#Featured “The Ex Swap: An AMBW Romance (The Wrong Mr. Right Book 2)” by Nia Arthurs

book cover


She’s the pawn in their sibling game.

Latoya Brown is a big-hearted social worker with a secret K-pop obsession.

Her world is normal and safe. Until two hot brothers crash into her life and change everything.

One brother is her ex and a royal jerk.

The other is Cole. Bossy, brooding and hotter than an open flame in the tropics.

For a girl who hasn’t had a serious relationship in years, she’s suddenly got two offers.

But dating the man who shares her ex’s genetic code is a recipe for disaster.

Too bad Cole is as persistent as he is gorgeous.

Caught in his snare, Latoya knows one thing.

There’s no way this will end well.

The Ex Swap is a BWAM fake relationship romance, with a splash of humor, a dash of heat and tons of heart, set in the tropical paradise of Belize, Central America.

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