#CoverReveal “Agatha Anxious & The Deer Island Ghost (The Deadfellow Five Book 1)” by RJ McDowell

 Middle-Grade Horror/Ghost Story

Release Day: Sept 20, 2022


On her 13th birthday, Agatha Anxious is assigned her first ghost.

Now, her Aunt Hattie has vanished. A pirate coin, strange messages drawn by a skeleton hand, and a chance book report provide clues to unraveling the mystery, one which requires a midnight trip to a funeral home and a secret mission to a haunted Mardi Gras mask shop.

An evil from the past has surfaced in Biloxi. Can Agatha use her newfound gifts to save her Aunt, or will she be the next victim of an old ghost with a grudge?


About the Author

RJ McDowell grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi, with a vivid imagination and an
imaginary friend, both of which followed her into adulthood. She adores all
things spooky and pens her creepy stories by candlelight. She lives in a
house she calls McDowell Manor where she eats black licorice and is still
afraid of the closet monster.

She hopes her readers like the dark as much as she does…


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#CoverReveal “Off Course” by Gwyn McNamee


Off Course by Gwyn McNamee


A Sins of the Mafia World Novel (The Scarred Heroes Series Book 2)

Genre: Military romantic suspense/protector

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They call me Chaos.
I bring it with me everywhere I go.
Leaving nothing but flames and rubble in my wake.
My skills have saved and taken more lives than I can count.
But they also destroyed the one good thing in my life.
I blew it up and rode away.
By the time I realized what I had done, she was long gone.
Nothing left but painful, tainted memories and regrets.
So, the last thing I expect when I answer the phone is to hear her voice again.
Shaky and terrified.
Begging for my help.
I never could deny her anything.
And now, she’s in trouble.
The kind only I can get her out of.
But I’ve been off course for so long, it might not be possible to get back on the right one.
Not before it’s too late to save what I already lost…

Author Bio
Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, author, editor, wife, and mother who loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat. As an editor with over a decade of experience, Gwyn works with other authors to perfect their manuscripts and write banging blurbs! When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels). She’s the author of the best-selling Hawke Family Series, the Inland Seas Series, the Slip Series, the Scarred Heroes Series, the Deadliest Sin Series, and several stand-alones.

#BookTour “Donnybrook Good-bye (The Longest Game Book 1)” by Martin A. Cullen


Urban Fantasy


Date Published: 08-31-2020

Inara Caan is an embittered vestal to The Order of the Avenging Hand. Her job, traveling worldwide with her demon partner, using magic to destroy monsters and mythological creatures wherever the Order finds them. Her next hunt takes her to Boston. She expects to find villainy beyond compare. Instead, she has been tasked with killing a happy family with a young daughter.

For reasons she doesn’t understand, the Order betrays Inara and sends a winged assassin to kill her. She goes on the run, taking the family with her. She battles her way through the streets of Boston, finding help in the unlikeliest of places. As enemies close in from all sides, she stretches the limits of her power trying to save everyone. She may escape the Order but not the demon bound to her soul.



Once the monster was well gone, his body shimmered, changing back into the tall Korean man in the same running attire. Except this time, he wore a bright yellow headband.
His mouth twisted into a crazed smile. The laughter rolled out of him hard and fast for thirty-some-odd seconds before he wrangled his outburst back under control.
What a lumbering idiot.
Having calmed himself, he ran through a series of standing stretches in the manner of someone loosening up for a long run. He leaned against the side of the church. Air slipped from his lips. The whistle turned into words as he sang the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off,” culminating in a moonwalk away from the wall. He finished with a spin.
His giggles almost knocked him over. A challenge to rein in this time, he came down off his fit only to fight off another burst of laughter.
A homeless woman stood at the corner of the church and gawked at him.
“Seems you need to go back on your meds, Alice.” He morphed into a giant red devil with horns and scales, then pointed an accusatory finger at her.
Alice screamed as she fled into the rainy night.
The man changed back into a jogger. He stood upright and straight. The cursed laughter threatened to retake him, but he fought it back valiantly. He jogged in place, bringing his knees up higher than necessary. Ready, he jogged out into the street, shooting a glance to the sky one last time. The rain resumed with a bit more gusto.
“All it takes is a little nudge sometimes,” he informed no one as he turned the corner before sprinting down the street.



About the Author

Martin Cullen has been a musician, bouncer, infantryman, and worked in museums. He immigrated from Ireland at a young age (sorry no accent). Martin walked the storage rooms of the American History Museum, worked backstage for a magician, drank more than he should, and sang more than most folks would have liked. Now he brings some stories into the world for your enjoyment.

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