#NewRelease “Wine, Whiskey, & Lipstick (Book 1)” by LaShawn Vasser

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Two broken hearts. One chance at redemption. A surprising opportunity for real love.

From the author of Full Throttle and Her Baby His Gift comes a novel about lies, betrayal, and the decisions that can change your life.

Secrets are hard to keep and even harder to hide. Dillyn Anderson understands this better than anyone. So how did she miss the signs? Every. Single. One. Her heart exploded the day she uncovered her ex-husband’s infidelity. As if that wasn’t enough, his affair was just the tip of the iceberg. Presented with an opportunity to escape the embarrassment and drama, Dillyn jumps at the chance to leave the big city for a small town in Summer, Tennessee.

Benjamin “Ben” Cash can’t stop thinking about the one decision that changed his life. That choice haunts him daily and caused a devastating chain of events. He won’t forgive himself for making the ultimate mistake. His family’s ranch is the only place that offers peace, calm, and a place to lick self-inflicted wounds.

When Dillyn and Ben’s worlds collide, they stumble upon the power of healing and an undeniable connection–until more secrets are revealed. The kind that could destroy everything and everyone.

Find out if Ben and Dillyn can rediscover trust, love, and happiness in Wine, Whiskey, & Lipstick.

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#PreOrder “Still Falling: A Troubled Spirits Novel” by J.R. Erickson

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Inspired by a sinister true story….On a desolate peninsula, Skelling Hall has stood for more than a century.

When Iris Walsh flees to the Upper Peninsula in northern Michigan, she’s grappling with some deeply disturbing truths. She seeks solace at her grandmother’s home and, for a time, she finds it.

But on a frigid winter night, Iris glimpses a man fleeing through the forest from a dark entity, and she crashes her car.

Iris is swept into a mystery that began nearly a century ago when two little boys walked into the forest on the Skelling Peninsula and were never seen again.

Don’t miss this chilling paranormal tale…

Each novel in the Troubled Spirits series is a stand-alone, paranormal murder mystery inspired by a true crime.

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Releases March 17th!

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#NewRelease “Love’s Courage” by Emem Bassey

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Years after a harrowing marriage of convenience, Tim is still struggling to live life without the shackles of her past. Encouraged by her brother and his book gift on her twenty-fifth birthday, she decides to try doing things differently. Making a list that included, but not limited to a mind-blowing sexual encounter, Tim sets out to start with the simplest tasks – trying something new and making friends. However, the night ends explosively when she meets Dave.

After a day of some disappointments, Dave – an associate professor who just got transferred to a new university, simply wants to relax with a bottle of lager. What he discovers is the woman of his dreams. Fortune has them spending the night together and he’s convinced he has found the one. Except, Tim slips away, and Dave has no way of getting in touch with her. Thinking he had lost her, he is however shocked to find her in his first class, on his first day at the university.

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#PreOrder “Made to Order (CyberServed Book 1)” by Tracy St. John

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Programmed for destruction. Ordered to kill. Falling in love.

They called him the Wall, part of a cyborg army that terrorized humans during a long war waged by those intent on wielding power. When Tosha Cameron, owner of a multi-billion corporation, first sees the deactivated cyborg, he’s a tattered remnant of a horrific past.

Most would prefer to see cyborgs destroyed, but those with vision see a valuable resource. When Tosha’s business rivals target her for assassination, the Wall—whom she renames Brick—is her best bet for protection.

Reprogrammed, Brick proves he’s more than a mere machine. Coded to guard Tosha, he can supply her every need. He soon develops beyond his learning matrix and software, becoming capable of humanity…and more.

Dark secrets from a bloody past are waiting deep in his circuitry, however; secrets that could kill the woman he loves and has sworn to protect.

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Releases April 8th