#BookTour “Everyday Magic” by Charlie Laidlaw


Welcome to the book tour for Charlie Laidlaw’s novel Everyday Magic. Read on for more info and a chance to win a paperback copy of the book!

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Everyday Magic

Publication Date: May 26th, 2021

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Ringwood Publishing

Carole Gunn leads an unfulfilled life and knows it. She’s married to someone who may, or may not, be in New York on business and, to make things worse, the family’s deaf cat has been run over by an electric car.

But something has been changing in Carole’s mind. She’s decided to revisit places that hold special significance for her. She wants to better understand herself, and whether the person she is now is simply an older version of the person she once was.

Instead, she’s taken on an unlikely journey to confront her past, present and future.

Everyday Magic is an uplifting book filled with humour and poignancy, and reminds us that, while our pasts make us who we are, we can always change the course of our futures.

What Readers are Saying…

Everyday Magic’ serves as a wake-up call for us readers to find the sparks of joy we have lost along the way and live while we can– Zany Bibliophile

‘It’s an uplifting read that shows us that if we want to change then we can but we have to do it for ourselves… [it might] help people realize they are not alone‘ – Echoes In An Empty Room

Charlie writes stories that touch a reader’s soul… I highly recommend you to read this book. Witty, thought-provoking and charming story‘ – Rekha, Goodreads

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Chapter One

When Carole was little, she found a magic clearing in the woods near her home. She had been exploring, surrounded by oak, birch, and hazel trees, picking her way carefully between bramble and nettle. There was birdsong, squirrels darting across branches, and patterns of sunlight on the woodland floor. She had been looking for bilberries, and her hands were full of small black berries. She stopped to sit on an outcrop of rock by a wide stream that, in winter, could quickly become a torrent of brown water. In summer, it was comforting; in winter, treacherous. She ate her bilberries, the stream cascading over a small waterfall; the sound of water in her ears. It was summer and the stream bubbled crystal clear. The woodland rose in folds from the stream, and she climbed steadily upwards. Here, the trees crammed in on her; it was darker. When she looked up, she could only see sunlight trapped on leaves far above. It was a part of the old woodland that she’d never been to before, but she pushed on, feeling that she was on an adventure and might suddenly come across a gingerbread house or wizard’s cottage.

At the top of the hill she found herself in a small clearing. It was only a few yards across, framed with oak trees, and perfectly round. Sunlight from directly above made the clearing warm, and she stood at its centre, wondering if she was the first person to have ever discovered it. Each of the oak trees around the clearing seemed precisely set, each one a perfect distance from the next, and she walked around them, touching each one, wondering if someone had planted the oak trees, or if the clearing really was a magic place. She still sometimes believed in magic. Then she stood again at its centre, wondering at its symmetry and why a long-dead sorcerer might have planted the oak trees. Then, realising that the sorcerer might not be dead, and that she had walked uninvited into his private domain, she hurried away, not sure whether to be frightened or excited. It was a place she often went back to that summer, and on following summers, sometimes alone and sometimes with her little brother. They would sit in the centre of the woodland circle, eating bilberries, hoping to meet the sorcerer who had built the clearing. She wasn’t frightened of him anymore; the clearing was too peaceful to have been made by a bad wizard. It was their secret place, but mainly Carole’s, because she had found it. It was a comforting place: it was somewhere she would go if she was sad or angry about something, because the woodland circle and its shifting half-shadows offered calm and new perspectives. She could almost hear the trees speak to her, the wind in their branches making the leaves whisper, but so softly that she couldn’t understand. She would listen, eyes closed, the leaves rustling, but she never understood what they were saying. The circle of trees stood solid and immovable, dark and stoic, old and wise, and each one the colour of stone.

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About the Author


Charlie Laidlaw lives in East Lothian, one of the main settings for Everyday Magic. He has four other published novels: Being Alert!, The Space Between Time, The Things We Learn When We’re Dead and Love Potions and Other Calamities. Previously a journalist and defence intelligence analyst, Charlie now teaches Creative Writing in addition to his writing career.

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#BookTour “Snowball the Sherlock Rabbit and Case of the Missing Fur” by Constance Meccarello-Gerson


Children’s Picture Book


Date Published: 02-01-2022

The Sherlock Rabbit, Snowball, is on the. case. He grabbed his Sherlock hat and cape and plans to search for the missing rabbit fur. How dare someone clip his fellow rabbits!







