#FREE “Nuts At Christmas: A Christmas Calamity Caper: A funny, hilarious, laugh out loud, Christmas book! (The Shooting Star Series)” by Simon Northouse

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A Modern Day Christmas Carol!
It’s Christmas Eve and Will Harding is handed one job to do by his wife… get a Christmas tree! It’s a simple enough task for any normal person. When he takes his three best friends along for the ride, Geordie, Robbo and Flaky… then nothing is simple… and no one is normal.
This Christmas it’s different at the Harding house. They’ve invited their best friends and children to enjoy the festivities at their home in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales—at least, Will’s wife has. Will is not entirely confident he can survive a week in close proximity to his dysfunctional friends. His wife has been asking him for days to buy a Christmas tree, but he insists a tree should only be brought into the house on the day before Christmas.

As Christmas Eve arrives, it’s time for him to get a tree.

He sets off with good intent, with his best pals to lend a helping hand. However, heavy snowfall, the lure of English country pubs, and a disgruntled Lord of the Manor throw a massive spanner in the works. Add to that, Geordie’s propensity for stupidity, Robbo’s fondness for wacky‑baccy, and Flaky’s insufferable lecturing—well… what could possibly go wrong?

Five adorable, innocent little children await their tree. Will it be delivered? And do they even care? The kids have one thing on their mind – Santa! However, the Santa which appears in the garden later that night is not the one they were expecting.

Can Will and his pals save Christmas from becoming another disaster, or will it turn into a bleak mid-winter?

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A feelgood Christmas read that will fill your stockings with laughter!
A Shooting Star Series Novella

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