#NewRelease “DIMA (Filthy Rich Alphas): (Illustrated Bwwm Dark Mafia Romance)” by Kenya Wright

book cover


FILTHY RICH ALPHAS is a series of standalone interracial romance stories featuring sexy men falling in love with kick ass black heroines. All books explore different tropes, have steamy illustrations, and will have you laughing as you read.

A mind-blowing enemies-to-lovers romance that will set your kindle on fire!

DIMA rules the North of Paradise—a city for the darkest alphas. The only gangster heaven on Earth. Due to his unique talent for capturing brutal enemies, he also heads the Diamond Syndicate with other Paradise Mafia Kings.

However, a serial killer has come to Paradise. And this sicko is targeting top Syndicate members. And Dima is having a challenging time finding the killer due to a sexy reporter constantly getting in his damn way.

ROSE is a Pulitzer prize journalist. Last year, she created political earthquakes in New York from reporting on government corruption. Now that she’s moved to Paradise, her mission is to expose the Diamond Syndicate and all their wrong doings.
Too bad Dima won’t let her.
He blocks.
She pushes.
Sometimes she wins.
But most of the time she submits.
And a dark erotic attraction blazes between them, so hot they can’t ignore it. And she’s catapulted into Paradise’s criminal underworld where gangsters are heroes and the villains are the most unsuspected people. Meanwhile, a killer sits within the shadows, waiting to kill them both.

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