#Featured “Never Knew I Needed (Springwood Book 9)” by Aliyah Burke

book cover


He’s determined to heal the pain he caused

Rutger Jasper is a doctor who has an earned and deserved reputation as a player with the ladies. There is one in town however that he keeps at a distance, but not for the reason she thinks.

Sasha Bouvet, a nurse, pursuing her law degree only admires Rutger from afar. Aside from their joking and teasing at work, she knows as she doesn’t fit the mold of the type he chases, and she doesn’t stand a chance. Until their one dance changes everything.

Unable to stay away, Rutger realizes his reasons in the past no longer matter. She’s who he wants and he will do whatever it takes to become a permanent fixture in her life. She will be leaving after the Christmas holiday unless he convinces her to stay and give them a shot at a future together.

**This story was out previously in a boxset over the 2020 holiday.***



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