#PreOrder “A Sensual Seduction: A Kwanzaa Kisses Holiday Romance” by Serenity King

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Ti’Yuon Par’Lee, the black sheep of his family, has been on his own for a while now yet longs to be amongst his siblings. The now renowned chef returns home to New York to bond with his family, only to find himself in an unexpected, heated exchange with a luscious bronze beauty that sets his soul on fire. Beautiful women came and went throughout his travels, but something was incredibly different about the sinfully sexy Petra Monroe. Ti’Yuon is instantly captivated will do whatever it takes to make Petra his. However, there was a slight problem: she’s weeks away from marrying another man. With the clock ticking, and the season of cheer to encourage his heart’s desire, could he convince Petra that he was the only man for her, or would she potentially lose the best thing that could’ve happened to her?

A managing consultant by day and martial arts fighter and instructor by night, Petra Monroe led the balanced, fulfilled life she’d always dreamed of. That was until the tall, muscular, albeit smug Ti’Yuon Par’Lee literally popped into her life and turned it upside down. To call him sexy was an insult. Ti’Yuon made her body sizzle with just one touch. His demeanor, arrogant. His touch, sensual. And his molten stare had her ready to climb beneath the sheets and submit shamelessly to their every desire. Except, he’d come into her life at that wrong time. Or was it? Maybe this Kwanzaa would bring her a different seven nights of pleasure.

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Releases December 10! PreOrder for only




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