#BookReview “Freeze Before Burning: A Sam Tate Mystery (Sam Tate Mystery Series Book 3)” by Nikki Stern

December 13-31, 2021 Virtual Book Tour

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5/5 Stars!

As a fan of true crime, Sam Tate’s latest case creeped me out a bit.


Because a brutal killer’s victims are all fans of a true-crime podcast.

*Shudders* Talk about hitting close to home.

Still haunted by her tragic past, Lt. Tate travels from her small town on the eastern shores of Maryland to the fast-paced Big Apple to take a break and visit family to gain more insight into her past.

Sam’s success on high-profile serial killer cases and a connection from her past leads to her being pulled in as a consultant on the Dry Ice Killer case to help find the sadistic mad man before another member of Deep Freeze, a true-crime podcast chat, is murdered.

Of course, things are never that cut and dried for Sam and as she pulled deeper into the investigation, she also tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with FBI Agent Terry Sloane while trying to make sense of the nightmares that haunt her every night.

But she’s got this, right? Definitely.

While Sam is still much the lone-eagle, in this read, she doesn’t have to be. The task force teams have her back and are ready to support her… if she’ll only allow them to.

What I admire most about Sam are her faults. She’s not perfect. She screws up, makes bad choices, and internalizes her emotions far too often. But she doesn’t allow setbacks to define her. She will rise to meet the challenges of life and her job without whining or blame-placing. What I also admire is that this series is as much about Sam’s personal growth as it is crime-solving. She remains true to herself, but by the story’s end, she has changed, and for the better.

With an ending I wasn’t ready for, this page-turner is the best installment yet of the Sam Tate series and I hope there’s a book four.





True Crime Fans Iced by Cold-blooded Killer

What do a bartender, a priest, and a librarian have in common? They all work in New York City. They’re all true crime fans. And they’re all dead, courtesy of a predator with a chilling approach to murder. Talbot County, Maryland Lieutenant Sam Tate is in the Big Apple to find answers about her own tragic past when she is pulled onto the case of the Dry Ice Killer by an old friend with the NYPD. Drawn to a new colleague, she questions her long-time relationship with her FBI boyfriend. Meanwhile, she’s caught between the demands of an impatient bureaucracy and an especially sadistic sociopath. This may be Sam’s most dangerous case yet—if she survives.

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Published by: Ruthenia Press

Publication Date: December 8, 2021

Number of Pages: 295

ISBN: 978-9995487-7-6

Series: The Sam Tate Mystery Series, Book 3

Purchase Links: Amazon | Goodreads


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