#BookBlitz “The Lawyer’s Angel” by Scott Allen Benkie


Crime Thriller

Date Published: January 31, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

Attorney James Crosson is in the grips of despair, blaming himself for his wife’s death. A widow hires him to pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of her late husband who died in a seemingly ordinary car wreck.

Crosson must confront his own tragic loss and gambling debts as he unravels the plot
hatched by a deranged corporate tyrant who will stop at nothing to conceal the truth, take down the lawyer, and preserve his empire.

With Vegas goons closing in and everything at stake, Crosson goes all in one last time with
no realistic chance of winning the case or surviving the evil arrayed against him.


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#BookBlitz “Shattered Pieces Can Still SHINE (Georgie’s Story)” by Gloria Eveleigh


Georgie’s story


Historical fiction, Biographical Fiction


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This story, loosely based on a real-life story, is about Georgie, a child born to a single mother just after WW2 in a small village in Cumberland.

After an initially happy first few years of childhood during which Georgie dreams of becoming a dancer, she finds herself the victim of sexual and psychological abuse by her stepfather, and then neglect and rejection by both her mother and her absent father.

Eventually Georgie runs away to London where, after a short period of rough-sleeping, life seems to become more positive for a while, and she is able to kick start her dancing career.

But things go badly wrong, and Georgie finds herself imprisoned into a life she did not choose, with little chance of escaping.

She had rarely prayed to God, but it seemed He was watching over her …





Early February 1952


Life had become almost normal for Georgie once Mummy was back home. The
five-year-old felt at peace, but somehow couldn’t quite find the old
bouncing Georgie that she once was. Neither could she bring herself to call
the monster Daddy anymore. Georgie knew that Mummy had put it down to her
having grown up a lot while she was away. Pattie and Robert had appeared to
be less worried about her too, which Georgie thought was because they knew
her mummy was now there to monitor the situation.

A month passed by until one Sunday morning early in February Mummy
announced that she was popping down to see Pattie for a couple of hours for
a catchup.

“Would you mind keeping an eye on the girls for me, please, Gerald?
It would be lovely to have a bit of girlie time with Pattie on our own.
Daisy’s just gone down for a nap, so she shouldn’t be a

Georgie had overheard what Mummy had said as she sat on the settee in the
living room quietly reading her book about the girl who became a dancer and
dreaming of her longed-for future. When Mummy popped her head around the
door to say goodbye, she asked Mummy if she could go with her.

“Not this time, Baby, you’d be bored anyway. It will just be me
and Pattie chattering away as usual. You and Daddy could play your chasing
game like you used to. I haven’t seen you two laughing together once
since I came out of hospital. Daisy’s fast asleep in her cot so you
don’t have to amuse her. Have some fun.”

Then Mummy disappeared, leaving Georgie sitting on the edge of the settee,
holding tightly on to her book. Should she stay where she was and keep
quiet, hoping not to attract the monster’s attention? Tingling fear
crept its way up her tense body, switching her mind on to red alert. Maybe
she could creep outside to the front garden and play five-stones in the
lane. Somehow, she would feel safer outside. She would still hear Daisy if
she woke up, so at least she’d know her little sister was safe. Yes,
that’s what she would do. She crept into the hallway and slipped her
coat off the stair post. She would put it on once she was outside. She
walked quietly over to the front door, holding her breath, but as she lifted
her hand to turn the knob, she jumped at the sound of the monster’s

“Where d’you think you’re going?”

It took all Georgie’s control to stop her voice quaking as she turned
to him.

“Just going out to play five-stones in the lane.”

He approached her, took her coat, and put it back over the stair

“Upstairs now.”

Georgie immediately obeyed. She remembered his threat and knew that she had
to protect her little sister. He followed closely behind. At the top of the
stairs, he guided her into the bathroom and locked the door behind

“Kneel down in front of the toilet.”

She obeyed.

“Open the lid.”

She obeyed. He loosened his trousers, and she immediately knew what she had
to do. He approached her.

Afterwards, he left the bathroom, leaving Georgie vomiting down the toilet.
When she’d finished, she flushed away the proof of her action, rinsed
her mouth out with water from the washbasin, and quietly exited into her
bedroom to check that Daisy was safe. Pale-faced and trembling, she knelt on
her bed to look out of the window and down the lane where she knew her mummy
was. She didn’t notice the monster return quietly to her room, so his
loud whisper made her jump.

“Get back downstairs to your book, now.”

