“Luna” by Siera London featured in “Midnight Magic”

Luna book cover

Luna by Siera London
featured in Midnight Magic 

Luna is a Thornican princess, an earth elemental huntress, and future queen to her people. Her duty is to protect the fertile lands from all enemies, even the male who invades her dreams.

As an ice warrior of the Kelvinian people, Prince Kole has a bounty on his head. He’ll kill in service to the crown, unless the assassin is his future mate. With the elemental nations locked in battle, will his female sever his head or claim his heart?



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★★★ Authors Featured in Midnight Magic ★★★

Gina Kincade
C.D. Gorri
Laura Greenwood
Juliana Haygert
Rebekah R. Ganiere
Louisa Bacio
Siera London
Susannah Shannon
Ariel Dawn
Fiona Starr
Julie Morgan
Taya Rune
Taylor Aston White
Quell T. Fox
Autumn Breeze
Asa Maria Bradley
Kate Rudolph
M.C. Solaris
Emilia Rose
Mia Meade
Hanleigh Bradley
Pepper McGraw
McKayla Schutt
Lilith Darville


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Siera London is the USA Today Bestselling & award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime fiction. She crafts stories of diverse characters navigating the challenges and triumphs to find lasting love. Intelligence, wit, emotion, drama, and romance are between the covers of every Siera London novel. Siera lives on the east coast with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie.

Siera London romance is pure entertainment featuring women you know, heroes you love, and romance you can feel.





#BookTour ‘n’ #Interview “A Message in Poison” by BJ Magnani

A Message in Poison by BJ Magnani BannerMay 9 – June 3, 2022 Virtual Book Tour

book cover

I’m excited to have an interview with author BJ Magnani during my stop on the book blog tour. Read on and meet a true queen of all poisons!

Thank you for spending a little time with us here on Nesie’s Place today, BJ! Do you prefer BJ,  Barbarajean, or Dr. Magnani?

I choose the name depending on the setting: BJ ( informal and fun), Barbarajean (serious and elegant), and Dr. Magnani (full-on work mode)! Or sometimes, “The Queen of All Poisons.”

Tell us about yourself… where you’re from, your profession, family, hobbies, guilty pleasures.

I am the mother of two grown children, an equestrian, guitar player, rock climber, and lover of all things nature and science.

I’m originally from New York but came to Boston for my medical training. I’m a board-certified clinical pathologist with a specialty in toxicology. I was the former Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine (Tufts Medical Center) and Chair of the College of American Pathologists Toxicology Committee.

I’ve had a blessed life and believe in giving back. Therefore, part of the proceeds from my novels helps support the College of American Pathologists Foundation See Test & Treat program, which provides education and free cervical and breast cancer screening for women in need. Everyone should have equal health care opportunities.

Your books deal with death by poisoning. Why poison? What inspired you?

You write what you know, and I know poisons! I worked with some formidable toxins as a scientist, and my clinical work focused on poisons and drug overdoses. How better to educate the public than through a rich story. I always thought that Michael Crichton provided some education through his novels. Each of my novels contains information at the back of the book for science lovers: book 1 in the Dr. Lily Robinson series, The Queen of All Poisons, has a poison ‘appendix’ at the back of the book,  book 2,  The Power of Poison, contains some information on molecular weights, and my new book, A Message in Poison, has information about the periodic table. I’m a science nerd.

I also write a monthly poison blog which you can find on my website

The Poison Blog | BJ Magnani

Are you self-published, traditional, or hybrid?

I am traditionally published through a small independent press (Encircle Publications) located in Farmington, Maine.

How long have you been a writer?

I started writing short stories as a high school student, then stopped to pursue a career in science (MS, PhD, MD.) So for most of my life,  I have been writing scientific articles related to my work. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that I started writing fiction again at the urging of the editor-in-chief of a scientific journal who was interested in educating scientists through a fictional character, and that was the birth of Dr. Lily Robinson. Dr. Robinson is the brilliant toxicologist exploited by the government for her knowledge of poisons as she is recruited as an assassin to eliminate terrorists from the world.

Pantser or Plotter?

I am more of a pantser than a plotter, although I have a general idea of where I want to go. I’m always surprised when I end up in a place I hadn’t anticipated.

What’s your favorite genre to read?

I read a variety of genres and non-fiction too.

What are you reading now?

Currently, I’m reading a memoir and a romance novel, but I mostly like medical or science thrillers.

Where do you get the most writing done?

Here is a picture from my back deck. The beauty of nature inspires me.

bj magnani cloud pic

What’s your next project or release?

A Message in Poison (book 3 in the Dr. Lily Robinson series) was just released on April 20th, 2022—book 1, The Queen of All Poisons, is the start of Lily’s story, which continues into book 2, The Power of Poison) and I’ve just started the 4th book in the series. I also recently finished writing a romance novel—I believe in stretching as a writer.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

It’s never too late to start writing (this is my 4th career—teacher, scientist, pathologist, fiction author) and write what you love. And keep writing.

Many thanks to BJ Magnani for spending time with us today!

