#NewRelease “The Silver Crystal (The Red Kingdom Book 1)” by Ryan Lanz

book cover


One day is all it takes…

As a bounty hunter, Rhael chases down the Corrupted, people with unnatural abilities too powerful for the rest of society—something he learned firsthand when they killed his father years ago. But when Rhael and his crew are ambushed by the very people they were sent to capture, it changes everything.

Phessipi leads a desperate group of rebels who are fighting for their lives just as much as their freedom. Any day now, a group of bounty hunters could swoop down on them. They all look to her for answers, but keeping one step ahead of The Order might be more than she can handle.

Levas wants peace and order under the ruling class, something he’s devoted his life of service to, but the threat of a rebel uprising might be enough to upend the world he’s worked so hard to keep together. As the leader of the army, he’s always tried to be honorable, but with how fast things are changing, he might not be able to do that much longer.

Start reading The Silver Crystal and discover your next great fantasy series.

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