Georgie was paralysed to the spot for a long moment. Was he going to touch
Daisy? Then she felt the harsh grip of his hand on her arm, pulling her off
the bed and guiding her out of her bedroom and down each step, including the
creaky one, until she found herself shoved back onto the settee. He picked
up her precious dancer book and for a painful moment she held her breath,
fearing that he was going to destroy it. Instead, he pushed it into her
hands before turning away and returning to the kitchen. Georgie was numb.
She sat there for several minutes, clinging on to the book, knowing that she
didn’t have the option of crying, because her mummy would notice her
red face and swollen eyes. Suddenly she heard the front door open and saw
Mummy enter.

“Don’t tell me you’re still reading that same old book of
yours, Baby?

Georgie used every bit of her willpower to force a smile onto her face as
Mummy took off her coat and placed it on the stair post over Georgie’s
coat. As she did so, there was a small cry from Daisy, and Mummy tripped
upstairs to retrieve her baby. As she came back downstairs holding Daisy,
Georgie jumped up from the settee to meet them, immediately responding to
her little sister’s open arms and taking her from Mummy.

“Ger, Ger,” the child gurgled as Mummy smiled and headed
towards the kitchen, leaving Daisy with her big sister.

Georgie was happy to be distracted from what had happened by amusing Daisy
for the rest of the day and avoiding the monster in the process. It
wasn’t until she got into bed that night, and endured Mummy and the
monster coming up together to tuck her in, that she gave way to the silent
tears that she had been swallowing since the incident. As sleep eventually
overtook her, she decided that she would disclose her secret to Mummy and
beg her not to tell. She knew she couldn’t continue the way things

As it happened, Mummy broached the subject herself. Georgie came out of
school on the Monday afternoon to find Mummy, with Daisy in her pram,
waiting for her as usual. As they were walking home, Georgie holding on to
the side of the pram handle and making Daisy laugh by repeatedly leaning
towards her little sister and pretending that she was about to tickle her,
Mummy spoke.

“Georgie, Babe, what’s wrong? Won’t you tell me why you
always look so serious these days? What’s happened to your bounce? I
really miss it.”

Georgie knew that this was her opportunity, so she took a deep breath and
keeping her eyes on the ground, she opened up to Mummy, who she knew loved
her more than life itself.

“He’s been doing things to me, Mummy, and I don’t like
it. He said he would really hurt me and Daisy if I told anyone.”

It was such a relief to get the words out that Georgie allowed the tears to
trickle down her cheeks and plop to the ground.

“What do you mean, Baby? Who has been doing things to you and what
has he been doing?”

“Gerald. When you were in hospital, he did things to me in my bed,
and made me do things that made me sick.”

“What are you talking about? Why are you calling your daddy Gerald?
What things did he do to you?”

“He touched me between my legs, he put his thing in my mouth, and one
time he put his thing inside me, and it hurt me so bad, Mummy, that it made
me bleed.”

“Georgie, daddies don’t do things like that to their little
girls. These are terrible things to say about your daddy. Where on earth
have you heard such things in the first place? Have you been listening to
the bad kids in the school playground?”

Georgie gulped. She was shocked into silence. Her own mummy didn’t
believe her.

“Georgie, I never want to hear you say such outrageous things again.
Do you hear me?”

Georgie’s eyes didn’t leave the ground. She knew it was
pointless arguing. She just nodded. The rest of the way home was spent in
silence. Even little Daisy went quiet as if she sensed that something was


 About the Author

Gloria Eveleigh has three adult children and five grandchildren. She lives on England’s south coast but was born in South London just after WW2.
She grew up on a council estate, experiencing familial sexual, physical and psychological abuse within a dysfunctional family. Despite this, she did well at school and spent the first part of her career as a research
scientist. She then studied to become a social worker, specialising in the area of safeguarding, and eventually running her own safeguarding consultancy.

She is now a champion for survivors of abuse and uses her writing and regular posts on social media to ensure that the issue of abuse in all its forms is kept high in the public narrative. Through this, Gloria hopes to break down the wall of silence that often prevents victims from reporting, and in effect protects the perpetrators.

As a child when abuse was hidden, not believed, and not acknowledged, Gloria’s experiences resulted in an emotional life sentence. She managed to turn this around, and is now a champion for abuse survivors, using her writing and social media posts to keep the issue of all forms of abuse high in the public narrative.

