than that, though. He’s also my protector, watching from the shadows as I live my new life.

One day, he’ll come for me like he promised—and I’ll be ready.

Because no matter what, Jude is my monster now.


I never intended to save her. But seeing her broken was more than I could take.

Once she fell into my arms, I knew the truth.

Addie is mine.

But she looks happy with her fresh start. So I’ll stay hidden. For now.

And when my boss comes, I’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Then we will be together.

Because no matter what the fairy tales say, monsters do get happily ever after endings…

Trigger Warning: This book contains mention of domestic violence and kidnap

Buy Now! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B4G8XHWY

Only 99p. (1.17 US)

Meet the Author

Tracey Jukes is a British Author from Wolverhampton in the UK. She’s a wife, mum and nanna. Her much loved family is a little crazy, but then she would argue that she is also. She loves to blast out loud music in the car and has a fetish for designer handbags.

She loves to read – especially books that involve a hot, over protective alpha with tattoos. She primarily writes edgy, addictive romantic suspense with a touch of dark romance that will leave you page flipping till the end




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