#NewRelease “Wine, Whiskey, & Lipstick (Book 1)” by LaShawn Vasser

book cover


Two broken hearts. One chance at redemption. A surprising opportunity for real love.

From the author of Full Throttle and Her Baby His Gift comes a novel about lies, betrayal, and the decisions that can change your life.

Secrets are hard to keep and even harder to hide. Dillyn Anderson understands this better than anyone. So how did she miss the signs? Every. Single. One. Her heart exploded the day she uncovered her ex-husband’s infidelity. As if that wasn’t enough, his affair was just the tip of the iceberg. Presented with an opportunity to escape the embarrassment and drama, Dillyn jumps at the chance to leave the big city for a small town in Summer, Tennessee.

Benjamin “Ben” Cash can’t stop thinking about the one decision that changed his life. That choice haunts him daily and caused a devastating chain of events. He won’t forgive himself for making the ultimate mistake. His family’s ranch is the only place that offers peace, calm, and a place to lick self-inflicted wounds.

When Dillyn and Ben’s worlds collide, they stumble upon the power of healing and an undeniable connection–until more secrets are revealed. The kind that could destroy everything and everyone.

Find out if Ben and Dillyn can rediscover trust, love, and happiness in Wine, Whiskey, & Lipstick.

AMAZON amzn.to/36kVEPM

APPLE apple.co/3B4LLku

GooglePlay bit.ly/WWL_GP

BN bit.ly/WWL_BN

Kobo bit.ly/WWL_Kobo


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