#Featured “Sudden Dawn: Lost Tradition” by Folasade Fasoranti

book cover


Omotola longs for a different future from the other girls in her community. Beautiful and gifted, but impoverished, she knows education can prevent her from a disastrous arranged marriage. Her father is cruel and violent, and he eagerly awaits the day when he can sell her to a man for a decent bride price.

When Omotola meets the handsome and aristocratic Akin, the young heir to an empire, the two unlikely companions fall in love. But as her school days come to an end and an arranged marriage seems likely, Omotola must find the strength to disobey her father and challenge the societal expectations of 1940s Nigeria.

Despite their different worlds and the machinations of their fathers, Omotola and Akin strive to find a way to be together. Will defying the odds bring them true love? And can education provide a gateway for a new way of life—one where Omotola’s ambition is appreciated and not punished?

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