#BookReview “The Burden of Innocence” by John Nardizzi

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5/5 Stars!

Has an innocent man sat in prison for fifteen years because of a corrupt justice system?

Have the years broken alliances and loosened tongues enough to find the truth?

If those were the only questions to right a wrong, this book would be about ten pages!

But when private investigator Ray Infantino takes on Sam Langford’s case, he’s buried in questions… and not liking the few answers he finds. There was a coverup and it’s mired in corruption on both sides of the law, and neither side is happy about him snooping around.

No choirboy himself, Infantino is repulsed by the depths of the corruption and how high into the halls of justice and money and power it reaches.

Fast-paced and raw, this read at times has an old-style noir feel. While there is a possible trigger disclaimer after the book’s blurb, its in-your-face style for me, was the appeal that kept me turning pages. The plot is no more sensational than present-day headlines, but Infantino and partner, Tania Kong, make it more relatable as their investigation takes them to the grittier side of life most of us never see.

Though book two in The Infantino Files, The Burden of Innocence can be read as a standalone. But with great writing like this, why cheat yourself? Grab book one too!





Private investigators Ray Infantino and Tania Kong take on the case of Sam Langford, framed for a murder committed by a crime boss at the height of his powers.

But a decade later, Boston has changed. The old ethnic tribes have weakened. As the PIs range across the city, witnesses remember the past in dangerous ways. The gangsters know that, in the new Boston, vulnerable witnesses they manipulated years ago are shaky. Old bones will not stay buried forever.

As the gang sabotages the investigation, will Ray and Tania solve the case in time to save an innocent man?

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery, Crime Noir

Published by: Weathertop Media Co.

Publication Date: December 5, 2021

Number of Pages: 290

ISBN: 978-1-7376876-0-3

Series: PI Ray Infantino Series, #2

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | Kobo | Google Play | iBooks


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