About the Author

Constance Meccarello-Gerson was born in Poughkeepsie N.Y. She is a graduate of Florida Southern College with a BA in Acting. She also attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. HB Studio, Actors Studio, in NYC. She is a member of SAG, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Si Omega. Her MFA in Acting is from Brooklyn College. She has appeared on TV, film, and on stage in NYC. For 20 years she taught as a mentor and teacher of English and Theatre Arts for the New York City Department of Education and for the University at Santa Cruz. She also taught for ten years as a Speech Coordinator at Touro College. She was an executive at Bloomingdales. Her writing as appeared in Musings, also in the Best American Poets series. Currently she lives in NYC with her husband Alain, a parrot named Benji, and lots of fish. She has three books in the Hassle High Mystery series. This is her first Sherlock Rabbit children’s book.

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#BookBlitz “Jasmine’s Journey to Jesus” by LT Sutton


Fiction, Coming of Age, Christian Fiction

Jasmine’s Journey to Jesus is a powerful and inspirational story of survival, hope, growth and healing through faith. If you have struggled with the aftermath of abuse, rape, fatherlessness or issues of self-worth, this book is for you. Join Jasmine on her journey… you won’t be disappointed and you will be inspired!

Jasmine Taylor, a survivor of sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, poverty and the foster care system, worked hard and diligently to overcome her past. On the surface, she seems perfect- she’s beautiful, confident, poised and educated with a successful, high powered career. Emotionally, she’s far from perfect. Haunted by memories of her past, she struggles to navigate life and relationships through her fog of pain and skepticism. Having internalized her abuse as a reflection of her self-worth, she believes that she is unlovable and unworthy of caring and compassion, and willfully isolates herself socially.

Just as she begins to let her guard down, her world is turned upside-down by betrayal and tragedy reminiscent of her childhood, and the wall that she built between herself and the rest of the world works to her detriment. On her own, her strong will and mental fortitude are not enough to fight her latest battles. As her life falls apart and she hits rock-bottom, she discovers the ultimate source of strength, begins her faithful journey to true love and healing, and gains Godly perspective on her struggles and life itself.




About the Author

LT Sutton has enjoyed careers in research engineering, education, and project management, but her experiences as an entrepreneur, marathoner, triathlete, author, and most importantly, wife and mother have been the most rewarding. She lives in the midwest with her family, with whom she shares a love for and faith in Jesus Christ.

Driven by her desire to inspire survivors of sexual abuse, rape and fatherlessness, she wrote “Jasmine’s Journey to Jesus,” drawing from her own childhood and life experiences, and as well as her own faith, spiritual growth and healing. Adopting Philippians 4:13 as her personal motto, she believes that no problem is to big for God, and hopes to inspire that sentiment in her writing. Though her story primarily aims to empower and encourage disadvantaged young women, she hopes that the message and gospel of Jesus Christ translates through the story, motivating and inspiring both men and women who read her book.

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#NewRelease “Immortal with Scars (Population Book Three)” by Elizabeth Stephens

Immortal with Scars cover


He’s the oldest of his kind. Terrifying. I’m human, insignificant, scared and scarred. It shouldn’t be too hard to escape his notice. But wait…why is he walking over here? He…wants to dine with me. No. He must want more…

Justice dealer of the seven regions, Lahve is tasked with maintaining order. His focus should be on that, not on a female who is too young for him by several hundred lifetimes.

She has been scarred by this world and Lahve cannot undo her past. She wants to be left alone, but he cannot do that, either. Because when enemy gangs move to overtake their community, he needs her help to track them into Population and cut them off.

She fears recapture, but how can he make her understand that he is the most powerful creature in this world and he will slaughter any who venture too close? Because she is the only human who has ever made him feel what he’s never felt:


And, if she does not agree to help him hunt down their shared enemies, humanity itself may be lost.

He looks at me like I’m crazy when I show up to dinner with…expectations, because he has expectations, too…like helping him save the world.

* * * * * * * * * *
Immortal with Scars is book three in the Population series and features a scarred human heroine and a 3000 year old inhuman hero with fangs. This book can be read as a stand alone. Expect a dark romance with medium-high heat levels that will not be suitable for young or sensitive readers. Additional TWs and CWs are visible in the opening pages visible in the preview.

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