Read on for an excerpt, and learn more about her latest release, A Message in Poison. Grab a copy and enter the giveaway!

Be sure to stop by on June 3rd for my review of this medical thriller mystery!



Sparks fly as Dr. Lily Robinson-the brilliant academic pathologist and covert assassin for the U.S. Government-investigates two seemingly unrelated deaths alongside her lover, Agent Jean Paul Marchand, and D.C. Medical Examiner Dr. Logan Pelletier.

A U.S. Senator and the president of a developing nation are found dead in their beds. As governments thousands of miles apart react to the fallout and begin their investigations, no one claims responsibility, and no motives are clear. Yet, the cause of death implies a link between the two—one that only a mind versed in poisons and politics can decipher. With her personal relationships teetering on the brink and her loved ones facing foreign threats, Lily must unravel the mystery and uncover a plot more calculating than anyone could imagine—but it may be too late.

A Message in Poison, the third part of the Art of Secret Poisoning trilogy (The Queen of All Poisons and The Power of Poison), continues with twists and turns as Dr. Lily Robinson travels the globe, stares down death, and finds herself at “another crossroad, another choice between life real or imagined…”

The fast-paced action juxtaposes nicely with the personal dilemmas Lily faces as she uncovers a new plot that forces her to reconsider her talents and place in the world.
~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Book Details:

Genre: Medical Mystery / Thriller

Published by: Encircle Publications

Publication Date: April 20th 2022

Number of Pages: 278

ISBN: 1645993256 (ISBN13: 9781645993254)

Series: A Dr. Lily Robinson Novel, The Art of Secret Poisoning Part 3

Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


Read an excerpt:

I’ve done some terrible things in my life. Big lies splash in my wake and follow me until the water creeps into my lungs. I’ve murdered many people who deserved to die. I take the phrase ‘pick your poison’ literally. My arsenal of natural toxins and poisons hidden deep within a freezer provide enough variety to mimic natural death. The cool salt air at my seaside cottage coaxes plants in my poisonous garden to yield the natural killers that I need. And I have collaborators around the world who can provide for me what my garden cannot.

Yes, it’s true that I’ve spent much of my life taking care of patients as a physician and taught a generation of medical students. But it was this very expertise in toxicology that captured the attention of our government. They seduced me and then orchestrated a transformation from consultant to assassin. Some say it’s my jewel-green eyes, raven-colored hair, and even my stiletto heels that tend to disarm my victims. They are blinded to the truth. With eyes closed to the Hippocratic Oath, I travel the world, eliminating terrorists and traitors with poison, stealth in a bottle, in the name of preventing mass destruction on a global scale. Our small covert counter-terrorism team weeds out threats at home and abroad—sanctioned killing, the price of doing business. I’m told that ‘the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.’ It’s become my guiding mantra, allowing me to rationalize this dual existence.

I hide my secret life beneath the cloak of justice, and I’ve discovered that others do too. So I ask you if you’re sure you know the truth about those around you. This last year of my life has been fraught with revelations that I didn’t see coming. For more than twenty years, I thought my baby, my little girl, had died in the Colombian jungle. Not only did I learn that she’s alive, but I discovered that she’s attending the same medical school where I have my academic appointment—a life-changing disclosure. I tremble when I think that we may have brushed by each other not only at the university, but in my fleeting past. I look back and see momentary images of familiarity etched in my mind. Was my beautiful Rose right in front of me while I wore blinders of guilt and despair?

JP, my lover, and partner in our covert government band, grasps my turmoil. Desperate to soothe my soul, he promises that life’s twists and turns can only make us more resilient and resolute. Facing the wind, my body stands tall and hard like a tree firmly rooted in the ground. Having no support on its own, a vine uses its tendrils to clutch to the broad trunk. My stories are like this vine, ever climbing, ever strangling—a complicated life that requires both brilliance and strength.


Excerpt from A Message in Poison by BJ Magnani. Copyright 2022 by BJ Magnani. Reproduced with permission from BJ Magnani. All rights reserved.


Author Bio:

BJ Magnani

BJ Magnani (Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, MD, FCAP) is the author of the Dr. Lily Robinson novels: The Queen of All Poisons (Encircle Publications, 2019), The Power of Poison (Encircle Publications, 2021), and A Message In Poison (Encircle Publications, 2022.) Lily Robinson and the Art of Secret Poisoning (nVision Publishing, 2011) is the original collection of short stories featuring the brilliant, yet deadly, doctor. Dr. Magnani is internationally recognized for her expertise in clinical chemistry and toxicology, has been named a “Top Doctor” in Boston magazine, and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Laboratory Medicine Professionals in the World by The Pathologist. She is Professor of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (and Professor of Medicine) at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, and the former Chair of both the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Toxicology Committee and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Tufts Medical Center.

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#BookBlitz “Wild at Heart” by Cindy Rogers


Children’s Book

Ros Webb (Illustrator)

Date Published: March 10, 2022

Publisher: BookBaby


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


When Maybel, the country hound, wanders into Cindy’s kitchen, she may just have been looking for food, but instead finds a lifelong friend. The duo finds adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Alongside fellow goats and horses, they munch on crusts of avocado toast by the beach in Santa Monica.

