#BookReview “Claimed by the Moon (Royal Shifters Novel)” by LP Dover



5/5 Stars!

Second-grade teacher, Amelie Graye, has not had an easy life. But she is finally settled, living a quiet life in her pack waiting for her destined mate. She finds out Royal wolf Zayne Lyall is her mate, and while he already feels the thrall and she doesn’t, Amelie is still drawn to him.

Their relationship is threatened when Amelie is caught between Zayne and her first love, Knox, and a two-hundred-year-old grudge. She tries to negotiate peace between the two, but it soon becomes apparent the Royal wolves will meet in battle.

Though they both suffered extreme loss in their lives, Zayne and Amelie were polar opposites. He was closed off, distant, and held his emotions inside, while Amelie was open, friendly, and quite talkative. I enjoyed watching his character evolve as he did everything he could to keep his mate safe, including sleeping outside her home every night. They make a great couple and I loved how when they finally let their guards down, they talked to each other, holding nothing back.

Amelia was a strong, independent character. Even though her cousin and friends all were mated, she didn’t sulk and whine, but was a strong, positive force loved and included in everything by her friends.

She let me down a bit when Knox showed up though. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but felt she allowed him to get too close. The Royal  Pack was her family and Zayne was her mate, and she should have trusted their warnings one-hundred-percent from the beginning. However, she found her efforts to broker peace were futile and no match for the hatred and anger between Zayne and Knox.

Supporting characters all have great personalities and I enjoyed their banter. I even enjoyed villains Knox and his sister, Zara. As they tried to appear friendly and accommodating, I could feel their contempt for the Lyalls and Storms rumbling just beneath the surface.

Excellent writing and well-developed characters not only make this a great read but make me want to read more of the Royal series!



In his 200 years of life, Zayne Lyall has made his share of enemies. The most ruthless of all being Knox Channon, who seeks vengeance for a pack war that took place over a hundred years ago.

To gain information he can use to bring Zayne down, Knox reconnects with Amelie Graye, a past love who joined the Royal pack Zayne belongs to. Unfortunately, Amelie doesn’t know much about the royal arctic… despite a longing within her to be near him.

Amelie and Knox have a tumultuous past that ended after she and her family went rogue following an attack by the Sierra pack. While she has no details to offer about Zayne, Knox sniffing around her leaves his inner wolf snarling.

More than anything Zayne wants to charge in and protect the woman his heart aches for. But he has a secret… and it could cost him everything. Amelie is his fated mate. If Knox were to discover this, he would know hurting her would be the key to destroying Zayne. Torn between his desire to claim Amelie as his own and his ferocious passion to protect her, can Zayne find a way to bring down his malicious enemy? Or will an age old vendetta rob him of a blissful future with his bonded mate?








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