#BookTour “Finding Forever: in Saddleback Ridge” by Milan Watson

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A short drive from Colorado Springs there’s a small town called Saddleback Ridge. Although it’s barely pinned on the map, this town holds a lot of appeal. It’s a place where friends are treated like family and newcomers are welcomed into the fold. Here Stetsons are a way of life and not just a fashion statement, beef is the talk of the town and not just on your dinner plate.

It’s been home to the Caldwell family for generations. Ever since the first Caldwell settled on Falcon Falls there has always been a Caldwell running beef in Saddleback Ridge. Clayton Caldwell and his four sons are currently in residence on Falcon Falls. A throwback to the old West, Clayton still believes that a man’s word matters more than any piece of paper. The four Caldwell brothers haven’t been lucky in love, but hopefully this year that will all change.




Welcome to Saddleback Ridge. Here Stetsons are a way of life and not just a fashion statement. Cowboys, romance and small-town charm guaranteed.

She’s a city girl, he’s a rancher – will a kiss seal the deal?

Ford Caldwell has just taken over the family’s beef operation. The first order of business; get a better contract from the beef buyers. A rugged rancher, Ford is used to doing business with men. But when Brent Beef sends out their new representative, Ford knows it’s going to be hard to focus on the business at all.

Kelly Peyton has finally landed her dream job. As the new representative for Brent Beef, Kelly’s first assignment is to sign a deal with Caldwell Beef. Falcon Falls has long since been rumored the best cattle operation in the state and she wants them to sign with her.

When Ford and Kelly meet its mutual dislike at first sight. Forced to spend time on the range together both are surprised by the strong attraction. Will Kelly sign the deal she’s been dreaming of, or will she lose her heart?

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About Milan

Milan WatsonMilan is a fun-loving and witty writer of contemporary small-town romance. She has known her husband since she fell in love with him at fourteen, and has been an incurable romantic ever since.

She lives on a farm with her husband, two sons, seven dogs, two cats, countless sheep, and a horse. Being a wife, a mother and a writer prove for a crazy life, one that she incorporates into the stories she tells. Milan writes romances that are not only real but where characters face the same challenges, misunderstandings, and embarrassing moments most women do in their own lives. If you enjoy witty, humorous, and sensual small-town romance, then you’ve come to the right place.

For free give-aways and to join her mailing list you can visit her website at www.milanwatson.com.


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