#BookTrailerBlitz “Healing Depression” by C. Daley

About the Book

Title: Healing Depression

Author: C. Daley

Healing Depression is your go-to guide for dealing with a negative mindset and depression. Utilizing strategies designed to help readers shift their mindset and enjoy the benefits of mental and emotional wellbeing, this handbook arms readers with the knowledge they need to take charge of their own happiness and build a happier, healthier future.

By providing an in-depth and honest look at depression and the science behind it, along with an exploration of the common myths and misconceptions concerning these topics, readers will discover how to improve their lives: by setting obtainable goals, learning time management, and by preventing relapse using several tried and tested methods.

Healing Depression is a must read for anyone searching for a way to improve their mental health.

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Author C. Daley has battled with depression for many years. Through her battle with depression, she’s discovered a wealth of strategies for overcoming a negative mindset, maintaining emotional wellbeing, and learning to enjoy life. Now, she hopes to share her story with readers and to help other sufferers of depression reclaim control of their lives and build a happier future.





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