#Excerpt “Blessed to Have Been Abandoned: The Story of The Baby Box Lady” by Monica Kelsey


The Story of The Baby Box Lady

Date Published: April 9, 2021

Publisher: MindStir Media

She went from being ABANDONED, to saving abandoned babies.

Poignant, brutally honest and triumphant; Blessed to Have Been Abandoned is the true story of Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Follow Monica’s story as she discovers the secrets of her painful beginnings, the painful journey of her birth mother, wrestling with being abandoned as an infant, yet being given the gift of an amazing forever family. Watch as Monica’s personal struggle births the vision for a national organization that is saving the lives of abandoned infants across the United States.

A heart wrenching yet ultimately victorious story, Blessed to Have Been Abandoned will take you through the pain, struggle, valleys and mountain tops of Monica’s life, all of these pointing to the amazing hand of God. A testimony to God’s faithfulness and His plan and purpose, this book will encourage your own heart and help you find purpose through pain and we trust it will bring Glory to God, the Author of each one of our complicated, messy and inspiring journeys.


“Monica Kelsey’s Blessed to Have Been Abandoned: The Story of the Baby Box Lady is an uplifting inspirational story of how one woman answered God’s call on her life, transforming her difficult beginning into a mission to protect the most vulnerable among us in her home state and beyond. It’s exactly the kind of story we need. Highly recommended!” -J.J. Hebert, #1 bestselling author




Love your story and share your testimony, with confidence, because God, Himself, wrote it, and though there are areas and seasons that we wish we could avoid or re-do, the scriptures declare that all things are working together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28).

The following pages are my story. The pain, struggle, valleys and mountain tops, all of these pointing to the amazing hand of God. My story, similar to your own, is riddled with questions: “Why”? “Why me”? “Why now”, or perhaps “Why not now”? Questioning the providence of God is a part of being human. Asking the tough questions about where He was in the midst of pain and struggle and why He allowed the difficult seasons of our life is common to most of our lives.

If I have learned anything in this amazing adventure called living, it is that God is bigger than my questions, fears and suffering! He can handle your real emotions, and He is ALWAYS there… present, with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He will never abandon you.

My hope is that by sharing my journey, by inviting you to walk alongside me, that you will be encouraged to see the hand of God in your own journey.

If you are just starting out, be encouraged to never give up! If you are in the middle of a valley or a season of suffering, be strong and courageous! If you are approaching the winter of your journey, look back with clear eyes and give thanks for the One who wrote your story and traveled with you the entire way.

You see, it boils down to perspective. If we focus on our circumstances, it will be devastating. But if we keep our focus on JESUS, we can walk through whatever life brings. Allow Him to use the darkness for good. He will. Do that and not only will you experience God in ways you would never have otherwise, but you will see Him move and use your journey for His glory. And friends, there is nothing more satisfying than doing what we were created for – bringing glory to Him. Joy, peace, comfort, and rest are found there. So whatever mountain you’re facing, keep your eyes on Christ and rest in His grace and grip. There’s no safer place to be.


About the Author

Monica Kelsey is the founder and Executive Director of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, a 501c3 non profit whose mission is to prevent infant abandonment and give mother’s in crisis a safe, legal and completely anonymous option of surrendering their unharmed newborn. Monica’s personal story of being abandoned at birth by a teen mom who had been raped and hidden away for her entire pregnancy propelled her to speak on behalf of babies like herself as well as her birth mother who desperately needed a safe option. Monica is also a firefighter/paramedic and knows first hand how important first responders are to state Safe Haven laws.


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