#FREE “Analog Heart” by Sawyer Black, Avery Blake

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Cascade Labs said it was impossible for a robot to harm a human – it violates the code. But the murders of Bronson Dodge’s wife and daughter proved otherwise. To keep him close and quiet, Cascade Labs gave Bronson a lucrative job that channeled his need for revenge into hunting down robots who’ve evolved beyond their programming.

So heavily augmented that he’s practically a robot himself, Bronson hunted robots for Cascade until he retired. His nanite augmentations are now coming to the end of their life cycle and Bronson’s days are numbered.

But when Cascade engineer Isla Bligh comes to him for help, he decides to take on one last mission that goes against everything he believes: protecting a robot who shouldn’t exist from Cascade’s next generation of hunters.

Ava is a new kind of synthetic human, appearing to be a flesh and blood in every way, but she represents the next step in human-robot evolution. Bronson would’ve gleefully hunted her down himself … before his retirement.

Too bad he’s desperate for money – not to prolong his own pointless life, but to make amends ahead of his death.

Can Bronson overcome his own prejudices and smuggle Ava to safety under the noses of Cascade’s best hunters?

Analog Heart is the gripping new stand-alone SciFi Thriller from Sawyer Black and Avery Blake. And you could be reading it now!

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#TeaserTuesday “Catch the White Tiger” by Tony Assali



Date Published: April 5, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

In 1970, at the age of 17 and with only twenty-eight dollars in his pocket, Tony Assali flew to America to escape war in his homeland, Beirut, Lebanon. With the intention of establishing a foothold so that he can bring the rest of his family to safety, Tony must find work quickly. Luckily, Tony possesses a special skill: the ability to perceive white tigers, rare and valuable opportunities other people either do not see or are too afraid to pursue. From humble beginnings working in a doughnut factory, to parlaying his charm into a position selling men’s suits by the thousands, Tony fulfills his promise to his family. Then Tony dares to dream bigger, creating a thriving business that makes him a millionaire. But even with these victories, Tony still hasn’t found the white tiger he’s really looking for—the right partner to make his life complete…until a woman he can’t stop thinking about walks into his life. Complications arise, but she might just be the one, and Tony is never the type of person to let an obstacle stop him.



I am dreaming of a white tiger when a car backfires. More explosions rock my neighborhood and I realize it’s not a car. I know these noises. Everyone in Beirut does. It’s gunfire. And it’s getting closer. I turn to my bedside clock. It’s only just after 6:00 a.m.

What’s going on?” my little brother, Joe, groans from his side of the room.

I throw back my covers, find my slippers, and dash downstairs. I run out into the street without my coat. The morning sun hovers above the eastern hills and the air is damp and cool. I hear shouts from the direction of St. Joseph Church, whose ancient spire rises over the rooftops. Emergency sirens echo off brick houses. A police car blasts by, nearly knocking me off my feet. I follow it.

St. Joseph is only two blocks away. It’s where my family celebrates Mass every Sunday morning, where we had planned to spend the previous night, Holy Thursday. When I arrive, the place is pandemonium. People shout and scream. Several women cry hysterically. Blood stains the men’s fine suits and the women’s fancy dresses. I halt when I see several people splayed out on the church steps. More blood. The acrid smell of cordite assaults my nose.

What happened?” I ask no one in particular.

Up there,” an older, gray-haired man points to the three-story building across the street. “A man with a gun started shooting. Militants.”

I look up, then down the church steps, in what would have been the gunman’s line of fire. Suddenly, everything spins. I feel like I’m in an elevator whose cable has just snapped, sending me plunging into a dark abyss. This is now the second time in the past two days I have experienced this sensation. The first was just twelve hours ago, when my family was preparing to leave for services. At the last second, I insisted we stay home. I had no specific reason for this demand, only the strange feeling that if we went, something awful would happen. At first, my family protested, but my pleading made them change their minds.

Now, here I am, staring at the carnage. I freeze as I recognize a victim: my best friend, Nabil Kessrousani. Sixteen years old, he was accompanying me to church when I suddenly demanded we stay home.

You’re crazy,” he had told me, going off on his own.

