#BookReview “See You Next Tuesday: From the Case Files of Steve Rockfish” by Ken Harris

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5/5 Stars!

Rockfish and Jawnie are back without missing a beat, but with a change or two.

Rockfish and McGee, Investigative Specialists now has two licensed investigators after Jawnie passed her exam, and she’s still dragging him into the new millennium and the wonderful world of technology. Steve grudgingly takes baby steps and would rather swallow glass shards before he admits he actually likes it.

A family emergency distracts Steve, and Jawnie is left on her own for the first time… with a cheating husband case.

Doing his lone wolf style investigating—except for Raffi—a furious Steve is hellbent on tracking down the scammers who took Mack and Iggy for over forty-thousand dollars.

Despite a lack of clear, two-way communication, the partners soon realize both their cases are connected and go deeper than they could have imagined.

This was another great ride with Rockfish and McGee and plenty of bad guys, too many close calls, and never too many one-liners.

We also get to see even more into the sometimes troubled psyches of the dynamic duo, meet a guy named Earl—easily forgettable—and a young woman named Gwendolyn Hurricane-Tesla, not at all forgettable! Nor is the title’s meaning!

A great plot and stellar writing do an amazing job of blending popular culture, current events, and generational differences with the investigations of the flawed but sharp sleuths.

Hard-boiled and gritty, or witty and hilarious, this read doesn’t miss a beat!

Rockfish shops at Things Remembered. Who knew?





From the Case Files of Steve Rockfish

PI Steve Rockfish’s father loses part of his retirement savings in an online romance scam while partner Jawnie McGee handles the firm’s newest client who spins a tale of alleged spousal infidelity. Rockfish ignores his current case load and becomes fixated on tracking down those responsible for the fraud. Restitution is coming in the form of cash or broken bones. At the same time, Jawnie’s surveillance of the cheating spouse reveals more acts of kindness than sex leading to a client who doesn’t want to believe the good news.

Unbeknownst to the partners, each investigative path leads the partners to the Church of the Universal Nurturing II where the fraud is on a cryptocurrency level. Their new SunCoin is marketed as the only post-rapture currency accepted inside the pearly gates. After all, who wants to show up to the after party with out-turned pockets and not get past Heaven’s paywall?

Church elders court Rockfish and his new-found Hollywood wealth with an old-fashioned honey pot. The danger level ratchets up as Rockfish counters by sending the firm’s two new confidential informants undercover only to find the church’s endgame grift is larger and deadlier than anyone expected.

Praise for See You Next Tuesday:

“Action packed and smartly written.”

Kevin Somers, GoodReads Review

“Harris has created his own sub-genre with this series, which is a beautiful and unique thing to see. Beloved characters must brave the most dangerous, harrowing journey yet. The suspense woven through this tale is done with a finesse rarely seen, and ensures we stay glued to the page.”

Ben Eads, author of Cracked Sky and Hollow Heart

“The second in the Case Files of Steve Rockfish series begins with separate cases involving a cheating husband, a corrupt religious cult, a stockpile of poison gas, and a currency scam. The cases come together in a wild ride worthy of a chase scene in a movie, as the detectives pursue the cult leader in a rip-roaring page turner of an ending.”

Carolyn Geduld, author of Take Me Out The Back and Who Shall Live

“Harris takes you on two journeys you hope will never happen to family members but fear it could. The emotional roller coaster you will ride, keeps you reading and hoping the end comes with a taste of sweet revenge. Harris finds a way to weave a story that keeps you turning the pages and wanting more Rockfish.”

Stephen W. Briggs, author of Family of Killers-Memoirs of an Assassin

Book Details:

Genre: Crime Fiction, Crime Thriller

Published by: Black Rose Writing

Publication Date: July 14th 2022

Number of Pages: 546

ISBN: 1684339898 (ISBN13: 9781684339891)

Series: Case Files of Steve Rockfish, #2

Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads

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3 thoughts on “#BookReview “See You Next Tuesday: From the Case Files of Steve Rockfish” by Ken Harris

  1. I am actually thrilled to death that you enjoyed the sequel as much as the original. I cannot wait for you to read the third Rockfish adventure come March 2023. Thank you again for your support it is greatly appreciated.


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