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#BookBlitz “The Self-Compassion Project: How to become emotionally stronger, more effective, and happier by giving yourself a break” by Rita Desnoyers-Garcia


How to become emotionally stronger, more effective, and happier by giving
yourself a break


Nonfiction / Self-Help / Self Esteem

Date Published: May 16, 2019

Publisher: Becoming Awake LLC


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Finding happiness can be like finding the matching sock your dryer ate long, long ago; you’re sure it’s there, but you just don’t know where to look.

The Self-Compassion Project is the antidote to endless hours of berating yourself for not finding inner peace. You’ve tried meditation, self-help groups, singing bowl therapy and all that other stuff and nothing really “clicks”. Instead of searching for inner peace, why not simply uncover it?

In this down-to-earth, practical and witty self-help guide, Rita Desnoyers-Garcia offers six simple steps to get to the gooey center of your soul, where you can finally relax and enjoy life. Rita’s sound advice is based on years of using her techniques for herself and teaching clients how to use them. The advice Rita gives will help you:

– Become aware of when you are not being your own best friend (who else is going to love you more than you?)

– Notice what’s underneath all those “negative” emotions like anger, fear, sadness, and anxiety- and understand what those emotions are telling you (it may not be all bad!)

– Create a new outlook on life that is more positive, peaceful, and leaves you feeling more at ease with any circumstance what will come your way (Superwoman, scooch over!)

By the end of the book you’ll understand why self-compassion is the key to finding your true self. It’s the trick to feeling more in-tune with your HIgher Self and more aligned with the important people in your life (all 7.53 billion of them!)

Become emotionally stronger, more effective, and happier by giving yourself a break ( and reading this book)!


About the Author

Rita Desnoyers-Garcia has been helping people reach their true potential for over 20 years. After a long career as a social worker in NYC, and while raising her family, she had a spiritual transformation. She is now a spiritual teacher, speaker, life coach, comedian, and author.

She lives with her husband and three children in New Jersey.

Start reading The Self-Compassion Project on your Kindle in under a minute.

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#BookTour “Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1)” by Palmer Pickering

MoonDeed copy

Welcome to the book tour for the award-winning novel, Moon Deeds by Palmer Pickering! Read on for more info and check out all the stops because there will be opportunities to win a copy of your own!

Moon Deeds eCover

Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1)

Publication Date: May 25th, 2019

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Space Opera

“The path to power is cloaked in shadows, so if you avoid all the shadows, you’ll never learn anything.”
It’s 2090: the last outpost of freedom is the moon, the best defense against technology is magic, and the only hope for humankind rests in the hands of the Star Children.

Twins Cassidy and Torr must save Earth from a ruthless enemy at a time when the only force more powerful than alien technology is magic. Moon Deeds launches the siblings’ journey across the galaxy, where they must learn their power as the Star Children, claim their shamanic heritage, and battle dark forces that threaten humankind.

The Star Children Saga follows Cassidy and Torr as they slowly awaken to their destiny as the twin Star Children, born every millennium to reconnect with the source of all life. They come to discover the sheer enormity of their task: to find our ancestors on a lost planet across the galaxy and save humanity from a spiraling descent into darkness. The powers they must wield to accomplish this task are truly frightening and put at risk everything they love.

Come along with twenty-year-old twins Cassidy and Torr, who inherited deeds to land parcels on the moon. They want to use their moon deeds to get off Earth and escape a brutal dictatorship. But first they must unlock their shaman powers.

A rollicking yet poignant adventure in the not too distant future, when we have colonized the moon and nearly lost Earth to a dictatorship. Only the shamans remain free, plus the lucky ones who escaped to the moon.

Join the adventure! An addictive space opera, science-fantasy series.

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Chapter 1 – Star Song

West San Jose, California, Western Free States, planet Earth

July 8, 2090

Cassidy stood in the backyard, staring up at the sky and listening to the music of the stars. The Shaman’s Shield of gray clouds loomed far overhead, covering the sky in a thick, impenetrable roof, and casting a gloomy pall over everything. Ever since the Shaman’s Shield had appeared three years ago, she had not seen the stars nor heard their music. But today the thin, ethereal strains wove through the neighborhood noise. The music was faint, but it was there.

It had been louder when she was a child, before Grandma Leann had shielded her. Cassidy had thought everyone could hear the music, a constant background noise of such poignant sweetness that sometimes it was painful to listen to. But she had realized over time that others did not hear it. Or perhaps they heard it subconsciously, or in their dreams, because sometimes she heard an echo of it when musicians played their instruments or choirs sang. Cassidy had tried to replicate the sound, studying violin as a child, then piano, but neither instrument captured the elusive tones.