I move to help Nabil but am pushed back by uniformed personnel carrying stretchers and medical bags. Now, police are on the scene. They herd us all to the sidelines so the first responders can do their work. I want to help, but I know there is nothing I can do.

How did I know we should’ve stayed away from the church? Was it gut instinct? True, I knew Beirut was becoming more dangerous, but perhaps it was divine intervention. I cannot dismiss the fact that God was looking out for me. But why? What had I done to deserve such attention? In the years to come, I will experience many eerily similar incidents. And these same profound questions will continue to vex me. Can the practical and the mysterious coexist? My incredible life story will suggest an answer to this question.


About the Author

Tony Assali is the president of a well-established escrow company in California and new author of his autobiography, Catch the White Tiger, where he tells his story about growing up in Beirut, establishing life in America, and discovering the keys to success. The debut author has been married for 25 years. He has 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. On his time off, he enjoys drinking wine, dirt bike riding, board games, and he is a coffee connoisseur. He is blessed to have the Lord in his life, and he thanks Him daily and pays it forward as a born again Christian.

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#BookTour “Betrayed in the Bluegrass” by Virginia Slachman


This week we are celebrating the release of Betrayed in the Bluegrass by Virginia Slachman. Read on for details and a chance to win a $25 Amazon e-gift card!

Betrayed for Ads

Betrayed in the Bluegrass

Publication Date: January 15th, 2022

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller

Lexington Thoroughbred racing’s “power couple” Harper Hill and her husband, Detective JD Cole unite in this, the second in Slachman’s “Bluegrass” horse racing series. When a mysterious man, beaten and tortured, stumbles into the police precinct asking for JD, then dies before he can divulge his secret, a series of events are set in motion that will put the couples’ detecting power to the test and Harper’s life in grave danger. Soon after, Aubrey Lowen, Harper’s second cousin, is found severely beaten by the side of the road. Hospitalized, he hovers between life and death as Harper heads to Keeneland’s backstretch to keep an eye Lowen’s head trainer, Henley Smythe, who seems up to no good. As Harper tries desperately to uncover the culprit and help Aubrey’s wife Millie save their once-successful Thoroughbred farm, a dangerous character from Harper’s past shows up on the backstretch. Amid the dark pool of danger swirling around Harper, JD announces that the Feds have stepped in, preventing the couple from continuing their investigation. Undeterred, the two work under the radar to stop a killer bent on destroying the Lowen legacy and anyone who gets in the way. As murder and greed haunt every step they take, the couple knows that buried deep in Keeneland’s chaos the killer lies in wait—but uncovering the murderer just may cost Harper her life.

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Blood in the Bluegrass

Harper had put the past behind her. Or so she thought. Fleeing the flashy, high dollar world of Kentucky horse racing for NYC, she’d been content living the life of a successful painter. But escape isn’t an option after the accidental death of her sister sends her back to the Bluegrass, a horse racing world filled with hope and heartbreak. As the body count rises as Eden Hill, Harper becomes convinced her sister’s death was no accident. Probing more deeply, Harper realizes Paris’ death is tied to a dark and deadly secret, one she discovers is why her racehorses are dying. Solving her sister’s murder and saving her family’s stud farm will take every ounce of Harper’s wit and courage. When seven skeletons are discovered on the grounds, and the barn with her best Kentucky Derby prospects is set on fire, Harper bears down to find the killer. The problem is, the culprit could be anyone: Is it JD, her childhood sweetheart, Marshall, their long-time trainer, or is it their nasty neighbor Red Cole, in partnership with her family for generations?

Someone is on a killing spree, and though Harper doesn’t know why, she is sure of one thing–the murderer is someone she’s known and trusted her whole life.


About the Author


Virginia Slachman was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and has taught creative writing and literature at the college level for over twenty years. The recipient of numerous awards and fellowships for writing, she’s published several volumes of poetry; Many Brave Hearts, a memoir about her family’s experience with PTSD; and most recently Blood in the Bluegrass and Betrayed in the Bluegrass, the first two books in her mystery series set on a thoroughbred breeding farm in Kentucky.

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