It is a story of rescue, friendship, love and learning to stay wild at heart.


About the Author

After raising her two children with her husband Brian in Los Angeles, Cindy Rogers traded in her bustling, busy life in California for a quieter one on The Rogers Farm. Situated at the foot of the Blueridge Mountains, the farm is a sanctuary for 40 rescued animals and a center for yoga and wellness retreats.

When not tending to her animals and vegetable garden in Georgia, Cindy and Maybel are in Santa Monica. They enjoy spending time with their favorite companion, Cindy’s first grandbaby, Leo.

Ros Webb has been illustrating and writing children’s books for over a decade. Ros has
collaborated with different authors from all over the world, co-producing a selection of inspiring and imaginative children’s picture books.

Her style has been described as fun, bright, and whimsical and her work always brings a smile. Ros started out as a self-published author/illustrator with her own story “The Big Sleepy Bear and the Pink Flamingos” and has since gone on to self-publish a number of other books.

Ros works with authors from across the globe and is continually inspired by their imagination and story telling ability.

Ros currently lives in Ireland with her family, her dogs and lots of stray cats.

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#BookBlitz “Lulu (Desert Rebels MC Book 7)” Tory Richards


Desert Rebels MC, Book 7

Romantic Suspense

Date Published: 3/1/22

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For years Lulu hid out with the Desert Rebels as one of their club whores.
A sweetheart to everyone, and a favorite with the brothers. But now the time has come for her to choose her own path and pay her own way. With their help she leaves her whoring days behind to start a new life.

Brody Savage is an assassin who works both sides of the law. He doesn’t
have time for messy relationships and prefers one-night-stands. He’s had his
eye on Lulu for years. But as long as she belonged to the club he wouldn’t
touch her. Now she’s fair game and he plans to do more than just touch her.
He wants her for himself.



Brody moved so fast I didn’t hear him coming. The next thing I knew he’d pushed me up against the wall and covered me with his body. I caught my breath as I found the front of my body crushed against the wall, and turned my head sideways in order to breathe.

“The only whore here is you,” he grated roughly against my ear. “I don’t want to hear what you’re used to. You don’t know anything about me, and all that changes right now.”

I felt his lips murmur the words against my ear, the warmth of his breath causing a shiver of need through my body. I hadn’t been with anyone for the better part of a year, and loving sex the way I did, Brody’s overwhelming closeness was turning me on. It didn’t surprise me, even knowing that we didn’t like each other. Since when did liking someone
have anything to do with fulfilling a sexual hunger? I bumped my hips back as if trying to dislodge him, but all it did was reveal how fucking hard his dick was against my ass.

I caught his hiss as he thrust right back against me.

“What do you want?” My words came out in a husky rasp. I wasn’t afraid of him, only of what he made me feel. I liked rough, take-charge men that took what they wanted. It was a good thing, because I’d surrounded my life with them. But Brody was different. Not in the
way he was dominating me, but in the way that I felt for him. I wanted to hate him.

He ran his mouth up and down the side of my neck, grinding his cock into my ass.

“I want you, Hellcat. And someday soon I’m going to fuck you. So you might as well get ready, because when that day comes, you’ll never be the same.”


About the Author

Tory Richards is an author who writes smut with a plot.

She’s an Amazon bestselling author in erotic romance and romantic suspense categories.

Born in Maine, she’s lived most of her life in Florida where she went to school, married, and raised her daughter.

She’s retired from Disney and spends her time with family and friends, traveling, and writing.




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#CoverReveal “Anything But Love (California Hearts, Book 2)” by Dalia Dupris

California Hearts, Book 2

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: 06-15-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


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Known as the anything but love girl, Morgan Hart has two passions, travelling and having fun. After reassuring her French lover, Marcel, that their relationship will resume unchanged when she returns, she’s ready to begin her Cape Town adventure, only to find that her friend Amber is a no-show at the airport, and Morgan’s stuck with having to travel solo, that is, until she falls into the lap of widowed single father, Dakar Ngosi, whose good looks and charm have her questioning her resolve to living life unattached and carefree.

Dr. Ngosi is beyond annoyed when a seemingly inebriated Morgan slumps down beside him in the airport lounge where he’s waiting with his sister for their flight. When his sister volunteers him to show the lovely American the sites of their country, his irritation grows, but he soon discovers that Morgan is as enticing as she is beautiful, and he must decide if he’ll stick to his vow to never love again or pursue the American woman whose captured his heart.


About the Author

Dalia Dupris has been a book lover as long as she can remember.

She has won two EMMA awards and is a Spectrum Grant recipient. Dalia’s degrees in English Literature and Social Work, in addition to years of experience as a licensed therapist, contribute to her creation of relatable and complex characters.

In her spare time, she enjoys bike riding with her husband, and hiking with her daughter. She loves hearing from her readers. To learn more about Dalia and her books check out www.daliadupris.com and https://linktr.ee/DaliasBooks.

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