#FREE “Stinkerton McPoo Goes to the Beach: The Second Hilarious Rhyming Adventure from the Stinkerton McPoo Children’s Book Series (Ages 3 – 9) (The Stinkerton McPoo Dog Series)” by Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto

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The highly anticipated second book in the wildly popular Stinkerton McPoo Children’s Book series is now available!
5 Stars, Must Read” – Reedsy Discovery

Perhaps you’re familiar with Stinkerton McPoo?
The finest of dogs, and the friendliest too.
For this introduction, in case you’ve not met,
Stinkerton’s known as the gassiest pet!

Her rear end is famous, I’m sorry to say,
For horrid expulsions that end in dismay!
If you ever should meet her, be sure to take care.
As the smell from her bottom can poison the air!

Stinkerton McPoo (known for being the world’s stinkiest and gassiest dog) seems to find herself in trouble no matter where she goes! In this cleverly written and beautifully illustrated second book in the best-selling Stinkerton McPoo Dog Series, McPoo and family are heading to the beach. Before long, Stinkerton’s nose is caught by the smell of something delicious and she runs off to investigate. Causing mayhem everywhere she goes, and leaving clouds of stinky green gas in her wake – Stinkerton soon has an angry mob pursuing her all around the seaside. Swimming out to sea to make her escape she comes upon a turtle in need of rescue. Will Stinkerton manage to make amends and find her way back to her family?

FREE for a limited time!
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