#NewRelease “When the Westons Went To Moscow” by Roxie Rivera



Wicked. Scandalous. Notorious.

For most of his life, Ty Weston was proud of his wild reputation. He enjoyed the infamy and attention, loved seeing his name and face splashed all over social media and had more one-night stands than he can even remember.

But that’s all in the past now. The reformed bad boy lives a calmer, quieter life, spending all his free time with Russian bodyguard Vasya, if he’s in town, and putting in long hours at the PR firm he co-founded when Vasya travels. There’s only one thing that would make Ty even happier—Vasya quitting his job, moving to Houston full-time and building a life together.

Different. Strange. Weird.

Astronomer Cait Weston has been called those things her entire life, often by her exasperated and embarrassed mother. But beautiful, funny, interesting? Those words are as alien to her as the social skills she has yet to master.

Cait is perplexed by wealthy oligarch Mikhail’s interest in her, but she can’t deny the unexpected feelings he inspires. He seems to like her just the way she is, not caring that she’s blunt, awkward and rigid. Confused by Mikhail’s romantic pursuit, she calls the only person in the world she trusts for guidance.

Concerned that cutthroat businessman Mikhail is chasing his innocent, naïve sister for all the wrong reasons, Ty books the first flight bound for Russia—and Vasya.

Together in Moscow, Ty and Cait navigate the highs and lows of modern love.

But only one of the Weston siblings will leave Moscow with their happily ever after.

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