#Featured “Georgia Lights (Fabled Love)” by L.S Bergman



For up-and-coming modiste, Georgia Ellis, past experience with men has left her clear on one thing.

She hasn’t got time for that mess.

Having loved hard and left burned by betrayal; Georgia’s road hasn’t been easy.
But life is short and her flourishing millinery boutique in the heart of London has been a way out, a source of joy. A situation she thinks she’s cool with.

That is until, a mystery man walks into her shop stirring all manner of trouble and a tidal wave of emotion.

A flicker of hope. A flash of recognition.
A reminder of a deep love Georgia still longs to forget?

Georgia is about to learn sometimes the spark of the new gets revealed in the debris of the old.

Georgia Lights has romantic elements but is not a traditional romance. This story is a departure for me, in a shorts series which is playing on a fable theme (Book 1 Before U Go). Georgia Lights is the second short story about mixed heritage/identity, entrepreneurship, friendship, betrayal, family history, a Caribbean cultural geography and of course … love. These short stories can be read in any order.

And, dear reader, please be warned:
This is an ADULT +18 short story and series – containing explicit language, adult themes and sexual content.

99c at time of posting!

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