The only one who understood was her twin brother, Torr. They had shared a room as children, and she used to sing to him.

“I recognize that song,” he had said one time in the middle of the night. She had been sitting up in bed humming the tune that was streaming through her head. Torr had awoken from a deep sleep and sat upright, staring at her. “I heard it in my dream.”

“You heard me humming,” she corrected him.

“No,” Torr said stubbornly. “The golden people were singing to me. Their song said you and I have to find them. We have to follow their voices.” Torr closed his eyes and sang the melody more truly than she ever had, picking out parts of the multi-layered harmony she had never captured before. And he added something resembling words that she did not understand, but which made her cry.

In the morning he had remembered the dream, but he could not remember the song. For days afterwards he had tried to get her to sing it back to him, but she could not get the melody quite right, and she did not know the strange language. Then when Grandma Leann laid the blanket of silence over her, the song stopped. As time passed, Cassidy forgot the tune she had always hummed. She could only recall hints of it, like wisps of clouds that slipped away as she tried to grab them.

Now the sky was singing to her again. The melody came to her, carried on the wind as though from a distant mountaintop. She was filled with joy to hear it, though the song was more mournful than she recalled. She still could not understand the words, but she remembered what Torr had told her that night in their attic bedroom, that the two of them had to follow the golden people’s voices and find them. She did not know who they were, or where they were, but they were still out there singing to her. Calling to her. Waiting.

Available on Amazon

Light Fighters (Star Children Sage #2) is Now Available


In Light Fighters, Cassidy and Torr are trying to survive on the moon while facing threats from all sides. As their shamanic heritage surfaces and they hone their magical skills, they are hunted for their power, escalating into a tension-filled game of cat and mouse.

Ridge is stuck between the sadistic Balty and the desire to control his own life. His magical gifts become entangled with those around him, pulling him between opposing forces. When his path crosses that of the Star Children, he must decide whose side he is on.

Meanwhile, we learn that while the twin Star Children are hoping to find the Star People, the Star People of Turya are desperately seeking the Star Children as well. Their stories interweave as the mythology of the Star Children unfolds.

A compelling expansion of the Star Children Saga.

Adult content: 18+

About the Author

a wee bit o steampunk

Palmer has been writing fiction since she was eight. She received her BA in American Studies from Wesleyan University, with concentrations in Religion and Race Relations.

She currently works in Silicon Valley in the gaming industry and high tech. In addition, Palmer holds a certificate in Chinese Acupressure, is a certified solar panel installer, and studied Tibetan Buddhism with the 14th Dalai Lama.

She lives and writes in the magical redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Mythology Press | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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#ReleaseBlitz “Undeniable” by Victoria Saccenti

Undeniable by Victoria Saccenti

Release Date: 25th May

Genre: Romantic Suspense, BDSM Romance, Adults only

Standalone. Strictly 18+

#Undeniable #ReleaseBlitz #VictoriaSaccenti #BareNakedWords #Kindle #RomanticSuspense




Their hearts will never forget… But the approaching danger may take away their forever.

Possessing vital information that could bring down a crime cartel, Arely Bernal flees to Orlando, taking a job as far under the radar as she can get—bartending at a BDSM club. Where she encounters the man she’s never forgotten.

Wracked with post-Afghanistan PTSD, Kurt Allendorf limps through his days, barely taking an interest in his Club Nexus anymore. Until he’s stunned to spot a face he hasn’t seen in twelve years. Arely has grown into a seductive beauty who awakens his inner Dom like no other woman, ever. But he’s too broken to be worthy of her trust, much less her submission.

When the danger Arely’s running from tracks her down, there’s no place safe to hide. And both Arely and Kurt will have to rise above their demons to survive…

Meet the Author

Award-winning, multi-genre author Victoria Saccenti writes romantic women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Not one for heart and flower stories, she explores the strengths and weaknesses of the human spirit and the twists and turns of intimate interactions. Impossible, against-all-the-odds love is her preferred trope. Conflicted and flawed characters seeking redemption are her ideal protagonists.

After thirty years of traveling the world, she’s settled in Central Florida. She splits her busy schedule between family and her active muse at Essence Publishing. However, if she could convince her husband to sell their home, she would pack up her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores. On a side note, in one form or another, she mentions Scotland in most of her stories.




#NewCoverReveal “Addicted To You Series” by K.M. Scott

**Series Covers Re-Reveal**

Addicted to You Series by K.M. Scott

All 4 books in the series are available now!

#AddictedtoYouSeries #KMScott #Crave #Adore #Shatter #Claim



Addicted To You, where addiction and obsession meet love

I want her. I crave her. She’s my addiction.

I need him. I love him. He’s my obsession.

I’m his muse and this is our story.

Meet the Author

K.M. Scott writes contemporary romance stories of sexy, intense, and unforgettable love. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s been in love with romance since reading her first romance novel in junior high (she was a very curious girl!). Under her Gabrielle Bisset name, she writes erotic paranormal and historical romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with a herd of animals and when she’s not writing can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction.

Website: https://kmscottbooks.com

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kmscottauthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmscottauthor/


#BookBlitz “Sophie’s Choice (The Ladies of Harrington House, Book One)” by A. M. Westerling


The Ladies of Harrington House, Book One

Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


Lady Sophie Harrington is not one to abide by society’s strictures.

If there’s one thing she knows, it’s that she will not be paraded on the London marriage market in hopes of finding a suitable husband. When a handsome bachelor moves into the neighbouring country estate, she thinks her wedding prospects are solved – all she must do is make the man fall in love with her and convince her parents he would be a good match.

Successful barrister Lord Bryce Langdon escapes London to begin a new legal practice in the rugged county of Cornwall. However, being the object of desire for two beautiful sisters disrupts his life and distracts him from his true purpose for being there – infiltrating a local smuggler’s ring.

Can Sophie win Bryce’s love? What will she do when she discovers Bryce is not the honourable man he appears to be? Sometimes temptation cannot be resisted…


Other books in The Ladies of Harrington House series:



Leah’s Surrender

The Ladies of Harrington House, Book 2


Catherine’s Passion

The Ladies of Harrington House, Book 3





Sophie slid off her mare, looped the reins over a convenient shrub and gave the horse a quick pat on the nose. She turned and began the familiar trip down the little path that meandered through the dunes to end up at the gravel and shell beach just on the edge of her family’s estate. When she neared the edge of the sea, she held out her arms and tilted her face to the June sun before stripping off her bonnet. She tossed it in the air where
the breeze caught it and whirled it about, ribbons and all, before it landed in a frivolous clump on the beach.

She sat down and removed her riding boots and stockings and wriggled her toes with sheer delight. Then she unpinned her hair and shook her head so the chestnut curls spilled over her shoulders and down her back.

“Aaaaaah.” Pleasure spiraled through her. “I have missed this so.” Feeling a little foolish for talking to herself, she glanced around to be sure that she hadn’t been heard. It would not do to have the locals gossip that Lord Harrington’s eldest daughter was daft!

Sophie gathered up the skirts of her kerseymere riding habit and crunched
across the beach to the water’s edge, dabbling first one big toe then
the other in the chilly waves. The gravel pricked against the soles of her
feet, delightful in its intensity and for the first time in weeks she felt
alive, well and truly alive. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed her stay at
boarding school, particularly the time assisting in the school library, but
it had been restrictive, to say the least.

She mimicked the head mistress. “Sophie, you must pour this way,
Sophie, you must set a stitch that way, Sophie, mind that your voice is
never raised.” Mama would be scandalized if she saw Sophie now, poking
fun at Miss Smythe and standing bare foot in the sea.

“Your mama would be scandalized.” A masculine voice interrupted
her, echoing her thoughts perfectly.

She spun around, dropping her skirts into the water. Rueful, she glanced
down for it was sure to leave a stain. Then she raised her gaze to the
stranger before her. And raising her gaze it was for he stood at least a
head taller than her own five foot five inches. Her breath caught in her

He was handsome, to say the least – tall, dark and lean with a
rapacious air about him as if he would pounce on his prey at any moment.
Judging by his burnished cheeks, tousled black hair and the crop dangling
from one wrist, he had also been out riding.

Sophie realized she must look a fool standing there dumbfounded and ankle
deep in water. For once in her life she was completely nonplussed.

“You, you …”, she stammered, managing to wobble her way
back on to the beach without incurring further damage to her habit.

“Yes?” Amusement tinged the stranger’s voice.

Bravado was her best option so she squared her shoulders and jutted her
chin. “I meant to say you’re trespassing.”

“I think not.” He pointed to a marker just off to one side.
“I believe that is the edge of my property. Indeed, you are the one
who is trespassing, Miss…?”  The question dangled between
them. When she didn’t answer, he swept forward in an elegant bow.
“Allow me to present myself. I am Lord Bryce Langdon. And you?”
Again he waited for a response and again she declined to answer.

Oh dear, she knew very well who
Lord Langdon was. He’d just acquired the adjacent land. In fact, they
were all to meet him this evening for the first time.  However, if word
ever got out that she’d met him in this situation, her reputation
would be ruined. Anger at herself for the foolishness that had brought her
here unchaperoned made her tongue sharp.

“You, sir, are an ill-mannered boor.” She spat the words at
him. “Only an ill-mannered boor would compromise a young lady as you
have just done to me.”

“I must beg pardon then for I had not recognized you as such.”
He pointed to the ten toes peeping out from beneath the hem of her skirt.
“I dare say your behaviour is sadly lacking.”

“You, you scoundrel, how
dare you insult me so,” she fumed.  “You, you -.” Her
mind went blank, sucked bare by the devastatingly handsome man before

“Wretch?”  he suggested, the corners of his mouth
beginning to lift.

Sophie stared at him for a few seconds, watching the devilish grin threaten
to take over his entire face. Her lips twitched and she scowled in a vain
attempt to maintain her decorum. It didn’t work.

Giggles burbled up and burst free and she began to laugh. He joined her,
the sounds of their laughter mingling with the cries of the sea gulls
circling above. Bryce Langdon must be an astute judge of character for he
was entirely correct in his assessment of her. She detested the rules and
strictures of the upper class and it was that rebellious quality that had
landed her an extended stay in boarding school in the first place. There was
no point in denying it.

“No, you’re absolutely right. I’m not behaving like a
lady. That is,” she hastened to correct herself, squeezing out the
words between giggles, “in the sense I do not enjoy sewing and such.
Much to the dismay of my mother and sisters, I prefer to be

“And I am no drawing room fop so I see we shall get along
famously.  You have yet to introduce yourself?”

She curtsied. “Lady Sophie Harrington. We are to meet this evening
for dinner at Harrington House.” A wry expression twisted her
face.  “Please don’t mention to anyone that you saw me here

Bryce took her hand and raised it to his lips. “Rest assured, I shall
tell no one. Tonight when we meet, it will be as if for the first
time.” His dark eyes were admiring and warm with promise as he kissed
her hand again before dropping it. “I look forward to seeing you
again, Lady Sophie Harrington.” He said her name carefully, rolling
out the syllables as if he savored the cadence. He saluted her with his crop
then turned on his heel.


About the Author

A.M. Westerling, a best selling author for boutique Canadian publisher BWL Publishing, has written ten books, including Barkerville Beginnings, Book 4 of the popular Canadian Historical Brides Collection issued in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.

A former chemical engineer, Astrid traded in her calculator, mechanical pencil and spreadsheets for a keyboard, history books and membership in her local RWA chapter. From Vikings to Viscounts, her adventure filled historical romances span the ages. Sophie’s Choice , the first book in her Ladies of Harrington House Regency Romance series, was a finalist in Long and Short Reviews Book of the Month.

She enjoys walks through her neighborhood, spending time in her garden and camping. This avid sports fan loves watching NFL (ballet on the grid iron!) and NASCAR (hot cars, cute drivers!) and cheering on her hometown Calgary Flames and Calgary Stampeders.

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#CoverReveal “Fire & Ice (A Mauzzy & Me Mystery, Book 2)” by B.T. Polcari

A Mauzzy & Me Mystery, Book 2 by B.T. Polcari

Cozy Mystery, Young Adult Mystery, Mystery

Date Published: 08-15-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


After encountering a brief power outage at work, college student Sara Donovan might be allowing her imagination to run wild. The main vault in the Carlton Museum holds the Fire and Ice Exhibit, a collection of rare gems, including the Star of Midnight, a 175-carat diamond. Although all the stones are accounted for, Sara suspects the Star of Midnight was stolen and replaced with a fake.

While conducting her own investigation, what Sara uncovers is beyond even her wildest imagination: a coded message, papers with strange characters, and a mysterious set of numbers carved into an office wall. Despite dismissive historians and other experts, she is certain these clues point to a mysterious centuries-old legend.

Unfortunately, her colorful history of usually being right, but always being wrong, means she must solve the mystery to prove her theory.


About the Author

B.T. Polcari is a graduate of Rutgers College of Rutgers University, an award-winning mystery author, and a proud father of two wonderful children.

He’s a champion of rescue pups (Mauzzy is a rescue), craves watching football and basketball, and, of course, loves reading mysteries. Among his
favorite authors are D.P. Lyle, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Connelly. He is also an unapologetic fantasy football addict.

He lives with his wife in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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